How to Choose a Computer for Architecture


A guide to choosing the best computers for architecture. Whether you’re a student, pro, or in a related discipline, this video will walk you through my methodology and selection criteria. I discuss in detail:
– Laptops vs. Desktop Systems
– Mac vs. Windows
– Software (commonly used and requirements)
– Hardware: CPU, Graphics Cards, Monitors
Along with this, you’ll see why I chose the system I did and what it means to my architecture practice. A truly behind-the-scenes look at my architecture practice.

// GEAR I USE //
*2017 Apple iMac:

*Mavic Pro by DJI:

* Canon 80D:

* Canon 24mm f2.8 Lens:
* Canon 40mm f2.8 Lens:
* Canon 10 – 18mm f4.5 – 5.6 IS Lens:

* Rode VideoMic Pro (hotshoe mtd.):
* ATR-2100 USB (dynamic mic):

* Prismacolor Markers:
* Timelapse Camera:
* AutoCAD LT:
* SketchUp PRO:
* HP T120 Plotter:
* Adobe CC Photography (Photoshop/Lightroom) Plan:

* Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit:

Please watch: “Making a Site Model – The Outpost Project”


  1. lasarith2 says

    1:23 ah the days when laptops came with a dvd drive.

  2. da ne says

    I am a hobbyist drafter not architect.

  3. Miguel Guevarra says

    Can someone help me to choose between i7- gtx1650ti vs i5- rtx2060 or i7- gtx1060 . I'm an Architecture student.

  4. do it says

    Hi Eric! I know this is pretty late, but some of my friends have been telling me to get asus Zen Book duo UX481. I was hoping if you had any thoughts towards it! Thank you!

  5. Francisco Hernandez says

    I’m planing to become a architecture, but is Alien laptop that meant for gaming ok to be used for different purposes

  6. marco sanchez says

    great video!

  7. Sami Haddad says

    Interested talk…

  8. Thiha says

    Would you recommend the macbook pro 13" for architecture student?

  9. Alvaro Iparraguirre Fernandez says

    Really good video!! Thanks

  10. uncle sim says

    pro tip…buy gaming hardware…just with more could never go wrong..serious 3D work eats into ram like butter

  11. Surya Kiran Vanapalli says

    Hello!(He asked only to say hello.)

  12. v v says

    Best computer for architects: the one that doesnt suddenly become slower when it's deadline…

  13. Raghav 1701 says

    Could you please update the " i " button for the best laptops in 2020? Btw, the content was too good and useful. Thank you so much!

  14. hoàng trung dũng says

    Macbook pro can use good for 3dmax ? I want buy MacBook pro for my jod. Thanks

  15. Ugo_King_ 82 says

    Alienwere really, i think you should also mentioned the razer blade.

  16. HaveADecent Name says

    Thank you!

  17. Henry Jr says

    So far the best Architecture channel I've come across … I'm glad it was worth my time…I'm an upcoming architect and this channel has really helped me… keep up with the great content .

  18. Henry Jr says

    So far the best Architecture channel I've come across … I'm glad it was worth my time…I'm an upcoming architect and this channel has really helped me… keep up with the great content .

  19. David Velazquez says


  20. Surya Kiran Vanapalli says

    I'm actually looking forward to buy a new laptop for my architecture studies. And this informative video is so comprehensive. May God bless you, sir.

  21. Audrey White says

    Has anyone tried a surface book for architecture?

  22. Marco Forte says

    Hello, if I can add a reason why I choosed mac for my office ? The entire office space looks nicer, and this impression of order and a little bit of luxury, help me in my work to get new contracts.

  23. Alessandro Ricciutelli says

    Never buy a dell inspiron. They come always with some problem and the assistance is one of the worst thing i had to endure in my life. Also, every 2-3 years it needs thermal paste change and software refresh. If i could go back i would never buy a Dell again, worst pc experience of my life.

  24. Jiren Chen says

    Unless you choose to become a BIM user

  25. Stuart Yules says

    I’m a fashion designer and I use a wide array of CAD packages in my workflow (including structural modeling tools for my sets) so I was super intrigued to see the set-up that architecture requires. I have to say, this is one of the most underrated tech explanations/breakdowns I’ve ever seen on YouTube. You didn’t just cover what is most useful for architects, you presented straight forward, accurate, very accessible advice on what to look for when choosing a computer for ANY creative workflow. You covered everything – brilliantly! Ten out of ten from me Sir.

  26. Ralph Fuerte says

    thanks, that was very helpful… God Bless!

  27. 국내최저가 구매가능 어플 핸드폰가게 says

    영상 잘봤어요. 구독과 좋아요 눌렀어요.핸드폰가게 영상도 보러 와주세요^^가까운 동네에서도 핸드폰 최저가구매가능 어플 "핸드폰가게"

  28. Ochika David Okai says

    Very helpful hints for choosing computers for architecture.

  29. Alex Trejo says

    Bro, thanks so much! You can help me

  30. max Sturman says

    Excellent presentation and analysis of different tools. Your videos indicate a high level of thinking, yet are presented to us in a clear and concise manner – making it easy to grasp your understanding of all facets of quality Architecture.  Thank you.

  31. tulakan w says

    Love your vdo i m architect from Thailand

  32. Syed Jasim says

    Great Video….learnt a lot

  33. faumir cabrera says


  34. Robert Daniel says

    hello sir, a really nice content!i have some question, hope you or everybody here can help me with a suggestionI mostly using sketchup and vray only for my interior design work, and im think about switching to 2015 macbook pro from my asus n580, its sketchup and vray working good in mac os? Thankyou!

  35. Tammi Horseherder says

    Just gotta say your videos are awesome and helpful 🙂 Thanks

  36. Morgan Whitford says

    I have been using Auto Cad for some time now u recommend me trying other software.. just want opinion

  37. IIIMAGINE .COM says

    please update video, would love to here your suggestions

  38. Dulce Lopez says

    Thanks for the detailed information. It sure helped me get into the direction that is best for my needs.

  39. Rahul Uikey says

    Sir, do you have architecture firm, or you only work solo.

  40. Alejandro Pacheco says

    Hello great videos

  41. toadamine says

    Apple keyboards are the worst! Like they're made for aliens who don't type.

  42. nutshopsquirrel says

    Excellent Content! Very down to earth and concise!

  43. ARSHAD S.F says

    Hello brwI'm a interior designer. I think this time to buy a laptop for my professional use. I'm mainly use 3ds max, autocad and photoshop these softwares. Pls to refer some models brw

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    Thank you!

  45. Bhawesh kumar singh says

    great content buddy..!

  46. OdiPanda says

    If you want a simple advice : never buy apple.

  47. caroline says

    thanks!! i’m preparing to buy a laptop for architecture school (after creating my portfolio killed my basic specs macbook pro) and this was super helpful

  48. StarDustHolder says

    Hi all MUJI A5 DOUBLE RING sketch books are dotted grid.Can you send me the link where can i purchase exact sketchbooks that you use? plain paper..cheers

  49. Rasik Bagesar says

    Hello…!??i liked u r video very informative thanku

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