HIGHLIGHTS of Port Vila, VANUATU – Exploring Efate Island, Blue Lagoon + Snorkelling | Travel Guide


On this Global Travel Guide we explore Efate Island, Port Vila in Vanuatu.

Things to do:
Port Vila Markets
Blue Lagoon
Eton Beach
Divi’s Vanuatu
Havannah Resort


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  1. Nica World Traveller says

    Wow that water looks so nice.

  2. Jeevitha glory says

    Very nice video, I like Blue lagoon soo much,hats of to you both, thank you.
    I loved it💕💕

  3. Karolina Suzuki says


  4. Leo Queen says

    Been there 2 times. Vanuatu is paradise. So beautiful. Would love to go again.

  5. Strong Believer of the Holy Bible says

    All glory, praise and honor to our Father God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ the true Creator of heaven and earth for a wonderful creation 🙏❤️🕊 🌷⛰💦Lord Jesus Christ is the way the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him🙏❤️🕊 catholic, muslim, buddhism, hinduism, judaism etc. they are all together leading a lot of people to the lake of fire 🔥 because it’s satan religions the father of lies. Holy Bible is the TRUTH alone🙏 REPENT, believe in the Gospel

  6. Alcina Charley says

    Thanks for the promo ladies 😉

  7. Real Ni-Van Adventures says

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing our small paradise to the world.

  8. yakikadafi says

    I went here once. All the locals are wonderful. Definitely recommend!

  9. Retski7 says

    Dear LORD the sound in the beginning of this video!!!!!!!

  10. Francesca's Beach Club says

    When at Havannah Harbour on West Efate pop in at Francesca's Beach Club for best snorkelling and great food and ambience 🙂 you are all welcome!

  11. Cruising the Ocean with Jenny says

    A great video, just wondering if you had to get a licence and insurance to do drone footage? My daughter wants to take her drone when we visit Port Vila. Thank you.

  12. Pat Rod says

    Beautiful women you 2 are

  13. Dody Siwabessy says

    Vanuatu Country ❤🇻🇺

  14. Evie Avoki says

    Loved your video – great source of information of where to go and what to do. Subscribed to your channel…looking forward to seeing more of your travels 🙂

  15. ItsJustGrace says

    Did you book all of this in advanced? Or did you just show up unannounced? Asking because I'll be going to port villa next year. Super excited!! And I love everything you did on this day

  16. Brendah Toms says

    This was super helpful, thank you! 🙂

  17. Simon Turner says

    Buses are 150 Vatu per ride. Don't let the drivers convince you otherwise.

  18. Worldtravellerin says

    Nice video! 🙂 if you wanna get to know the real life of Vanuatu people, check my VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=591&v=Z5ilyEWGSxU

  19. stevieeskay says

    Great vid.
    As far as permanent living is concerned, are there many foreigners who reside there?
    I am considering making the move from Sydney and wanted some insight prior to taking the leap.

  20. Baden Johnson says

    I was there September last year, I love that place

  21. Dan 1t0e says

    This is country who interviering Indonesia trought UN board.. so what this call Vanuatu contribution in keeping peace..? Indonesian has sent peace keeping force since 1960's, ask other country opinion about Garuda peace keeping force.. thats how you contribute to make world a better place not to mash with other country stability.. Beware Indonesian people is friendly but they never forget and keep it mind who was mashing out with our nation… watch out for provocation from the Jack..

  22. Kristina Washington says

    cool stuff! Thanks for sharing. <3

  23. Naron Ghimire says

    Hi, is Vanatu expensive like Australia? Will be very happy if u could write the details

  24. pj8uch says

    May God bless you Kristina abunduntly with happiness but more importantly eternal life!
    Very well put together video and also informative!
    Jesus loves you so much!

  25. Kanau Kiki says

    It is paradise, come back to Vanuatu… 🙂

  26. Liv Smith says

    Love this! It brings back memories of when I was six and came here for my aunts wedding, it's so pretty x

  27. pegllich says

    i think this should be appreciated more this is some real shit and i love this

  28. Jacquie Laurie says

    Thank you I am heading there in 2 weeks. U have given good information about the money the price of things. Looks stunning just to chill and take it all in. Travel safely. Jacquie

  29. Justine Barker says

    I love Blue Lagoon! We have family who live here

  30. ItsJustMikee says

    Loving this great vlog

  31. POP CRISTINA says

    Oh wow!! Love your positive vibe girl!! The islands are really cool, loved to discover this one with you! Really thinkinng to go there soon!! ✨👌🏻

    Just subbed, would love to find you back on mine:) let's support each other here on this platform💓

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