1. Laughing Man says

    Fun fact, this runs on the same engine as Sonic Team Racing. Which is the same in-house racing engine that dates back all the way to Outrun 2. This isn't just a tribute, arcade racing is in this game's dna, and a welcome return for Sumo using their engine for something other than kart racers.

  2. Lovelorn88 Nick says

    Its nice to see the SNES still getting support with the FX chip

  3. TigerGlock says

    12 cups…24 girls 😐😂😂 I couldn’t resist

  4. benjamin gálvez says

    who wants an online race?👀

  5. 5Horizons says

    Roger Moore as a playable character? I'm sold!

  6. Jean-Luc Williams says

    A Jamaican has etered the chat, I really appreciate when game devs give represetation to Jamaica, thank you Hotshot Racing devs

  7. neshuntersnes says

    The AI is impossible and the controls are garbage. I wanted to love this but it's one of the worst racers I've played.

  8. Peter Fuller says

    Hi Alex. Is good?

  9. Martin Holden says

    Nice review Alex. Looks interesting. Anyhow the video got a thumbs up as soon as i heard stunt Race FX title screen tune 😊 a game from my youth im so nostalgic about that to this day whenever im in a particularly good mood i often find myself humming the title music from stunt race FX. Has a fun/happy/cheeky vibe to it.

  10. Huck929 says

    I know it’s only been a couple days but no one is playing online. Too bad cause it could be really fun arcade racer online

  11. levi singleton says

    I feel like rubber banding is pretty easy to prove.If you can go from dead last to first, but can't put any distance on the other cars, rubber banding!

  12. Obliviroth says

    I always have to click off these videos when I hear that intro its just cringe!

  13. Optimus Gamer says

    Just buy it !!! Simple as that its brilliant

  14. pocolashon says

    I find the Switch racing scene pretty pathetic. I don't care about these arcade looks and turtle shells flying around. I wish there were more "kind of realistic" titles. We have Grid, and that's it…. I haven't played Asphalt as the last version I played was effing ridiculous (basically 100% arcade). At this point I would even take some older NFS title. Well, the digital joycon / pro controller triggers aren't helping…

  15. P05TPWN3D says

    This game looks like crap

  16. Randy Bradley says

    Enjoying this game with the PSVR Headset on.

  17. supercommando440 says

    Cant customize controls on switch. LAME. The mappings for manual trans… LAME. Nice one Sumo. You screwd this for people who want manual trans.

  18. Chris M says

    Stunt Racer had a great soundtrack

  19. MobileDecay says

    I actually like the rubber banding. It gives me a cool challenge and didn't feel unfair.

  20. Ninten70 says

    The Virtua Racing vibes are strong with this one.

  21. MindlessAero says

    This is pretty cool I’ve been looking for a racing game like this on the switch for awhile

  22. Kevin Vo says

    I saw the option for motion controls. You're not gonna talk about that?

  23. Otaku_GameFan says

    Welcome back.And I'm interested.

  24. Pack13 says

    Opponents catching up all the time might be a deal breaker to me. Why mot get into real business and porting Need For Speed 2?

  25. Zach B says

    That Stunt Race FX music tho

  26. Wedge W says

    The Stunt Race FX music made me chuckle. Nicely done.

  27. illiac says

    Like the video. Game looks terrible.

  28. Oreskill says

    not even gonna mention the OST?

  29. The Leevoy says

    Also getting strong Crusin' USA vibes.

  30. Nada Nika says

    doctor: “you have 8 minutes and 8 seconds left to live” me:

  31. Nick Hill says

    Rubber banding I think gets a bad name. In a sim racing game, sure, rubber banding is practically a war crime unless it's being carefully/thoughtfully done as an "adaptive AI" sort of thing. For arcade racers though, I think rubber banding is almost a gameplay necessity to keep the game fun.

  32. Depressing Music says

    The last indie game I purchased was get ready. It's a long title…Mystery chronicles one way heroics.I loved how it played and just went to show don't judge a book by its cover.Because other indie games I purchased had great looking covers but were abysmal gameplay.Take a risk sometimes people!

  33. Timm8o 2.0 says

    And the soundtrack was made by waterflame!

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