How to program iOS applications in Windows


UPDATED Download link:
Special thanks to JailRUS for locating the directory!
For all having issues with 4.5, please watch my update video!

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to develop iOS applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, using the OpenPlug Flex Cross Compiler.

If you wish to sign and sell your applications on the app store you need to purchase an Apple Developer License for $99.

Please direct any questions about OpenPlug to their forum if your question goes unanswered in the comments below.

Please note jailbreaking methods may vary depending on your device and the firmware you are running on.

  1. Youichi Kitajima says

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  2. Astfresser says

    does this work 2015?

  3. jumpyjibely says

    please do tutorials on making mobile games with open plug it would really help.

  4. jumpyjibely says

    does this also work for ipad mini because all I could see on the list was apple ipad.

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  6. Red Star says

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  9. Nanof Urbiznis says

    We need to purchase the license for putting the app for sale, but what about ads? Do I need to purchase anything to put ads on my apps? Or will Apple hog all the ad revenue to themselves?

  10. Frank Vincent Valenzuela says

    hey man can you upload the oneplug software installer to your website.. the link is dead please upload it to your webiste many thanks in advance

  11. Sangita Maharjan says

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  12. Anna Hester says

    I want to make an app. If I learn C # and follow this video do you think a can make one? What would you suggest?

  13. iTechy21 says

    Oh my god thank you so much developing for iOS 3

  14. CMD619 says

    What's the best (cheapest) method for developing iOS apps, that you intend to use for commercial use, on Windows? The Adobe Flash Builder you used said for non-commercial use.

  15. Utkarsh Pateriya says

    will it work with ios 7 ???

  16. Marrelicious says

    Hay man, i just wanna know, if this software still exists, are there any alternatives, and can this be hooked up to a DB 

  17. Kevin Coomber says

    hahaha you can buy this domain name.

  18. Are says

    answer your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Are says

    where is open plug, the new link doesnt even work, now what do i do

  20. Anders Larsson says

    Openplug is dead, please remove this video to stop wasting everybodys time!

  21. Factrocks says

    The AIR to iOS compiler works great 🙂

  22. Factrocks says

    Hey everyone. Openplug is dead, and unfortunately there is no free ios windows compiler alternative. I recommend using a free windows ios development tool such as unity or corona sdk and borrowing a friends mac to compile to device. I've spent the last three years looking for a good, completely free alternative for you guys, and when I finally find a really good one, I'll make an update tutorial.

  23. BawsAnimations says

    thats ur internet's fault

  24. BawsAnimations says

    The link isnt working

  25. overdoozedj says

    the official LINK : :–developer openplug com-releases-stable-3_0_5_42-145-OPENPLUG_STUDIO_3_0_5_42-145.exe ————DEAD !!!!!!!!!

  26. overdoozedj says

    you're ALL NEW link is ALLREADY DEAD ! :'(

  27. overdoozedj says

    where to find it ? i can't find "open plug" ……

  28. Jailbreaker0110 says


  29. TheawesomeFatman says

    i did what u said and tried to download adobe flash player 4. it said 1 DAY TO DOWNLOAD A 246MB FILE?!?! whats up w/ that? plz reply man i need to know a good software to make apps on!

  30. MakaAlbarn20112012 says

    you're link for ELIPS is dead it first says the site is unsafe and either go back to safety or proceed anyway and when you click proceed anyway it says that the the "404 error link not found" can you please put up a new link or send me a new link thank you! 🙂

  31. dennisdennyAZ says

    Hey man, the link seems to be dead and the whole OpenPlug site is down too. Do you see a chance to share the product with us? Would be great..:)

  32. malkinky says

    yhe link is dead!

  33. Fakhri Ashour says

    if you're a beginner you and wanna Learn how to develop apps
    check out this website

  34. Exopandora says

    do a tutorial about all the ios stuff

  35. MrMinecraftStudio001 says

    the openplug elips studio looks like eclipse for java. i like it.

  36. MultiTECH Information says

    how can i download openplug

  37. Nametaker08 says

    Is it still possible to publish the finished app to the app market or can it only be put on your own device, like the above method showed?


  38. Factrocks says

    Hey everyone! I just want to let you guys know I have an updated tutorial in the pipeline! No ETA yet, but if you guys have any advice for improvement please let me know!

  39. simmeringunderground says

    in open plug, is there an object similar to data entry such as a string or numerical? Also is there an object that you can place in the app that will execute a video file?

  40. Nick Garver says

    Inbox me for the new link

  41. Nick Garver says


  42. Moein Mobini says

    can u pls update u r link for openplug i really cant find it anywhere thank you

  43. pizzamanssssssss says

    Who wants a fucking ad on there app

  44. Niklas Penishead says

    Omg you are a god ^^

  45. Aris says

    I can't find elips studio

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