How Realistic is Sim Racing?


The quality of sim racing software and hardware is improving at a rapid rate, and aside from not being able to feel all of the motion of a real-life car, sim racing is one of the closest to real-life, of all the gaming options out there.

So, how close is sim racing to the real-world, what are the differences and if you’re fast in a sim, will you be fast in a real-world car?

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I’m Scott Mansell from Driver61, and if you’re new to the channel I’m a real-world racer and coach. Over the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve been getting deeper into sim racing, which I absolutely love. I see it as a supplement to real-world driving, and I believe the cross-over between the two is going to get much deeper going forward.

Thank you to Chris Haye for lending me his beautiful footage. Check out his sim racing channel here:

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  1. Driver61 says

    What's your favourite sim and why?➤ Subscribe or I'll get you, T1 Monza:

  2. gasixteenb11 says

    If you want immersion on sim then Helmet view in ACC on ps4 is exactly what will work.

  3. gasixteenb11 says

    Assetto Corsa Competizione on ps4 and rfactor on PC.

  4. gasixteenb11 says

    Scott thanks for your video. Is it to much for me to request that you get a seat in DTM or Super GT please.

  5. Mr D M says

    i'n no expert you feel no g forces.. which can be extremely intense

  6. Dantes creative mind says

    Since 2003 I've been saying no other E-sport will emulate reality more than sim racing, and it's been a constant evolution for the last 2 decades. The force feedback wheel changed everything, the VR headset has taken it to another level, and the motion rig will take it a step further. Once you have all 3 accessible at a price the masses can purchase, the sim racing experience will be complete. All 3 elements will improve and evolve to an extent that, the skills you learn and practice in sim racing will be directly transferable to the real world.

  7. petef15 says

    You should stick some level of low pass filter on your voice to get rid of all the slobbery sounds

  8. Daniel Hackett says

    Relation to Nigel?

  9. dbrtomusa says

    Nice 10 minute video… lol

  10. MJR7617 Gaming says

    Hate to say it but the best racing experience is in the cockpit of a real car

  11. Kvng Jdm says

    I just copped a g920 and when i started i must say it doesnt give the same feel steering wise as a real car which i expected but expected some sort of realism that i didnt feel …. for example i own a 04 wrx and i drove a 04 wrx in forza horizon 3 and 4 on sim style mode and the steering the handling didnt feel as heavy as in rl i think the biggest problem for me with it is i was expecting too much

  12. Javier Yeo says

    Sooner or later, Sim Racing is the new fortnite.

  13. Jamie Harper says

    why is ur mouth so wet ?

  14. blue circle man says

    wait til this guy gets a motion platform

  15. Ivorito says

    sim is very distinctive from real driving, you will always notice the sound and the vibration, very different! though it helped me to drive faster

  16. james gumption says

    I run with bass transducers and vr. When I missed a corner and new I was about to hit the wall my body released adrenaline into my system.

  17. inax says

    7:38project cars 2 wants to know your location

  18. AMD FX says

    Idk why they prefer Gran Turismo Sport than Forza Motorsport 7! Why!?

  19. W8_White says


  20. Martin Kohoutek says

    Great video!

  21. Gamingnigel says

    Kut stem lol

  22. Loki Beckons says

    great video man, thanks

  23. BinsLeid 1980 says

    1 point. You can died in a car.

  24. Koragh says

    Shouldnt f1 racers play f1 games^

  25. Gonzalo Carvajal says

    Love it

  26. Érico Schmitt says

    A flight simulator like Condor 2 for sailplanes can certainly be considered an Esport! It’s made for online racing, accepts VR and cockpit replicas. The physics and weather dynamics are fantastic as well. Championships are regularly run on it. Only the graphics are a bit outdated. Many professional pilots use it for practicing.

  27. Rumburack says

    about 15 years ago i bought a steering wheel and pedals for my pc, i was totally confused, because my eyes saw something that my body did not experience, despite having a steering wheel in my hand, i was unable to develop a feel for speed and handling

  28. chuck guerin says


  29. In case you missed it says

    Wheres the random red arrow in the thumbnail?

  30. Locosiap 41 says

    Well for startesrs the real world does not run at 24fps. So before you another video about sim racing you should fix that

  31. Sim Addiction says

    I think there is just too much difference between sims (games) and real life to even make a comparison outside of getting track knowledge. There is just too much that you can't feel in a sim…then there is the lack of fear which leads to the "tool" factor in races.

  32. EduGamePlayPT says

    In scale 1 to 10 i said 5.

  33. Jari Sipilainen says

    in sim world you slow down to keep car in track. in real world you go faster till point in not secure anymore. diff things

  34. Enyo Silva says

    I get headaches when i drive with VR

  35. Altek says

    All i know is countless hours playing Dirt Rally 1 and 2 prepared me for when an a-hole braked out of nowhere on the highway. I slammed the brakes, inadvertently locking up my wheels on my old beater, and at the perfect time, let go, cut the wheel and avoided hitting the person. It was instinctual almost, and i literally owe it all to sim racers.

  36. Sébastien Carron says

    Not real at all. Why? It is a simulation.

  37. JTO! Gaming says

    i wont play a sim without VR now, it is night and day, cant wait till the visuals improve, even half way 🙂

  38. Pinnhead says

    After VR there is no way goin back.

  39. Icarus FPV says

    Genius look into the subject. ! A read below about brain injuries, been there done that x 16 times. Died 3 months ago.. Sim racing for me now that my limbs listen to the boss "brain commands" Great video man, keep it up!!

  40. Junior Locomotive says

    For me, without feeling when the rear breaks loose, can b a problem when pushing the envelop. Totally unqualified opinion from me.

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