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for the cool Bytespotter drive! Here is a video on the word BYTE!

Hello my dear students, I was looking at this new drive called the ByteSpotter that allows you to see the drive accessing and writing the data…

… which is pretty cool.. it looks like a record player.. only faster and jumping around!

Anyway.. that got me to thinking.. what exactly is a BYTE? They use the term quite a bit when referring to computers. Megabytes, Gigabytes, etc. And why is it called a byte in the first place?

HotForWords must feed the punch card into my computer to investigate this!

What? I got my hands on this mainframe computer for super cheap at a garage sale! It’s only the size of my living room and takes punch cards for input. I mean, who needs keyboards? I’m a purist like that! OK.. now.. hold on.. must punch in an A.. that would be here and here.. ok.. now let me feed this card into the computer to find out where byte comes from!

OK.. I got the results back and it looks like… studies the punch card more.. Umm.. it looks like a lot of dots on a piece of paper! How the heck am I supposed to read this? Cut the camera! Camera goes to static, then off.

Oh, hi! I got rid of that stupid computer, it was too complicated!

Anyway.. a byte is the computer term for 8 bits. A bit is short for binary digit and is the smallest unit of data on a computer. There are 2 options, it’s either on or off.. a ZERO or a ONE.

If computers only did calculations with numbers we wouldn’t need anything larger than a bit.. but we also use computers to type on, which means we need to represent letters in the alphabet somehow. And this brings us back to that crazy mainframe computer that I just bought and got rid of.

Back in the early days of computers, information was put into a computer with punch cards. The punch cards showed columns of 0 through 9. Punch the column once and you would get a number, like 0 or 3 or 4, punch the same column twice and you could get a letter, punch it 3 times and you could get punctuation and so on.

Dr. Werner Buchholz at IBM in 1956 decided to call these groups of bits, BYTES and a new word was formed. He chose BYTE from the word Bite like you are biting off a bunch of bits to form each character.

Bytes, at the time could be 6 bits of information, or 7 bits of information, but because the computer Dr. Buchholz was working on at the time handled 8 bits of information to describe each character, a BYTE came to mean a group of 8 bits that it still does today.

There you go, another mystery solved by your trusty HotForWords. Now.. back to that ByteSpotter drive I talked about.. I wonder if you can see the little Bytes hopping around on the disk!

ByteSpotter sponsored this video and they are having an awesome launch for the drive. Click the link in the description to find out more about the drive! Look.. I can even have my own customized HotForWords ByteSpotter Drive!

Cool, huh?

For your homework, what does this spell out on a punch card?

  1. GUMC says

    A bit is 1 bit, 4 bits are a nibble, 8 bits are a byte and 16 bits are a chomp.

    80 column cards were eventually replaced with 90 column compact cards.

  2. ukvlogger94 says

    @Kaneknife If she wanted us to take here for here intelligentce then why would she show so much. You know.

  3. Alex Krycek says

    I cracked this numbers on your card. And the code is "I want you to undress". So can you do that in your next vid Marina?

  4. V3DiO says

    god damn…

  5. connagh jayne says

    i can't follow you on twitter but i can follow you IRL <3

  6. StickFiguresMaster says

    keep byting me hunny it feels to good! 😀

  7. Typhoon792 says

    @klausjuergen Lol, wow. No comment…

  8. Typhoon792 says

    On or off = 0 or 1. Lol, fail…

  9. badsquirrel987 says

    It spells "буфера"

  10. rayver12ftw says

    keep the short hair…plzzzzzzz

  11. phreakincool says

    A nibble is 4 bits.
    A bite is bigger than a nibble.
    Therefore a "byte" is 8 bits, because its bigger than a nibble. Get it?

  12. Emma Nilsson says

    haha love the bloopers in the end, so cute:P don't fully understand the byte thing thought:/ but i'm not very good with the technology of computers, i just know how to use the programs:P

  13. Dhruvil Kansara says

    I bet most of u r just watching this cuz she's hot
    But I actually watch this to learn

  14. Timo Timo says

    Who actually watched this to learn the etymology of bytes…… I did!

    now I feel geek.. >.>

  15. Nicolas DEJEAn says

    i love , no wait adore this dog ahah 1

  16. Nicolas DEJEAn says

    Andrew Blake!! like 4 23 BC : far away from me right now….. 3

  17. Ian McClue says

    best i could get is 2,16,64,128, which converts to jibberish in ascii. please respond to this binary then.01100101:01101101:01100001:01101001:01101100:00100000:01101101:01100101:00101100:00100000:01101101:01100011:01100011:01101100:01101001:01100001:01101110:01000000:01110011:01101100:01101001:01101110:01100111:01110011:01101000:01101111:01110100:00101110:01100011:01101111:00101110:01101110:01111010, luv your vids. Ian.

  18. Ian McClue says

    the bvest i got out of it was 2,16,64,128 which converts to @,{diamond shape),(right top corner of text box),space(not ascii character but controll command). 01100101:01101101:01100001:01101001:01101100:00100000:01101101:01100101:00100000:01000000:00100000:01101101:01101101:01100011:01101100:01101001:01100001:01101110:01000000:01110011:01101100:01101001:01101110:01100111:01110011:01101000:01101111:01110100:00101110:01100011:01101111:00101110:01101110:01111010, please respond to binary.

  19. LifeIsSweet69 says

    ahaha thumbs up for your awesome computer?
    i dunno i see something more awesomee 😉

  20. Alexander Anchidin says

    Hot girls and computers… yeah…..

  21. PhsychoSk8erJake says

    @GHhog lol i thought it was that x u click to make it go away

  22. adarqui says

    thumbs up if she got the explanation of a bit wrong, she said, "it's either on, or off, a 0, or a 1"

    on is 1, off is 0


  23. PaladinFury says

    She's like a less attractive and more annoying charliejames1975.. *sigh*

  24. Kaneknife says

    Hate how people only watch this because shes hot, not intelligent. I watch it for both. 😛

  25. TheNyCsound says

    ill give u something to byte

  26. WaddahSs says

    @TheWaRmANiAc With Huge Tits

  27. mrcamdonnew says

    omg she is sooo fine

  28. RealSupervillain says

    thumbs up'd for the awesome computer (and tiny dog wandering on camera)

  29. Namu says

    Ill feed MY punchcard into your computer.

  30. Tomasz Zalewski says

    hhmmm dos anyone actually answer hr questions….? i wonder why not

  31. leeflailmarch says

    So I'm guessing you don't do the editing. You have help getting your vids together?

  32. Ian Svagdis says

    her videos are a joke!

  33. Armorith says

    legs <3

  34. TTGxCreat0rZz says

    ugly haircut

  35. Karl Jones says

    @gun844 go for it

  36. dabillz41 says

    and dam…

  37. dabillz41 says

    Do Not Type The Following Artist Into Your YouTube search bar


  38. Kormos17 says

    luv your accent babe!!

  39. Onay Dodanlı says

    @ 2:50 did she say "SEKIZ bits of information"

  40. Karl Jones says

    LOVE THAT ASS xxx <3

  41. naihanchin Kempo says

    @xPolarxBearx707 so you think doing a You tube video is acting ? lol

  42. moody says

    somebody is going to eat your dog.

  43. ShmeegleSon says

    @mitchtheman13 lol haha

  44. Jessica Berry says

    nice acent

  45. Mitch Dalton says


    sounds like Dr. Wiener Butthole.

  46. kyahaybay says

    ya ya green screen

  47. Jonah Key says

    what isnt red baron a pizza company???

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