Here's How the F-35 Stealth Fighter is Truly Unstoppable


As 60 enemy fighters closed in on a US Air Force 4th Generation fighter aircraft, blinding the jet with electronic warfare attacks, an experienced pilot faced unseen life-threatening attackers closing in — during an air-combat Red Flag exercise closely replicating actual warfare scenarios.

60 Against 1: How the F-35 Is Truly Unstoppable ?

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  1. Rui Mourisco says

    S-400 and the "new" S-500 missiles are waiting….

  2. Citadin says

    The only thing that is truly unstoppable about the F35 is its budget, can't stop growing…

  3. aneyesky says

    Ugh it’s OODAH

  4. aneyesky says

    Bye Felicia !

  5. bodystomp says

    Why can't China's fighter planes shoot down the F-35 in large numbers?

  6. Franky Flowers says

    can't they have gps always with maser microwave communications?

  7. Nero Blitz says

    F22:impressive gears u got there too bad u suck

  8. Arthur Rankin says

    Air combat camo sniper fighter jet!!

  9. SJKile says

    The Jury is not out on the F-35 yet. It is unproven in combat. While the AIM-120D & AIM-9X air to air missiles are impressive. The likelihood of an F-35 surviving a visual engagement with a Sukhoi SU-57 is very remote simply because it has a single engine with no afterburner capability.

  10. lim eddie says

    only God can stop US or F35, F22 etc… sometimes in the form of covid19….

  11. G G says

    Would be nice if it wasn’t bullshit – sorry but the F22 kills the F35 in every single scenario

  12. Surak says

    Anyone remember what happened to the US navy ships a year or so ago when the Chinese and Russians knocked out their electronics?

  13. فاطمه اسماعيل says

    Republic Of Sudan

  14. فاطمه اسماعيل says

    Republic Of Sudan

  15. Andrew Heffel says

    The F35 is barely stealthy, sorry to say. Send one up against S400 anti aircraft missiles and see what happens. Why the hell did we build this POS? I hate politicians, they all wanted a piece of the pork pie, and now we are stuck with it. Why couldn't we stuff all that electronics into an updated F22? Then we would have something.

  16. llamu dos says

    Scary how good this jet is. We do not know 20% of what it is capable of. Sprey was a liar.

  17. Ric Di clemente says

    When you Trade with the CCP $, they invest in a larger military arsenal !

  18. Ric Di clemente says

    Training and Buy American Military Equipment ; There is a Threat off your coast’s. CCP is Seriously Trying to takeaway our world’s Sovereignty!

  19. Ric Di clemente says

    China is becoming a Threat to the world’s Sovereign Nation’s.These World Nations need to be “prepared ASAP!’

  20. Ric Di clemente says

    The World is Giving Thankful Respondents for America’s Continued World’s Peace effort To all the Peace Loving Nation’s . Thank you Donald J Trump !!

  21. Roshni Koomia says

    This is an advertisement

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