How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #3 – Kayaks


Please use subtitles for full effect..

Today we planned to kayak the entire length of Lake Maggiore under a 36°C sun, sleep somewhere on it’s southern shores, before continuing on the next day towards the A4 motorway, where we would desperately need a lift east to make up some valuable time, time that we would need later on for the challenges.

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Music at 33:49: coffin nails cover by Cody Wright

  1. GeoWizard says

    Folks, episode 4 will be released two weeks from now, but don't fear, instead you'll be getting Real Life Geoguessr Part 1 (blindfolded and driven to a random UK location)
    For now I hope you enjoy this slightly more peaceful episode. Remember to watch this episode with subtitles for full effect, and to check out my patreon page where there's lots going on, especially on the $6 tier!

    Thanks all!

  2. Harry Charman says

    is anyone going to talk about the fact that they're playing a traditional italian version of the song 'making plans for nigel' in the background when they find nigel at 11:30 lmaoooo
    edit : posted this before i heard them screaming the song literally 20 seconds later

  3. Leo TV says

    That Italia 90 shirt is the bee’s knees! My favourite World Cup. Need one.

  4. Paul Buxton says

    I came here for the XTC karaoke

  5. Adam Ali says

    Swan: hi lads
    Tom: fack off man

  6. TheSymster says

    @ 21:25 the dude is wearing CORONA shirt. hoooolyyyy…

  7. Tony Papas says

    Nothing like wearing a black t-shirt on a hot, sunny day……LMAO.

  8. Simon Tucker says

    i love the rap snitches instrumental you use!

  9. Christophe L says

    Anyone else singing along "rap snitches, telling all their business"?

  10. Hippie Boy73 says

    I love so much geowizard, you make me happy ❤️

  11. Scipio Africanus says

    24:0525:11 A perfect example of the invisible hand of the market.

  12. Scipio Africanus says

    32:55 Yes, but where is the fun in that? Where is the adventure, mate? It's not right if GeoWizard isn't negotiating hedgerows of knoblets or anything similar in order to make ground.

  13. James Linnane says

    Greg is a jack, he hates Cardiff

  14. Adam Warren says

    This has been one of my favourite series to watch. The natural flow and bants between the two lads as they just take whatever in their stride!

  15. Matt Twinkletoes says

    note to self: never use that annoying tune on a very, very long loop on a very long video.

  16. Goose says

    Just discovered your channel this week and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've found on Youtube. There's something about the way it's done – it's not over the top or forced, but just so funny to watch! I love the narration, some of your quips have me in stiches!

  17. Elliot says

    TJ has Corona on his shirt (21:06) lmao

  18. OSWJ says

    This channel is the greatest channel on youtube and its not even close.

  19. Baptman says

    21:28 haaaaang on, what the hell is this T-shirt though 🤯 Corona Winter Island just bfore this pandemic

  20. Luis Breva says

    7:01 the british arriving to Australia

  21. Olin says

    how is this free?

  22. theTrackSuitSlav says

    25:56 "Her youngest niece had already decided that HE wanted to be an adventurer" lmao

  23. OG OG says

    You are so lucky

  24. Knight_KillHead says

    well done lads!

  25. Rufnok says

    21:27 TJ wearing a tee with Corona on…

  26. Dan3a says

    Dankpods : "GEEEEEERTOP"

  27. Pandastic says

    21:27 corona winter island…

  28. DerNähstudent says


  29. Videokeiler says

    21:10 is the T-shirt foreshadowing something?

  30. Massive Plebs says

    7:56 that hotel was the finish point for a top gear challenge

  31. Hadens says

    34:55 that clap sync with the music tho!

  32. Laurus says

    Poor Nigel 🙁

  33. Rikullinen says

    No life vest no respect

  34. Jamie Still says

    fucking genius greg

  35. Xelina says

    What you did is absolutely awesome. great to watch it as an amazing series!

  36. Haibane says

    At 21:25 you can actually see them coming in contact with corona.

  37. Fj Fj says

    Challenge to say mate the most times in one video

  38. Simon Isenberg says

    21:28 What a weird bit of foreshadowing.

  39. SheepSheep * says

    Anyone knows more youtubers like geowizard? I like this adventurous type of content

  40. matysjov says

    At 21:26 TJ's shirt reads "Corona Winter Island" predicting 2020

  41. EvenFlow says

    Can't believe how many interesting and nice people you meet on this trip. These videos deserve millions of views.

  42. Benjamin Wilson says

    You try doing this in America and you won't get very far, sadly.

  43. flex says

    I feel so jealous of past me having had the blast of watching this series for the first time

  44. jacob fife says

    Tom: *sees a well dress middle aged man*
    Tom: Its the mafia

  45. Malcsta says

    if you did a similar series while exploring southeast asia that would fucking AMAZING

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