'Health Dictatorship' | Catholics slam French ban on public worship


France’s ban on all religious gatherings, including mass, as part of the lockdown, has sent angry believers on to the streets in protest.

Worshippers warn some things are more important than covid restrictions, as RT’s Charlotte Dubensky reports.

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  1. cyrano says

    Humans were not meant to live our lives wearing masks. Distancing ourselves. That's a bleak dystopian existence. Most of us would rather die than spend our lives that way. The Chinese might be comfy cozy wearing masks for 1000 years. But the rest of the world is not. Hopefully soon we'll know WHO unleashed this virus pandemic. And nuke them. Exterminate them, so it never happens again.

  2. Go Ko says

    Life is not battling the coronavirus. Christians know what it is, as we are directed by the power much stronger than any earthly government. Power of the powers! If the governments disobey, they are on the other side. You can not stop people from Spiritual part of life. Church is our home and salvation vessel.

  3. Jazz To Country says

    With masks people can come together. There is no difference between church or shop. Certainly priests can hold more masses for less dense audiences. And there is nothing to stop Zoom masses or television masses. Television masses were common in the sixties and seventies for invalid adults.
    What the authorities want is to silence the priests of the churches.

  4. Ivan Matvijenko says

    Finally people are understanding who the real dictators are!

  5. Moon Watch says

    These lockdowns are terrible. And covering your face for religious reasons gets banned, oh but then not covering your face for 'health' reasons is banned. All towards the same end as banning wearing a cross, the virus used as an excuse for agenda-21 things.

  6. Alejandro Esquivel says

    If you catch the virus and get very sick don't go to the hospital. Go to mass and say the virus is not above God. Let's see how that works.

  7. Saddam says

    No more masks and restrictions!
    There is No corona virus!

  8. Edo G says

    The best insurance in this world = physical gold and silver,

    the best crypto to store value long term = Bitcoin,

    the best crypto with biggest rising potential = THETA!

    Buy it now, before will be listed on some US exchange! Remember my comment!

  9. M K says

    but you, got to admit… the guy can explain himself and articulate pretty well… ,,😂

  10. Some one says

    Cult members are a part of the failure that humanity is; we're so damaged that we can't see the harm we cause innocent and helpless children who didn't choose to exist and can't stop us from continuing to fk up and get worse.

  11. edgarmendex says

    🎬Most French people are Catholic…

  12. Peter Panino says

    Why is Charlotte wearing a mask?

  13. High Hoe says

    2:40 "The laws of France does not extend above God " .. Only a religious extremist would say such a thing. They're sick people

  14. High Hoe says

    What a coward can't even show his face

  15. High Hoe says

    Catholics worship Satan

  16. High Hoe says

    Religious extremists

  17. Odi et Amo says

    The bloke in the gilet is 100% correct.

  18. luke silla says

    america and russia will make a world safer! west europe are imperialistic! two world wars started by western europe!

  19. luke silla says

    western europe and demoncrats america are turning dictatorial and authoritarians. . .their medias are biased and dishonest. i think republican america should work with russia and easyern europe now!

  20. luke silla says

    russian media more honest than western media!!!

  21. Neal Sanger says

    A bunch of whiny babies. Your imaginary friend can wait for you until people aren't dying.

  22. nistel SE says

    religion, worse than any pandemic or disaster.

  23. wutzelschnud says

    Religious services are unessancial, you can pray on your own if you feel so.

  24. Bjørn Tore Karlsen says

    First u must learn who is God, and what was Yeshua purposes, why God sent him. And then u can’t go to catholic fish temple and listen to fairytales about Yeshua. Buy a Normal bible, ( Not catholic) and then read what Yeshua said, and obey Gods commandments and worship God how HE want it, not that old mans perverted temple do it. But most importantly is get born again Christian again, how to do that? Obey God and cry to Yeshua In desperation and worship God, talk to them, walk with them and hate all kind of sin, perversion and greediness. U will see he come. That was happened to me.

  25. Irishandtired says

    The penal laws of Ireland have now gone global. We'll be back to the mass rock.

  26. A ELk says

    Being forced to wear a mask is medical sharia!!

  27. Rita Doucet - Canada says

    God is NOT in a building, church should be called schools that teach us how to find God, as a blade of grass can bring us to marvels of knowing Gods love. Please be HUMBLE.

  28. alpenhuhn1 says

    They want to make this guy 'moraly responsive' for people that catch the virus and die. So if you drive a car you are 'moraly responsive' if somebody dies in a car crash?

  29. Harry Huzzy says


  30. W H Yachts says

    Stupid reporter asking the narrative questions fight against totalitarianism

  31. Vasisualiy Lohankin says


  32. TheFujac says

    good…the sooner the world gets rid of religion the better……religion is mental illness

  33. Veeken 777 says

    The NWO is coming specifically for Christians.. esp Born Again ones.

  34. phil nightjar says

    You don’t have to go to church to pray. The catholic church was made to control the people.

  35. Famn Raktnul says

    I don't want to live with the people who think they are responsible to God first and to the country second, no matter what their religions are. Do you want people like that in your country?

  36. Guardian Spirit says

    we get ruled by dictatorshits

  37. El Conejo De La Luna says

    You attack him, but all the people that go to bars, restaurants, parties and millions doing this, but how you talk to a person that is responsible and go to mass. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Kevin Tewey says

    Catholics do not understand that no means no ask Joe Biden

  39. Author of my own thoughts says

    Life is not about battling corona it is about maintaining a healthy immunsystem amongst other things. A Catholic knows you feed your soul and your mind snd body will follow. Quit feeding your soul and you will become corrupted and soon decrepit. The law is ass backwards, denies common sense, and is based on lies; thus satanic in nature.

  40. Todd Madden says

    RT is worse than CNN. Lies on top of lies.

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