Haunted House Trick Or Treat Obby Halloween Roblox Game


Trick Or Treat? Well its both. Im checking out a very haunted house. Can I make it through the obby? Or will ghost get me? Enjoy!!! 😀

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  1. darby robinson says


  2. roblox gaming girl says

    Cooking at home with love you did you know different types of languages I know in only Indian languages because I am Indian you can see my photo in profile but I so so much like you and I want to meet you in a game and friend request we are so you are so cute

  3. Lucia Rincon says

    The cookie Queen posted

  4. Alejó Baile says

    Cookie! I saw in adoop me the new update

  5. Avril DeJesus says

    cookie i been watching you when you stared love you cookie<3

  6. Unurbayar Bold says

    play brookhaven please

  7. DEWI PUSPA says

    I stil, watch your sugar 8 cupcake and honey hearts c

  8. RS&Zedd&SuperWhy&Catboy&Sonic says

    I Love You Cookie Swirl C!

  9. Patricia Gale Santos says


  10. C Bortnik says

    Yaaaaass! More cokie swirl c! Best Youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rukon Uddin says

    I was first

  12. mlfuqua09 says

    Cookie please do more adopt me! Love you

  13. Gracie The Wolf says


  14. Devina Quinn says

    Love your vids😘

  15. Melanie Sturge says

    3:10 nice beat UwU

  16. Happy Channel says

    Cookie i am sad beacause my leg hurt and i can't walk normally

  17. kesho singh says

    Cookie!!!! 🍪

  18. Safa Koura says

    Love💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💝💝💝 your vids

  19. Tannaya Talukdar says

    Omg cookie!!!! Hi:)

  20. Rolen Zianna Nava says

    Sorry for distorb

  21. Rolen Zianna Nava says

    I hope you read it

  22. natasha turner says

    i love you

  23. Emily and Emma says

    I'm 50 minutes late

  24. Rylie collins says


  25. CloudySky ILoveSkies says

    I luv ur vids!

  26. gaya lakshmi says


  27. gaya lakshmi says

    Yay I am Early 45 minutes!

  28. Joe Dam says


  29. Jay Perez Q says

    Cookie I’ve played the game it’s super fun .

  30. Roblox Girl says

    Looks fun!

  31. Amma Agnes Pokua says

    Hi cookie I was your first sub

  32. Rettal Abu Tayeh says

    Yayy new video!!!! ❤

  33. Eddie Baltazar says

    Hi cookie

  34. Crafty Clouds says

    I love when cookie does the different voices!

  35. Zia Jayris Tabajonda says

    Hi. Cooki

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