How Boss Music Works in Pikmin 3 Deluxe


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It’s time for another look into Pikmin, now that Pikmin 3 Deluxe has arrived! I’ll be talking about the variety of boss themes in the game, and how they respond in realtime to the ups and downs of battle. Adaptive music is quite an effective means of making your battle more engaging and cinematic!

This video does contains spoilers for Pikmin 3’s bosses, though they are revealed one at a time. And while I cover some music in Pikmin 3 Deluxe’s new mode, the Side Stories, toward the end, I do my best not to spoil what happens in that mode!

Thanks to DavoGato for scriptwriting help, and thanks to Nickolox, Sleepy, and Overlorddystroy for helping organize the music clips I used.

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  1. Scruffy says

    I've also put the two tracks I arranged for this video up on BandCamp! They're both from Pikmin 3's Mission Mode, and they really livened up my intro and outro in the video!

  2. I Lik Pancak says

    such good music to throw leafy bois to! 💃💃

  3. Noble Tohru says

    14:40 You can actually hear this cue during the fourth boss, when the bees are about to attack, though it's very quiet.

  4. Backspace ? says

    im so glad you returned to pikmin its such a great topic to watch you cover especially after 2 years

  5. Ethan Fariello says

    I would love to see you do a breakdown of DarkSouls music

  6. Captain Cat says

    Bruh how tf am I crying over a man explaining the music in this masterpiece of a game.

  7. Noah Strothers says

    man! I wanna resubscribe everytime that intro plays

  8. Icosmophedron says

    I can’t get over that perfect intro animation. I know you’ve been using it for a while now but it’s probably my favorite channel intro on the platform.

  9. Jason Depamaylo says

    10:40 “and a timpani roll; that’s cute”
    Anyone else get all warm and fuzzy when Scruffy says that and find that hella cute?
    No? Just me?
    Oh okay…

  10. FlammableBanana says

    am I the only one who wants to see more of those playing cards like the lightbulb one

  11. Ceynowa Pina says

    7:14 makes me think if Pikmin had a card game

  12. SamuelTheAdept says

    Loved how you broke down the new boss theme with its Pikmin 1 leitmotifs, it also uses some parts from the Beady Long Leg’s theme from Pikmin 1 called Impending Doom. Not to mention the intro uses the Titan Dweevil’s defeat theme.

  13. random guy on the internet says

    what if if your active captain is low on health? normaly the musik goes slower or not? so that "unused" part maybe its fot that?

  14. Peces Curauma says


  15. AspiringArtist says

    I know basically nothing about pikmin, but it was still a really interesting video to watch! 😀 Really like these game design videos

  16. The Cartridge Tilter says

    The core loop of the miniboss theme sounds like something from Star Fox. Change my mind XD

  17. The Cartridge Tilter says


  18. Dylan Rojas says

    Mario: Xylophone
    Splatoon: Guitar and Synthesizer
    Pikmin: BRASS

  19. Say sike Right now says

    I havent played pikmin 3 in at least a year but 11:40 still gave me a rush of dopamine and adrenaline

  20. stub boi says

    So it's like loz twilight princess when you stun a boss the Hyrule field kind of sound

  21. MistaKrubbz says

    Amazing video as always, Scruffy!

  22. i-win says

    My interest for adaptive audio only rises

  23. Lulin says

    21:59 hearing that melody at the end of your videos always makes me smile smm
    i haven't got to the end of the side stories yet but that new boss theme sounds amazing!
    uhh here's hoping for pikmin 4

  24. Derpybreads2 says

    You should make a vid on Paper Mario: Color Splash battle theme!

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