1. Arati Novi says

    https://shorturl.ca/virginබැල්ලිගෙ පුතා සජිත්ගේ අමන හිතන්නේp

  2. ipin_sama says

    I hope all protestors explode

  3. Gengar says

    show the evidence. we dont want liars' testimony

  4. Haytham Kenway says

    A list of things done in HK thus far by these rioters whom western media and politicians call 'peaceful protesters, wanting democracy and freedom':*Stabbing policemen with knives*Destroying entire streets by digging up bricks and rocks*Throwing rocks at police* Throwing bricks at police* Shining high powered laser into the eyes of police and elderly HK citizens who do not support their violence* beaten up countless of Hong Kongers, especially mob violence against the single handed elderly, men and women, resulting in bloodied heads, mouths, eyes, noses etc* threw acid on policemen* used catapults at the police, ended up hitting and blinding a female protestor (and thus less and less catapults were utilised since then)* torching cars of other Hong Kongers* harrassing and doxxing people who were interviewed by the media, including their workplace and families (till now many Hong Kongers are fearful to appear on camera)* stoning an elderly Hong Konger in the head after a verbal exchange, old man died* threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at police * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at elderly Hong Kongers trying to clear the debris after a night's rioting* setting fire and burning a man alive who didn't agree with their anti-social behaviour * blockaded entire roads and streets, not allowing any vehicle nor pedestrian to pass, people cannot go to work, children cannot go to school and elderly cannot go home, resulting in scores of people stranded….. if anyone complains on social media….. they are doxxed and they and their family harrassed and threatened* stormed and destroyed the parliament building, raised the UK flag and US flags on sovereign territory* multiple attempts to snatch police guns* Using bows and arrows at the police, hitting police officers with the shot arrows, piercing through * so far, about 3 elderly men killed by these masked mobs, plenty more in hospitals or at home with injury* destroyed banks* destroyed shops of innocent Hong Kongers* destroyed stores belonging to global multinational companies* destroyed and set fire to many MTR train stations* purposely threw debris to derail trains * derailed trains with passengers in them, causing untold injuries* making up stories of police brutality * charging at the police with batons, poles, baseball bats, umbrellas* used the suicide of a 15 year old girl due to mental illness as a false story of police brutality, claiming she was killed by police* the suicide victim's mom was interviewed and she shared that her daughter was suffering from mental illness and she reviewed all CCTV footage of the day, it was a clear suicide and had nothing to do with the protests nor police, and was doxxed by angry rioters for not allowing them to use her daughter as a martyr, and harrassed, given death threats and hunted down, even when she is grieving the death and loss of her daughter* occupied and destroyed universities* made thousands of petrol bombs during the occupation, more than 4000 were found* occupied and forced the national airport to shut down * occupied the airport and prevented travellers and foreigners from flying, leaving many in tears and literally begging the rioters to let them go home* destroyed traffic lights* destroyed street lamps* destroyed sidewalks * destroying taxis and cars* setting fire to multiple vehicles near the universities Feel free to add your ownMost of them would have gotten shot by the police in most western countries, especially in the USA.So let's not be hypocrites here.

  5. T Gren says

    How fake. Made up to spread hate against police. This generation of HK students are seriously deranged. Which employer would hire them if they can openly tell lies like this and have no integrity.Example: There was a girl who made a sexual harrassment claim and then took off her masks yesterday during an open debate on TV but when people went to ask her today to clarify her case, she had intentially avoided contact and disappeared because she couldn't produce any evidence except made up claims. The whole childish scheme of shouting out fake claims, then being unavailable to produce evidence is designed to fool the public, especially the foreign public which they think will believe anything they say. Another example is the one eyed rioter girl which they claim was inflicted by police. The girl has avoided releasing the doctors report or any evidence and the protests movement is still using this fake case with the lies to blame police. Police have obtained videos proving that she was hit by her fellow protesters.There are so many fake cases used by radical protesters to scam and gain public trust. This is proof that these rioters and their backers – (pro-democracy lawmakers and student union leaders) are such despicable beings – with no regard and respect for HK people (even sending middle school students to attack police), but using the HK name to fool the world with lies.Luckily, they represent only the minority of HK, not the majority of honest working citizens.So be diligent with news and don't be fooled by them.

  6. Zewhoa Yang says

    Where is the news accusations of Hong Kong females used to sexually comfort rioters? Why is that not on your news?

  7. zhem luo says

    why are those people cover their face are they terrorists

  8. Kiki ZHU says

    please show how the protesters harass normal citizens and attack police ? BBC = BiasedBroadCast

  9. 北京退休公干五 says

    Fact is a 14-years-old girl were raped by some Hongkong protesters, I don’t know what happened, in the mouth of BBC, it became a Hong Kong policeman assaulted an protester.disgusting

  10. rrrce says

    "Girls misled to offer sex to HK protesters"

  11. Neal Zhu says

    What happend in HongKong? Watch those veido…https://youtu.be/jG5PYgrHeokhttps://youtu.be/fa_wgTXI5dAhttps://youtu.be/vkShSujdao4https://youtu.be/5ZPR_qWLZ9Yhttps://youtu.be/-vDl__-vfdkhttps://youtu.be/m5xXUsU9oEIhttps://youtu.be/YzqSye_ovcE

  12. Neal Zhu says

    BBC is the biggest liar in the world

  13. Neal Zhu says

    Is this what the BBC calls a peaceful demonstration in Hong Kong? What the us did to Ukraine is happening in Hong Kong

  14. Radadiya Nikunj says

    Go Baluchistan

  15. Nino Gucciani says


  16. Gerard YouTube says

    How low can the protesters get? What a joke. Stop making and finding excuses.

  17. Katherine Sze says

    why reveal her name? she covered her face for a reason. 0:23

  18. nu Baobei says

    Bloody stupid protestors…I have the hashtag for them #dumbtoo and #looking4trouble Don't accuse the police when you all are the damn rioters giving problems to the police

  19. Kriz Yamz says

    The British should have stayed there forever

  20. Dgbbbn 356678 says

    The very very sad story of Hong Kong. The British came to a fishing village and barren land with no much flat land. The people built it into an international city. In 1997, China took it back and claimed it, Hong Kong no longer belongs to the people of Hong Kong.

  21. Aurobindo Ghosh says

    bbc what's printing cost difference in uk and hong kong?

  22. Ice Blue says

    So obvious who is behind this protest. When this is over, the credit goes to the master puppetteer. Not the protestors. But the protestors do not know it yet. But it is slowly creeping to make its presence known and then grab credit.

  23. Michael Zhu says

    I can’t find a video from bbc interview the police and the hk or central government…can someone find me a link?

  24. Charlie Shao says

    Bannon: The CCP is a parasite, a gang organization.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpQAS_yHATk

  25. Charlie Shao says

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Cousin Draws Scrutiny of Australian Authorities https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-presidents-cousin-draws-scrutiny-of-australian-authorities-11564500031

  26. yo dasxi says

    Hongkongers 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌brit🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕💩💩💩💩💩💩

  27. Don Su says

    The British leadership should respond for HK’s issues

  28. sound bite says

    How would anyone know? Bookstore owners in hong Kong critical of Chinese leaders disappear. Feminists in the west wanting communism, take note of the 50 cent party comments. Is this what you want? Hong Kong is not known for liars and false accusations.

  29. Matthew Melange says

    They label protesters as rioters. Why would they file a complaint and then get arrested for rioting?

  30. cowabunka says

    for all you bashers, keep your eyes peeled, there will be a new protest for a new cause EVERY WEEKIt has been going on for 11wks now, coming 12You go ahead and figure if the HK govt and police are in the business of ramping up violence and sexual abuse in response to hum, I don't know, violent clash in "protest for democracy skin"?

  31. JohnNY-XD says

    now these clowns are calling out the polices as sexual predators straight or not, so pleases show me the evidences or just another fake news to incite more riots

  32. Ydgridz says

    Joseph Goebbels Nazi minister of propaganda quote: A lie told big and repeated thousand times become a truth.

  33. david wong says

    I have heard that female protesters grab the genitalia of police officers, then claim they have been sexually assaulted.

  34. david wong says

    Why are all these protesters masked ? When you make serious allegations, identify yourself.

  35. Bitch where's my gun says

    FREE SCOTLAND UNTIED IRELAND get your British ass out

  36. D STANLEY says


  37. LOL says

    Omg…. fake news!!!! Fake news!!!

  38. Rom Bietthethoi says

    That's the way communists do! Remember it and write it down in history for the next generations!

  39. Hong Shi says

    Why are you so close to policeman anyway. There are so many protesters, just don’t walk in front. Policeman are lined up ok. If you squeezed to the front, and they are not going to get into the crowd and touch you…..

  40. tian le Zheng says

    fake news

  41. Monica Chow says

    An independent inquiry on the police is required to find out the truth.

  42. Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni says


  43. F SL says

    When a crazy ugly wild woman accuses handsome you of violating her stinking modesty ………..

  44. Na Na says

    Disgusting fake news

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