How to Make a Crochet Ball Tutorial – Amigurumi Extended Technical Knitting Computer Support


Learning Education Teaching How to Make a Crochet Ball Tutorial – Amigurumi Extended Slow Motion English Subtitles Translation Technical Knitting Computer Support

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Right Hand Crochet
Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Triple Crochet – Simple Crochet

Crochet Circle – Simple Crochet

Foundation Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Foundation Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Foundation Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Crochet
Left Hand Slip Knot – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Crochet Chain – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Triple Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

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  1. Tiffany Snodgrass says

    I get the idea but its hard for me to see where im putting the hook in and stuff like u say go through this chain or that its hard to find them it all blends in 😭

  2. maxspy says

    Im confusing , u didnt tell us increase by how many stitches on each level , u kept on2 counting 1 2 3… 29, 30…

  3. Даниел Ницов says

    Thats perfect video, thank you so much!❤

  4. Vineeta Andrews says

    Its so very easy…thank you so much for making it so easy to understand

  5. Danette Trostle says


  6. TOOM TOOM says


  7. Johnny Fizz says

    I've been doing crochet for over 20 years now and I'm 30. I have no idea why you keep saying individual and increase on round 4 of this but it looks like ur doing the exact same stitch every single time and just saying individual and increase for the hell of it lol AM I WRONG? it's the exact same stitch to me? I keep rewatching and see NO difference between any of the stitches your giving 2 names too which is kind of confusing. Correct me if I am wrong. This is why my OCD drives me crazy and projects take me decades lol

  8. Jeff Robin says

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have been looking for an understandable tutorial for making a ball and I was very happy with the results and the rest will improve as I learn more since I am very much a beginner!!

  9. Jenna Brooks says

    I give up. This is crazy

  10. Petro Taljaard says

    Thank you. Easy to follow!

  11. Jayne Stagg says


  12. Mishi MI says

    Awesome very easy to follow!! Thank You Very Much!!

  13. booobiesss says

    How long did it take. A couple of hours or like a day

  14. Enedina Cruz Perez says


  15. coach karthi says

    super what price this ball.

  16. Francine Silver says

    This is an excellent video for beginners, but you need to know how to single crochet, increase & decrease first. See other videos. This is not a video to teach you how to crochet, just make a ball!

  17. Torres Leyba says

    Just made my first ball! Thank you – going to write down this pattern for repeat projects – should be really popular and fun to do! Appreciate your tutorial, thanks again!

  18. Rekha Acharya says

    I tried this and it was sooooo easy😍

  19. Tonya Hanagriff says

    this is a very crappy tutorial i couldnt get pass the first 30 seconds of it

  20. Makayla Shaw says

    Its really fast and i dont want to go through all of your beginner if i dont know something

  21. Ariel Ferguson says

    Great tutorial!

  22. Shanta Hsieh says

    I've found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think

  23. Heidi Lyberg says

    I am a Very seasoned crocheter I have been crocheting since I was 5 and I'm near 50 this video was extremely hard to follow and she didn't explain her next move she didn't explain how many times you're supposed to single crochet and then go into double crochets or anything so I don't think I'll recommend this video. Maybe putting up a card with demonstrations?

  24. Rhrhfhbbr Brbdbdbd says

    This wasn’t helpful at all, all it did was make me mad you go way to fast this video sucks and the slow motion didn’t help at all

  25. Ellie Chalfant says

    you're a really good crocheter (spelling?), but this was really hard to understand, probably cuz I suck at crocheting

  26. Zelicroches says

    fico lindo

  27. Aaliyah says

    Mine didnt turn out very good 😂
    I kept messing up and getting pissed

  28. Alice Foxwhite says

    I have reached a whole new level of confusion. I can't even make it through the first minute..

  29. Gaby Backes says

    Um, did anyone else get a giant hole in the top while doing there's?

  30. Pilar Bardina says

    This is realy hard but I did it!😂

  31. Tammy Tank says

    these comments are very frustrating to me.  I learned to crochet through videos and just looking at any amigurumi I was able to tell that this was above my skill level. if you don't know what a single crochet is or what it means to increase or decrease or basically anything she's saying then you should go find some other videos that are easier projects. one of my favorite people to learn from is Melanie Ham.
    as for this video, I think she's very clear and liked it a lot. thank  you for taking the time to do this for people like me who are trying to branch out in the crochet world.

    so much negativity in the world, such a shame.

  32. Trista Schulz says

    you don't tell us what stich is what….. increase? I don't know how many time I'm suppose to increase or what ever your saying

  33. TheCraftyRedOwl says

    I like your hook cover how did you make them stay on i got some grips and they were to big

  34. tina mccartney says

    the slow motion is KILLING me! ugh…

  35. brandon coon says

    Could u make the ball bigger if u wanted it to be bigger?

  36. Half a Nobleman says

    Fucking hell. Im a guy who wants to create something neat for his crush's birthday (alongside some manga) but goddammit I'm untalented. Well, goodbye sleep, I didnt need you anyway!

  37. Alan says

    this was easy help full i understood every process email me @ and if you want ill show you the ball

  38. Teresa Da Silva says

    podia ser explicado em português

  39. Dana Sterritt says

    if you get super confused, then watch Bella coco's video on how to make a flat circle. It will help you understand better. I understood all of this and found it very helpful.

  40. Ian Laithwaite says

    Is this supposed to be a tutorial? I think not!

  41. sonia campbell says

    crochet granny square

  42. Lal Ruatkimi says

    still stuck in the round 1

  43. Lt. Lion says

    i had a pattern where you crochet around a2 styrofoam balls.then put them together to make a you know where i can get a pattern like that i looked all over

  44. Erli Roque says

    estou gostando muito amor crochê

  45. للبنات فقط says


  46. rea says

    Super helpful thank you!👍🏼

  47. Anthony Miller says

    this is like a hacky sack

  48. Miiukimations says

    icredebly unusefull

  49. Deborah Afam says

    Thanks. It really helped.You should try and make an amigurumi octopus

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