Hotel Transylvania Game Launch Trailer – 3DS DS


– Count Dracula’s five-stake resort welcomes you! Hotel Transylvania, where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters that they are with no humans around to bother them. Dracula’s beloved daughter Mavis is turning 118 and Dracula has invited a few of his closest friends: Frankenstein and his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, and the Werewolf family to Hotel Transylvania to celebrate her special day. Catering to these monsters is a delight for Dracula, but everything could change for the overprotective father when one ordinary guy stumbles through the hotel and takes a shine to Mavis.

  1. Monster Jam Fan 100 Xtreme says

    Happy new year

  2. Monster Jam Fan 100 Xtreme says

    I hope this game isn't hard like almost maybe the Castlevania. If it isn't I'll try to play it if I can find one.

  3. Monster Jam Fan 100 Xtreme says

    This looks like castlevania just with characters from hotel Transylvania and a different plot.

  4. DarthKirby7601 says

    thats weird that sony is licenced by nintendo even if they are rivals?

  5. parvezlegacy says

    castlevania symphony of the night transformation…wooow cool

  6. Vector7707 says

    For a game based off a movie with little to no video game potential, this was a pretty decent and enjoyable game.

  7. BeeLy1011 says

    Castlevania:Dracula's Daughter

  8. franka james says

    Question – How do you change into a bat?

    My son wants to know – cannot find manual.

  9. Tara Ann Taylor-Harriss says

    It looks like a Mario game lol

  10. domidium says

    For those that are saying that this is like castlevania, that's the whole point.  The movie itself is a spoof on castlevania.

  11. KathyPQCh says

    Sweeet!!!! >:"D

  12. Mega Man says

    This is kind of like Castlevania Symphony of the Night

  13. Marios Kylilis says

    yeah better than call of duty.JUST KIDDING

  14. Marios Kylilis says

    yeah better than call of duty.JUST KIDDING

  15. MasterPibb says

    this music is funky as fuck

  16. Adrián Hamar says

    I want that game!!!!!

  17. pão vegano says

    como abaixa pra pc?

  18. Candy5554 says

    looks pretty good

  19. Enubatan says

    I didn't want o believe my friend, but I see it is true. Part of me is now dead

  20. Xavier Berrio says

    CastleVania for kids

  21. Boris Lifit says

    pc hotel transyvania game 🙁

  22. GadgetAckman says

    Fucking movie games…

  23. AshmoreVid says

    apparantly it's pretty terrible…. 🙁

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