How To Hide Any Kind Of File/video On Your Computer! Windows 7/8


This is a Video on how to hide any kind of file you want on your desktop

Intro Music… Cant stop Wont stop – Up and Away

Code to hide the file…
@echo off
attrib +h +s FILE NAME GOES HERE
Code to un-hide file
@echo off
attrib -h -s FILE NAME GOES HERE
Code to open the file with a password

@echo off
color 0a
echo Enter Password
set /p ui=
if %ui%==%pass% (goto A)
echo wrong password

  1. Joycelyn Roe says

    thx . . also for more nice and useful features, google for Folderchanger

  2. kanchan kalekar says

    its not working u changed the file type into something else and changed it back again this is fake please dont make any of these videos again

  3. Jayden H Piano says

    i heard u can change the file type into something else and change it back somehow,

  4. ladamyre says

    Don't use this to hide files from law enforcement folks. All they have to do is use folder options to show hidden files and they're in, your password will be bypassed.

  5. Tips & Tricks says

    Good tutorial, I have shown how to hide without any app on Android.

  6. sanjana guha says

    good tutorial

  7. TewPaqs says

    thanks man! liked and subbed!

  8. Nazty Nida says

    Thanks bro….. Converter Video?

  9. Baby The Boss says

    Thanks Bro

  10. Priyanka Banerjee says

    thank u so muchThank You So MuchFor The Wonderful thingI Really Loved It.I Will Always Keep It With Me.I Appreciate You for this.. 🙂

  11. Being digital says

    thanx bro

  12. Alex Igbax says

    i could recommend that you copy the '.bat ' file and bury it in other folders then hide it the traditional way. plus try to delete your 'recent place' folder often.

  13. Alex Igbax says

    thanks so much ,,, you are a genius.. i want to know everything you know. Keep up the Good work. i want to be just like you when i grow up.

  14. Haider Iqbal says

    thanks soooo much my brother cant touch my stuff

  15. I Like Things says

    Thanks!! Awesome!! Now can't My brother play My games anymore!!

  16. shafi jerry says

    if I enter the wrong password then or if forgot the password then what do I do

  17. shafi jerry says

    if I enter the wrong password then or if forgot the password then what do I do

  18. JIJO JIJOV says

    This is working for the Gui but when you search for the folder thru the cmd or PowerShell you can access it without any issues and list all its content..

  19. Will Tolbert says

    code didn't work for me

  20. Philumptuous says

    Now just don't open the batch file and look at the password…

  21. Chetan Indurkar says

    What if someone deletes that .bat fileHow do I access the hidden files???

  22. Vince Engalan says

    this hide vid of yours hid my other files now i can,t find them i need your help ASAP!!!

  23. Vince Engalan says

    how do you undo this thing need your reply asap

  24. Avtar says

    Waiting for another video…..

  25. Hunj Network says

    Yeah i just put them in the description

  26. Avtar says

    Good Video, just copy paste the code in the description to make it easy!!

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