1. Lanz Vasily says


  2. Samuel HMF says

    Soooo, Horizon Chase?

  3. Jorge Bola says

    Looks like "Auto Modelista"

  4. Nabre Labre says

    Ps4, noice!

  5. todd vincy says


  6. YMB 9 Shinzou says

    Upvote if you want them to add steering wheel support.How can it be an homage to all the great Sega arcade classics without letting you play with a wheel? It's the difference between me buying the game or not and we should make the devs aware of that for their sake AND ours.

  7. KeyFactory says

    Release? Spring 2020 is gone long time ago! Any news would appreciate. Even Twitter/company homepage has no news… I really don´t understand how companys are so bad in communication…

  8. Sutoraidā Hiryū says

    Lol I wouldn’t be surprised if the developer just gave Ridge Racer a skin job I’d still buy though🤣

  9. QuasarBarkas says

    This used to be called Racing Apex I swear….

  10. 来海えりか says

    Virtua Racing 32X

  11. Carpediem06 says

    Aha 32X era gaming.. Here I come

  12. D GermanWinterFox says

    When is it coming out?! Its summer time and its not in the PS4 Store!

  13. Jett Ankermann says

    I wanted this game yesterdecade. Announce the Deluxe Edition so I can Pre-order it please.

  14. The Mighty Dash says

    If this was FREE on PSplus, with it's multiplayer, it'd have millions of players, then just release cars everyy month or so at 79plike Rocket League did, sure fire winner…

  15. Evan Hilton says

    Looking forward to this one.

  16. Retro Planet says

    I have already created a Community for this game, but access is denied until the game comes out

  17. DJDanceClassic says

    I will buy it for my Switch and XBOX One!

  18. All Star says

    Soooo…. Is it out on April or May?

  19. AntiliAx says

    The game got ripped very hard since announcement a few years back.No weapons, no upgrades, no arena modes. Many people were interested in these features but now it's just a basic daytona styled arcade racer with boost mechanics.

  20. Jack .Stravinsky says

    Come on man, they couldn't do more with the graphics, it's 2020 for Christs sake!

  21. Amurillo Reno says

    Possibility for physical version existence?

  22. Bmx Rider says

    I have a question: is it going to have free multiplayer?

  23. Future Trunks says

    Cool what about cruising USA 64

  24. xtension xward says

    wait .. so the textures didnt load yet ?

  25. Paul Barnes says

    Amazing can't wait!!

  26. sonic jujcdyj says

    This game is look classic graphics

  27. Zenny TH says

    I wonder what happened to that Wii U Indie game called The 90's Arcade Racer, it was looking very polished.

  28. DT_General Zod says

    finally, split screen

  29. Nathan Taylor says

    I know Jason Heine made the music, but I think that's his voice too.

  30. Holder _ says

    Can you customise your car?

  31. Muhammad putra shah says

    Like ps1 and mobile game right

  32. Pedro Jackson says

    Free to Play ?

  33. BengeJ Uknowit says

    I would love a package of classic racers, scud race, continental circus, chase HQ, winning run, power drift, hard driving, outrun 2 etc!

  34. Pedro Henrique Nunes França says

    Tá melhor do que horizon chase 100x

  35. sms52 says

    Wow, a new arcade racer AND it's made by Sumo?! Sign me up!

  36. Aziz Ahmed says


  37. Ninjachickenfingers says


  38. Gray Fox says

    dayyyyyyyyyyyytooooooooooooonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….lets go away.

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