Here’s How America's F-35 Technology to Beat Russia's S-400


“This milestone was the first in a series of test flights to functionally evaluate the in-flight operation of the F-35A’s internal 25mm gun throughout its employment envelope,” a Pentagon statement said several months ago.
But.. This Is How The Air Force Wants The F-35 To Beat Russia’s S-400

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  1. US Military Channel says

    We Always can beat all of Russia Air Systems

  2. Ahmadmer Sarani says

    S-400 is design to destroy F35 & stealth fighter Jet.. No take off F35 will destroy by most advance missile luncher know as indeginous missile systems .

  3. TATOandTOkey says


  4. George Gilkes says

    That map of Europe he showed at 7:20 was awful. There are much better maps than that one

  5. Hafang Neige says

    12 minutes and still no answer about "how F-35 Technology to Beat Russia's S-400"

  6. Bad Donkey says

    You can stop saying "officials said"We get it, you have sources, but hearing that over and over is really redundant lol

  7. Gurbux Singh says

    USA 🇺🇸 💪💪💪💪

  8. Din Djarin says

    Well according to the Kremlin trolls the S400 is the best weapon ever constructed, Stealth is useless and the F35 is a flying turkey lol

  9. Albert Henriette says

    The marines knows better that this is easier said than doing on the field.

  10. John Green says

    Hello America russia is not the target our friends the Chinese have hated us for 20 vears

  11. Dark Soul says

    i heared that turkish s400 detecte f35 and killed f16. now it means USA dont have any technology against russia and in next war russia can easily dominate US technology and we should keep in mind that china is also with russia against europe.

  12. Crazyhands Hands says

    S400 is a JOKE go ask Israel they didn't by any. But they did buy the F35 why.

  13. INDIAN ARMY says

    LOVE FROM 🇮🇳 INDIA 🇺🇸🇮🇳🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇳🇮🇱💪🏼

  14. Michael Oliveira says

    USA just be quite dont say what you have.

  15. Ryan Z says

    This shows you how stupid politicians are. I know many fighter pilots from both the Air Force and the Navy. Who have flown the F-22 raptor and the F-35 lightning. They all say the exact same thing. The F-22 raptor destroys the F-35 every scenario. The F-22 has a lot more power, maneuverability is much faster and can carry a heavier payload of missiles and bombs. It’s just overall a better plane. The only thing the F-35 has is more technology. Which means nothing. In one real life training exercise. One F-22 destroyed five F-35’s. The F-35 pilots said the damn F-22 was flying circles around them. The military was aghast and horrified. So they kept it quiet from the press. The F-22 raptor was built for one reason Air Superiority. The F-35 lightning wasn’t. It was made as an overall land, air and sea fighter. That’s why the military tried to get rid of the A-10 Warthog. But they weren’t able to because the army and the Marines went nuts. Because they knew the f-35 sucks at providing cover for ground troops. It’s despicable that the military knew that many troops would die without the A-10 Warthog as support. But they didn’t care. Those of you who are familiar with the A-10 warthog knows exactly what I’m talking about. When you make something that specializes in one thing. It’s going to be better the best. Rather than something that’s made to be overall good at everything. In addition no other country has the F-22 just the US. The F-35 is being sold dozens of countries all around the world. So how long do you think before Russia or China gets there hands on the blueprints. So why are they going ahead with this piece of garbage plane? I don’t know, that’s a good question. I wish someone would ask them.

  16. p k says

    Anyone remembers the fate of another super stealthy F117 nighthawk???

  17. Adrian Bugariu says

    ✡ Jewish communists spying for 🇷🇺 Russia and 🇨🇳 China tells them everything 🇷🇺 Russia an 🇨🇳 China needs to know

  18. Jonathan Black says

    The world is gone mad! Why are we going backwards? We will never survive another 100 years with all this carry on . I suppose with a military budget of over 700billion you need to act a little bit crazy to show there moneys worth. Looking at the Ignorant Pro America comments here is shocking! Like it or not America Is not the Center of the Universe, but sure is the destroyer of civilization!

  19. David Butler says

    Love watching these USA Military Updates, and speaking of updates, this amazes me also, e g. New Software and Updates are being placed on my Favourite USA Bomber, The B-52 Bomber. Loves the 🇺🇸 I do 😀🇨🇦🇺🇸 The United States by far, really, is the most Powerful Country in the World ❤️

  20. Hoffmann Rexhaku says

    I will never buy an American jet

  21. Aman Alam says

    And wat about iskander that can shoot ur satellite in space 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Nijat Zeynalov says

    Why the flags are placed on wrong countries @7:18?

  23. Pesho says

    Only one question. Why Russia has better SAM systems compared with USA ones. I am curious. How country with budget over 700 billion dollars is behind country with ten times smaller budget about SAMs.

  24. Dr Chad ThunderCock says

    It's know the US has a S300 and likely a S400 to test with

  25. Ab Hopkins says

    A customized aircraft by 3D printing of parts may be the ultimate answer for some of these air missions. A single aircraft design is always expected to do everything under the sun. Cistomization of pre-existing vehicles and weapons are always the answer to win wars.

  26. JoséMiguel Macedo says

    It was AFTER S400 deployment in Syria, and AFTER it's interaction with f35 and probably f22 that Turkey decided to go for it. The Russians must have shown something to the Turkish.

  27. Spaide man says

    lol, cant beat Russia in reality, so create theory propaganda online.

  28. Paul Anthony says

    How will the F35 save American people from Coronavirus ?

  29. Mister Privacy says

    Even if the F35 destroys an AA battery, it might be worth it for information about the weapon used on the battery. The AA is just as self learning as the F35 now.

  30. Ronnie Arciga says

    Now I know US aircrafts can destroy S-300 and S-400 and all air defense systems of the enemies. Russia, China and Iran's air defense systems cannot stop F-35 carrying AAGRM – ER because you will be destroyed by AAGRM-ER before you can detect the approaching US F-35. Job well done Americans. I salute you for all your perseverance that have gotten outstanding and successful results. I wish you always a good luck Americans. We love you… To God be the glory. May God bless America and Philippines 🙏🇺🇸🇵🇭

  31. Ed Valencia says

    Lets try it in real time!

  32. K yep says

    Russian S300 and 400 are no more danger they fail to detect F35 lighting during Israel striking iranian weapons in syria.

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