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Eight secrets to grow 100 plus mound wheat per acre
How to get better wheat yield. See my personal experiences in this video.
Wheat cultivation in Pakistan is a major agriculture crop, nearly 70% farmers grow wheat in Pakistan but unfortunately our per acre yield is very low. See this program to get 100 plus mound per acre wheat yield.
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  1. Ehsan Ullah says

    Dear Sir
    With due respect, i am your viewer and really appreciate your efforts which you are doing. Sir i belong to a farmer family from tehsil bhowana, sir this year first time i am going to start cultivation by self before this it is managed by family. Sir i want support from your experience and knowledge, please guide me, i want some useful detail literature material which can be helpful for me to understand and how we can improve our agriculture practices to increase our production. i shall be very thankful to you for this kind favor.

  2. Sajawal Hassan says

    اسلام علیکم خافظ صاحب آپ نے یہ نہیں بتایا کے گندم کو پہلے پانی میں کون سی کھاد دیں اور دوسرے پانی میں آپ یہ بتا دیں مہربانی ہو گی جناب

  3. muhammad kamran says

    Zinc ko phosphorus sath kab aur keasy istamal Karin , kun k zinc phosphate , phosphorus ki efficiency Kam karta hi, plz reply

  4. Taha Rehman says

    Sir….u r our best asset in Pakistan…..
    Aik sawal b hai sir….nitrogen ka ap ne clear bta dia. potash kb aur kitna dena hai

  5. ali aamir says

    mashallah sir huge respect

  6. Amjad Ali says

    ALLAHA pak ap ko khush rakhe Pakistan ko ap jese ala zaraf logon ki zaroorat hei dua gu amjad ali

  7. Rehan Khan says

    Sir I am interested in Hydroponic system, wishing to attend some training workshop, what about SEEDs, how could we purchase or prepare its seeds / chemicals etc. etc. ……. I will be very much thankful to you…….

  8. Shakeel Ch says

    Nice information. Thanks sir

  9. Imran Anjum says

    Slam o alaikum sir
    Please sir dobara bta dain k humic acid and phosphoric acid kub aor kitna dena chay

  10. Asghar Khan says

    ماشااللہ جی کافی اچھی معلومات ہیں آپکی مجھے آپ کی باتوں سے یہ سمجھ آئی کہ آپ گندم کے بارے میں کچھ بات چیت کررہے تھے مگر یہ نہیں پتاچلا کیابات کررہے تھے

  11. Muhammad Hussain says

    انگلش کے الفاظ استعمال نا کرو

  12. Muhammad Hussain says


  13. Asad khan says


  14. Zulfiqar Ali says

    apna nmb bhajo

  15. TheBest says

    chacha g yeh sary acids kahan sy lain hamry elako m toh nhi milty sindh mei hum apki baat samjh gaye hain lodging nhi honey di anyhow or woh hoti hi hamry urea dene sy hai hamesha hawa gira deti hy usko or jo chotay kaad ki gandum beej hoti hy wo zyda utarti he yeh hamra tajruba hy . is hal mei bhi humari zameen 50 60maund tak deti hy matlb tareka humra galat hy zameen or mausam achy hain hum pakistani bewakof log hen. rahi baat beej drill karne ki toh woh hum 50kg chata e karty hain or rahengy i think, ap kisan news pe ek or bhi video upload karen humri sindh mei sary log wheat or cotton hi kasht karty hain har saal . ap koi esi munafa baksh faslen batyen routinely jo humy achy paisy de hum to 1000 acer k grower hain or hum saal m kharcha or labour ka paisa nekal ky or agli fasal k kasht karne k paisy nekal k fee acer 50 hazar sy zyda munafa nahi ley pata…… yaa.. toh hum agriculture ka pura potential istemal nhi karhy dehtaon my like growing animal and etc business with growing crops

  16. Waqar Ali Tayyab says

    جناب بارانی زمین گندم کی زیادہ پیداوار کے لئے بھی کچھ بتائیں۔۔۔

  17. Muhammad Anwar says

    کیا ڈرل کے بعد پانی کب دیں

  18. Mubashar Baig says

    gandam ka rate kia ha ? fee man

  19. Sajjad Chishti says

    Thankyou very informative

  20. Roshan Rajar says

    Sir umicacid kitni use karni h KB use karni h ek acar m

  21. Iftikhaar Ahmad says


  22. Awais Kamoka says


  23. Babar Ali says

    سر آپ سے گزارش ہے کہ آپ انگلش کے الفاظ نا بولا کریں کسان perty لکھے نہی ہوتے

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