How to make the Foundation Single Crochet beginner Free Technical Knitting Computer Support Library


Learning Education Teaching How to make the Foundation Single Crochet beginner Free Online Technical Knitting Computer Support Library
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  1. Kim Rodriguez says

    Beautiful result.

  2. Leola Cole says

    This is the best I have found yet. I love it. Now I can do the Foundation chain. Thank You.

  3. Daughter of The King says

    I notice you pull the yarn up on the foundation chain side as to not get a tight foundation chain and a extra loose top chain. I'm glad I was able to see that because I ALWAYS have trouble with that and you know it results in a nasty looking foundation chain. Yours is the first video I have been able to see that and I always wondered how the others made it look so even and not like a banana. 👏👍😀

  4. wrgtb says

    Best tutorial on this I've seen.

  5. Vivian K. says

    Thank you! Super clear and easy to follow. I got it on the first watch-through.

  6. tamraj21601 says

    This is the best tutorial for the foundation single crochet. I have looked at a bunch, and either they weren't close enough, or the yarn was too dark, or they didn't show from multiple angles. Thank you, thank you!!! I finally got it!

  7. Terri Plucker says

    You did a GREAT job explaining and showing. Thank you very much!

  8. SD SLAYTON says

    She's going too fast,I can't seem to get it.

  9. Maria Gambino says

    After you finish the foundation chain do you turn over you work? Which side do you begin to crochet top or bottom?

  10. Mary Bryant says

    This video is the only way I could figure out how to foundation chain, thank you for the great tutorial!

  11. Cats only says

    I do the same stitching but a slightly different version. So nice for edges of hats, gloves and scarves, and blankets, etc. Not a tight band that feels stiff! Thank you for sharing, even though it's been many years since the upload.

  12. Ida Cohen says

    While I am having difficulty, it is not the fault of this tutorial. It is difficult inserting the hook, finding that two loops.

  13. impossibletimelord says

    Seeing this in slow motion really helped. I had no problem with foundation half double crochet but with this one I was really stuck. Thank-you so very much.

  14. Rajashree Shelar says

    easy to make, so nice
    thank you

  15. Jeremiah Faux-official says

    May I link your video in a pattern I am writing for those who may not know this technique? (I refuse to make my own videos, I hate my voice lol)

  16. Robin Woods says

    I like this instructional video. It is very helpful.

  17. Christina Reidy says

    I created a daily yarn deals group on Facebook called Yarn Siren. Come by and check it out:

  18. Jeannette Maitles says


  19. Carolyn Baesler says

    This one is good. But then I follow you so I like your videos Now I also know how to count how many I am doing. Now I like this stitch. Thanks

  20. A Maz says

    Thank you! Very clear

  21. Derie Tohkubbi says

    What size was the hook you were using in this tutorial? This was very clear and concise. I had no problem understanding what you were teaching. You are my "go to" when I look for videos on crochet stitches! Thank you!

  22. dmarie1184 says

    I had been so frustrated with other videos but this one actually makes sense! I almost gave up before. Thank you!

  23. Smiths says

    That slow motion is absolulely wonderful. Thanks!

  24. Suzanne Passow says

    Simple, easy to understand, easy to see everything – perfect demonstration! Thank you!

  25. Allison M says

    Using this stitch to make some dragon wings for a Toothless doll, and it took me the longest time to figure out that this was a separate stitch from anything I knew how to do. This is an incredibly clever little stitch, and I'm going to be using it in more of my projects. Thanks!

  26. Christina Moss says

    Thank you. Best video yet. Slow, concise and close enough that I can see exactly what you are doing. Thanks.

  27. Tamara Jazwinski says

    After reading several tutorials – this one finally worked! Thank you.

  28. Jessica Sorensen says

    This is the best fsc video I've found. on the others I can't see where to put the hook, but you make it so clear. Thank you for the video!

  29. Donna Day says

    This one is not working for me.

  30. Wickedgamer703 says

    Ok I am not ready for this yet …. lol

  31. Kristy Barreto says

    After trying to follow some other tutorials I was about ready to give up. You're video was so easy and clear to follow. Thank you so much!

  32. Brima van Niekerk says

    Thank you for very clear video; you have made it easier than the printed instructions.

  33. noumine says

    Soo clearly illustrated! Thanks!

  34. Lynn Torres says

    This. video is AMAZING. So easy to follow along and easy to actually see EXACTLY where to put the hook.  This made my potholder project  so much easier and a lot more fun!  Thank you tons!!!!

  35. R SR says

    Very Helpful, Thank you.  I also like the way you hold your yarn.  I've been trying to do it like that and I just can't.

  36. Phyllis Smith says

    Thank you for this excellent video. The repetition is so very helpful to me, as is the slow-motion segment. I feel confident now that I will be able to enjoy doing FSC's, and have a prettier, easier-to-work-with foundation chain!! Awesome!!

  37. ElizabethAnn625 says

    I love how you made this video!  Very easy to understand. Thanks so much!

  38. john mcdonald says

    i am learning to crochet this foundation can be use for most crochet patter? i am used to the way i was showed

  39. Mattice Holden says

    this was the most helpful video on chainless foundation stitch! Thanks

  40. Bonnie Konjevich says


  41. righteousness31 says

    The stitches don't look as smooth as some of the other videos and their technique is a little different., but it is precise and that is good.

  42. marwa atef says

    thank you

  43. Kimberly says

    This video was really helpful, thanks!

  44. mimi smith says

    this is a wonderful lesson for me. I cant thank you enough.. I always chain as pattern calls for then do the sc, dc ect. it seems that its so tight that first row and no matter what I do, I just cant get it correct.  but this way.. I am so thrilled to learn this and if you where  id give you a big hug!!

  45. Murri Ingertson says

    I have tried several other  video. Your's by far the best. I liked the slow motion. It really helped to see what you were doing. Thanks!

  46. Jennifer Cawley says

    This has to be the clearest instruction for the foundation in single crochet. Saves so much time! Thank you for the video, it really is appreciated!

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