Health At Every Size (HAES) // Better Approach To Health Than Weight Loss Dieting


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In this video, I will talk about Health At every Size (HAES), what it is, and also look into the study done on HAES that proves how it’s a better approach to health care than any weight loss dieting.

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  1. Breeze says

    Great content! Keep up the great work. If you get a second you could swing by my channel 😁👍💪

  2. Sarah Bartlett says

    The problem is that for me it’s nothing to do with health but all about aesthetics. When I look in the mirror and hate what I see, knowing that I’m healthy does not help one bit

  3. Hazel nut says

    I have a habit of picking at food. I have kids so when I'm prepping their food I just pick and I don't even want it. What's this all about? I eat mindlessly all the time, especially if I'm really busy. It's holding back my recovery because I feel guilty afterwards. The guilt afterwards makes me feel like this is the wrong path to recovery. I also eat most days to mental hunger. Especially in the evening when I'm tired. I don't really want food it's just there so I gobble it up 😂😂

  4. Johanna M. says

    I have terrible time accepting myself and my weight and my look. I have suffered an eating disorder being at normal weight all the time. I have not been underweight at all. And I hate my body when I am not the lowest bmi which is not natural to my body. I hate my face, arms, hips

  5. dreamy realist says

    Well, I slightly disagree because my cousin NEEDED to lose weight because she was so big (I argue not a natural set point for her bc of her habits) her mobility was limited. That's not healthy because of size. Having too little body fat is bad for you, but so is excess when you can't even walk. That's why I never can fully accept this idea bc it ignores these extremes that DO exist and ARE problems. But as ED recoverers, I fully acknowledge that we can latch on to these extremes that are Not the issue for us. We are not in danger of getting to that, we are definitely in danger of using these extreme examples as an excuse, I admit. But! It is the case for others, and it annoys me that HAES ignores it.

  6. Howard Liam says



    05:10 Woow woow 💖❤️

  7. Ella says

    BMI Bullshit measurement indicator 👏😂😂😂

  8. Minnie moo says

    This is really helpful, I'm struggling with accepting what my body looks, , I ll keep reminding myself that everyone is beautiful on their own 😍, love you Lisa💞

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