History of BBC News (24) intros


Evolution of News intros on the BBC News Channel since 1997.

Signation: 0:00
1997-1998 (BBC News 24): 0:12
1998-1999: 1:01
1999-2003: 1:27
2003: 2:19
2003-2005: 3:00
2005-2006: 4:29
2006-2007: 5:52
2007-2008: 7:16
2008-2013 (BBC News): 9:29
2013-2019: 11:27
2019-today: 13:49

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  1. Mox Girl says

    New Zealand oddly shows up in this video twice – about earthquakes and getting beat in the Cricket World Cup lol.

  2. Jo-Ryan Salazar says

    Nation shall speak peace unto nation.
    BBC News.

  3. Y F.F says

    16/9 in 2003? It was a sat channel?

  4. Quốc Bảo Trần says

    BBC News overnight (2013-2019): https://youtu.be/A5jmn7JUQwM

  5. eemmarabara says

    I Hate BBC Reith Design

  6. Roly Ortega says

    Can you do TVE's Telediario? You got Antena 3 Noticias already so why not give one for TVE?

  7. HTV C1996 says

    Next channel 5 news Pray

  8. BARBELIXIR says

    There's 16:9 version of the 1999 intro, which used from 2002.

  9. Радиоактивный Пепел says

    Next RTL Aktuell.

  10. Dabyh Cinacchi says

    Can you do SBT Brasil, Jornal da Record, Domingo Espetacular, Jornal da Band, Canal Livre, Jornal da Cultura, Roda Viva, Repórter Brasil, Sem Censura, RedeTV! News, Jornal da Gazeta, Bom Dia Brasil, Jornal Hoje, Jornal Nacional, Jornal da Globo, Esporte Espetacular, Globo Rural or Fantástico for next, please?!

  11. Андрей Басавин says

    Next RSI Telegiornale Switzerland

  12. The Person says

    Can you doing BBC NEWS at One , BBC BREAKFAST & BBC NEWS ARABIC for next , please ?

  13. HTV C1996 says

    It’s a pity that my order will not be

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