1. Trong Gaming says

    If successful, please give me 1 like and subscribe 🤷‍♂️

  2. Harry Hoang says

    I’m vietnemese too

  3. Mahdi Sharifi says

    U said Marco the whole time 😂

  4. Dũng Trần says

    Ghê nhờ

  5. Jaxon Death1 says

    You create three buttons extra at fire button it be faster

  6. carti says

    or just hold the feed button, it’s faster than this

  7. Camilo YT says

    Macro!!! Not marco

  8. Martin Medina says

    What do you mean click the home button

  9. Zurk IOS says

    Everyone knows this tactic

  10. Ramie says

    Cái này thà click tay còn hơn :v

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