1. American aboriginal SUN says

    we the indigenous people need to restore our country and make sure colonizers and their descendants don't take our land.. eye am an American Aboriginal born on the island of Wai'tu kubuli,

  2. melanin warrior says

    this is the garden of the caribbean

  3. Justin Holdsworth says

    We have solutions !

  4. TheNeckWorkExpert says

    Absolutely gorgeous! This is how we should all feel on the inside. A great massage helps you reach this, if only for a few hours. But keep coming back, and your body finds peace.

  5. Steve Pacquette says

    Heaven on earth….

  6. McCoy sisters says

    i love this video…i visited this island years ago….truly a nature island

  7. keilah rose says

    Whooop whoop my beautiful country 😀 i miss it. Nature is wonderfull

  8. Navy Prettyboyworldwide says

    loooooooooooooooooooooooove this!!!

  9. Mr_Roboto says

    I wanna live here when I retire.

  10. Tevin Peters says

    Nature isle of the Caribbean – DOMINICAAAAAAAAAAAA !!

  11. ÄK 47 says

    Tru dominica air is so much cleaner.. I miss u DA

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