Healthy Trader Joes Grocery Haul for a Family of 5 | Gluten Free Snack & Meal Ideas | Kendra Atkins


Healthy Trader Joes Grocery Haul for a Family of 5 | Gluten Free Snack & Meal Ideas
Today I’m sharing a healthy trader joes grocery haul with a ton of snack and meal ideas for you and your family! Leave me some of your favorites in the comments!

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  1. A Finn says

    Healthy Trader Joe’s haul with cow milk on it ????? SIKEEEEEEEEE

  2. Mariam S says

    Yup! I was just at TJ’s today and they had a bunch of the pumpkin cream cheese.

  3. K Bray says

    The way you talk about roasting the butternut squash is how we eat pumpkin year round in Australia. (We call it butternut pumpkin, not squash, although we eat lots of other types of pumpkin too.)
    All the sweet pumpkin flavoured things you have sound super strange to me, when I’m used to having pumpkin as a vegetable!!

  4. A H says

    I don’t love their gf regular bagels so I’m excited to try the pumpkin ones. It’s hit or miss w the breads, but I do love their gf whole grain bread-best one by far.

  5. Sophia Cardoza says

    My Trader Joe’s has the pumpkin cream cheese and it is delicious with the gf pumpkin bagels

  6. jzongm says

    Random question, my house looks like that too with 3 little kids…Do you clear your dining table for meal time? I can’t seem to clear mine completely for meal time haha


    I went yesterday and my TJ had the pumpkin cream cheese

  8. Courtney Popp says

    For sweet at TJs I love the mint chip ice cream, mini cones, dark choc pb cups, and the Belgian choc pudding 🤩

  9. 23ME231 says

    I puréed the vegetable soup and it was so good!

  10. Lisa Bostrack says

    Love the Pumpkin Spice bagel. Will have to try the butter with cinnamon sugar. I always have half a bagel toasted with the earth balance peanut butter. Healthier option for peanut butter. My TJ has the Pumpkin cream cheese. Maybe your location was out. I have never tried it . I always love your food hauls. And the healthy options you have. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

  11. Kataluna says

    Try the
    -grain less cassava & coconut chips
    -gluten free quinoa wraps on the bread section
    -Pepita salsa (seasonal item)
    – kale and oniony salad (new item)
    – organic coleslaw kit ( produce)
    -lemony butterfly chicken( all ready marinated)
    – roasted root vegetables( freezer)
    -organic granola mixes berry bites ( cereal and bars section)
    We should be getting gf brioche bread , we still don’t have a date that will be In store)

  12. Kataluna says

    Hi Kendra! We did get pumpkin cream cheese this year! Your store may be out of stock.

  13. Pisica Cute Cat says

    Great video. We are going to trader Joe's this evening. You can also use the grill to cook on. That's what we did when we remodeled our kitchen.

  14. Elizabeth Lauren Cooks says

    Another one of my favorite videos 🤗

  15. Meldoesmakeup says

    I make stuffed peppers every week. So easy, so good. No rice but if you had the chili onion crunch to the meat mixture, you will be mind blown. I add it to pizza, avo toast, everything but it is my fav in stuffed peppers

  16. Meldoesmakeup says

    I just picked up the GF pumpkin bagels and the pumpkin cream cheese 😬 I also snagged the pumpkin cinn rolls for a dessert but will try not to bust those out till christmas time

  17. karinwtfont says

    I saw the Pumpkin Cream Cheese at my local TJs a couple weeks ago, but I’m in the DC area.

  18. keepupwithliv says

    Trade joes has such good stuff!

  19. Marjory says

    Love your channel Kendra!! I’ve been watching for a really long time. I live in Seattle (a bit north in Lake Stevens) and I love how y’all still cheer for the Seahawks💙💚💙💚 Five and O baby💪🏼💯

  20. Barbara Nicols says

    Been following you for a while and I can relate to the upset stomach issues. I have found that oat milk unfortunately is a big contributor to some of my stomach aches. I think store bought oat milk has a lot of fiber as well as sugar additives that are hard on your digestive system to break down. Such a bummer because it’s my favorite milk alternative. Just my two cents!

  21. Instyle Red says

    Oh my gosh, this is making me miss Trader Joe’s so much. We live in Canada & cross the border to go there, but with Covid we haven’t been since 2019 🙁

  22. iamellamella says

    OMG that pumpkin bagel idea of butter sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon….!! Sounds amazing! Trying it for sure!!! Thank you 🙂

  23. PRESTA GRABER says

    Have you tried the Trader Joe’s popcorn in avocado oil? It’s so good. It’s in a bag, i could seriously eat the whole bag. Never mind, I was just in there and they discontinued it!

  24. Mary K says

    I love the plantain chips at Trader Joe’s. The salty ones not the sweet ones. My four year old grandson loves them too.

  25. neema Naomi says

    Everything is mouth-watering! U can use a slower cooker till u get ur oven if u have one. Thanks for shopping inspiration❤

  26. Lily’s Gram says

    I made a big pot of lentil & veggie soup. It was so good.
    We eat half and then I freeze the other half.
    Wish I had a Trader Joe’s close by.

  27. Michaela Follin says

    Try red mill 1 to 1 gf flour ! It’s the best flour I’ve ever used ! It tastes almost the same as regular flour

  28. Aibrean Corvid Shular says

    Wow! Great haul!
    We use a really great 1-1 gluten free flour for our family! I have just recently been adding quinoa to outer diet.
    Oh, we have full blown Celiac disease.

  29. Amanda P says

    Love the dose of reality at the end 😊

    I have really been loving doing a breakfast bowel with a mixture of veggies, eggs and meat (usually ground turkey). My fav has been riced cauliflower, spinach, carrots/sweet potatoes. And it’s super yummy with nutritional yeast on top.

  30. One Crafty Badger says

    Seeing the rest of your house made me feel so much better, thank you for that. <3 I dont have a trader joes near me so idek why I watch these videos, just torture! Ha!

  31. Brooke Tucker says

    Thank you for the dose of reality at the end! My kitchen and the cabinets are almost always clean and organized…but I really don't want any guests venturing beyond my kitchen lol

  32. catmama54 says

    Love TJ's hauls. I am trying to eat as little gluten as possible because I was told it could help my RA. Its not easy when you love bread and pasta.

  33. Intentionally Made says

    My trick to using gluten free bread or Ezekiel is to always toast it. Less crumbly and tastes better. You should make a Sourdough starter or find someone local that can give you some. It’s so
    Convenient and my kids prefer it when I use it for biscuits pancakes and even chocolate chip cookies. It’s resilient too and can be stored in fridge when not used which helps. But since y’all like to bake you may enjoy it. I love the three cheese pasta sauce too! I know when baking sweet potato fries it’s good to soak them in water first to release the starch before baking so it’s crispy. I wonder if that would work with the butternut squash too. I might have to test that out!

  34. Emily says

    You could also use a crock pot while your oven is gone!

  35. Take Care Mama says

    Great haul! I haven’t been to TJ’s in so long!!

  36. Pituca Things says

    I got my wishlist ready. Who am i kidding i screenshot and run lol. Anyone else? Love your videos. You should check out Silver Hills bread. They have little slices and normal, the little would probably be great for the girls. Sprouts has them

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