Health experts don't call the shots, they provide advice to elected officials


Sky News host Peta Credlin says it is not the job of health experts to make the decisions or call the shots but rather provide advice to politicians and elected officials.

“If there’s one thing this pandemic has confirmed, it’s the fallibility of government, and of state governments, in particular,” she said.

“From the beginning, we’ve been told again and again to ‘listen to the experts’, even though it’s always been obvious that the experts themselves don’t agree.

“And any health advice should be weighed against other advice, such as the economic consequences of a decision, or its cost to the budget. Of course, we know that’s not what’s happened.”

Ms Credlin said in a democracy like Australia, it is the people who hire and fire those who lead us and so we are right to demand “they step up and make the decisions that impact our lives and livelihoods, rather than delegate decision-making to unelected, unaccountable officials”.

“We expect political leaders not to panic. Yet that’s precisely what’s happened this week in South Australia. and tonight, Premier Stephen Marshall, frankly, looks like a goose, following the mother-of-all-backdowns this afternoon,” she said.

“A day after calling-for-calm, South Australian Premier Steven Marshall joined the panic-merchants by imposing the harshest stay-at-home order of all, locking people up in their homes 24/7, closing schools and even banning takeaway.

“All because this, supposedly, was a new and especially contagious variant of the virus… this was an assertion made by someone with ‘chief health officer’ in their title and we were expected to take it on face value with no ability to interrogate the detail.

“Where was the scientific work done to stack-up the claim that the virus was able to live on a pizza box and infect another person when there’s no evidence that I’m aware of, of that, happening anywhere else in the world.

“Surely we now make decisions taking into consideration the mental health impacts of locking people up, the impact of shutdowns on business, and how all of this stop-start, panicked policy making, destroys confidence and makes jobs even more precarious.”

Ms Credlin said it just showed how much that has been done in this pandemic, “supposedly based on science, has really been driven by blind panic and crass politics”.

“I get a lockdown when cases hit 700 as they did in Victoria on the back of sheer government incompetence, but to lose your head over 22 cases, as they did in SA this week, honestly, is staggering,” she said.

  1. l ky says

    Victoria has done so well and definately top in the world to contain it after a second wave. Well done. Sky news should give credit when it's due.

  2. Unruly Toast says

    Peta Credlin you could be Australia's Sydney Powell. Bring down corrupt Dan Andrews!

  3. NoChannelChannel says

    Easy to be a leader when all is smooth, it's now that we need leaders we discover we don't have any. Australia led by idiots as they have proven, judge a man by his actions.

  4. Renata says

    Peta, yes all correct, except 700 cases in Melbourne is also no reason for lockdown….not even 7000 cases! PCR tests are not appropriate as a diagnostic tool
    The government Covid training portal on their website states in no uncertain terms that 85% of people will have no symptoms, 10% will have mild symptoms and 5 % will have more serious symptoms. Also, as we already know, only a small % of that 5% will get symptoms bad enough for hospitalization, and even less would die. So this is not the virulent and extremely dangerous virus that politicians and MSM have been saying; and continue to say that it is. This is the biggest lie ever pulled off globally. It is not about health, but about control, power and greed. Contact tracing,lock downs, destruction of economies, mandatory vaccines, masks, quarantining of healthy people, social distancing etc, is the most corrupt agenda ever played out on such a global scale.
    And the lie is so huge and the facts so obvious, that there are millions that do not and never will accept that they have been deceived.
    Only if more people wake up and stand up for their freedoms, is there any chance we may retain them.
    Heaven help us!

  5. el bob says

    We dont have elected representatives anymore. We have puppets

  6. Gods•Left•Hand says

    ANYONE with a Govt title before their name IS NOT TO EVER BE TRUSTED.

  7. James says

    This is like the MD of a company allowing the finance director to make decisions. The FD is only there to keep the score – it is the MD who should be calling the shots.

  8. From Dark to LIGHT says

    Has Australia really turned into a pack of pussy-cats? The government and education system has really done a great job of demasculining Aussies….

  9. From Dark to LIGHT says

    These people are STUPID.
    imagine we were in a real war….. these fools would be in the basement… locked up… like Biden…

  10. From Dark to LIGHT says

    Socialists are taking over LOCAL councils in Victoria after recent elections.. This is how..
    What's the point anymore.
    We are all screwed. Slaves we are. No one of the people will be able to rise up anymore… only the corrupt ones… only the elites… sigh….fuck you Australia and you sheep and the ones who sold us all out…

  11. From Dark to LIGHT says

    The R-NOT for this so called "pandemic" is 0.01666%…… so what scientific basis do you have for any of these draconian measures you have and continue to do?

  12. Crows 2332 says

    all the premiers and their medicos should be in jail already,.
    all that have pushed this scam demic, of using a virus that is only as lethal as the flu, and has medication that can clearly help it (HCQ, Ivermectin), should be arrested, tried, and sentenced to jail for the rest of their lives.

  13. ProphetofBoom says

    In QLD Dr Young has made many comments which are not factual about the virus. At no time have I ever heard her talking about the CDC research showing 94% die with co morbidities, or that for those under 70 the virus is similar to the flu in mortality, or that 30-50% of the population are actually naturally immune. Or that we should look to protect those most at risk and let the rest of us get on with life normally.

    No we have never heard these FACTS about the virus or the last very sensible option, but we have heard a lot of alarmist and false information. But the AMAQ says we should not criticise her. Sorry but we should be able to question public officials on the policies they enact and the things they say. And quite frankly there is a lot that Dr Young says which is quite beyond her Health Portfolio, and it is highly inappropriate that she is straying from her supposed area of expertise.

    I personally have little faith in the so called health experts in this country as all we ever hear is the sanitised politically correct thought corrected "facts". Whereas there are a very large number of those, like virologists, epidemiologists etc who one would suggest are better placed to provide advice, and their advice is quite contrary to our politically compromised CHOs and CMO.

    We need to have an active debate and get a range of experts together to work out the way forward. It has certainly worked in the companies I worked for and robust debate, I have found, always comes up with the best solutions. Groupthink and silencing of people, which I have also seen, produces quite appalling situations, again which I have personally seen. And we are in the latter situation , not the former.

    We need to ensure that we are open to ALL input and do not become corralled into politically correct solutions if we want to build a way out of covid, or even generally to improve our society.

  14. Nathan Truong says

    You’re 100% correct PETA.

  15. English One Online Classes says

    it´s so hard to believe that this is happening in Australia. The gullibility of australians is being put to the test (and it is being noted), states shut down, panic attacks and locking citizens up for NO REASON. Now the clowns are "fuming" that someone made something up, not only do they think we are stupid, they are rubbing it in our faces! and still….we do eff all about it.

  16. Kenneth Ng says

    Why has my comment about eye rules been deleted? I wanna influence you guys seriously.

  17. dino turnbul says

    One pizza guy runs the state
    Or so were told

  18. Cody Sheridan says

    Talk about pass the buck!

  19. Tyb TvBox says

    Government Did Not Undertake Due Diligence when dealing with a possible out break .. Just Immediately hit the Lock up Button . Whom said this was a New strain ?? Chief Health Officer ?? your Government advisor locked out Australians Flying back Home IN Time For Christmas telling Aussies to contact their Airlines .. What Happens NOW
    You Pathetic Highly Paid still get your Pay check Where's the Productivity ??

    Oh the Police .. did nothing wrong .. pathetic .. you are acting on behalf of the State Government .. enforcing so called laws based on no fact . Typical Labor Government so Quick to launch the totalitarian regimes Globalist Agenda

  20. Phillip O’meley says

    soon the world will hear the Dominion Server connected to the American voting Election will be found in Germany ?
    The world is about to find out why President Donald Trump terminated Mark Esper and replace him with Christopher C Miller that sent the Army to Germany .
    The CIA / FBI was completely excluded From the Knowledge/intelligence ?
    The spider web of corruption and Voter fraud and the tentacles reach all around the world, even in Australia , all the people that poke their heads up to Support THE GREAT RESET
    The democrats party will go underground for a long time,
    Thousands of people in America and around the world will be given a prestige title,

  21. Nigel Ripon says

    The virus is absolutely being used as an opportunity to not only impose the Left’s governmental power over the people, but also to put in place the bureaucratic mechanisms on the one hand and a societal mindset on the other, in order to be able to impose that power in the future at will.

  22. theflaca says

    I just hit the likes to 400.

  23. Clinton Cox says

    Why bother living.
    Our dictators will never allow it, especially if you're male.
    NSW giving FEMALE ONLY 5000 GRANTS.

  24. Europop Top says

    Omg you are awesome thank u for providing so much common sense we need u

  25. david johnston says

    Yeah,the elected official in America managed the pandemic well didn't he.(Not)….

  26. Mark Shaw says

    Yeah health experts??
    Whose only expertise seems to be in getting things wrong!

  27. graham orr says

    Politicians use consultants/unelected bureaucrats, constantly referring to them for advice as demonstrated by state premiers during covid.
    When it goes tits up ,(like HQ in Vic.) Teflon Dan has a few sacrificial lambs to slaughter first, maintaining plausible deniability.

  28. Peter Remkes says

    Here we go again. Journalists who know better than our health experts, something you berate other journalists for. Of course this was a spur of the moment decision but a decision made with the available info at the time. And guess what, by and large the people in SA adhered to it without a lot of fuss, we didn't like it but accepted it. I'm certainly not a big Marshall fan but in all honesty, he has done along with our chief health officer a great job. Or Peta, would you like to go the way Europe has gone, or Brazil, or the USA. Glad to live in Australia, mistakes have been made yes but we are so much better of than many other countries thanks to medical experts and governments.

  29. Your time starts now says

    Peta Credlin, speaking for the people is a beautiful thing.
    The fact that a number of our government representatives, for months now, have easily displayed incompetence in decision making through this recent virus has been very concerning and detrimental to the public they represent.
    We need more grounded, stable and genuine representatives like Peta to have our best interests at heart.
    To shift blame to 1 public individual as in South Australia for a decision that a Government Body made, shows lack of consultation, leadership, planning and sound representation.
    If one child gives you reason to be harsh to another child, would you not investigate fully before giving sound judgement.
    Incompetent people always seek to shift blame when errors are made and unfortunately too many of our State and Federal politicians display those attributes.
    Clearly it has to be a time to take stock of what our representatives actually represent.

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