1. Leticia Herrera says

    You guys are so cute together! 💍

  2. Leticia Herrera says


  3. Kimya Knls says

    4:00 nice dress

  4. Abigail Lindsy says

    I just purchased the blessed tie dye shirt and I’m going to pair it up with biker shorts 👐🏾

  5. Yuky Channel 1 says

    Supper cute couple love fashion nova ❤😍😍❤❤

  6. Jasleen Lopez says


  7. Janessa Gutierrez says

    Jayden 😂🥰

  8. Lidia Garcia says

    Love all the outfits tbh but I really love how the second one looks, the way Sylvia styled a men’s shirt for herself, so creative ✨ and then my other favorite is the brown I can totally picture a date night 😍

  9. Dulce Ramona says

    Quarantine yet still looking 👌🏼😍 hope you guys are doing good we love you Perez Family and you guys are cared for so much take care of the babiesssss 🦠🚫

  10. Dulce Ramona says

    Dang Sylvia looks bomb af😍🔥

  11. Chelsea Mendoza says

    Honestly the cutest family and couple👨‍👩‍👦👫🤰🏻and Im so excited for the baby on the way too may God bless your family ❤️

  12. Ashley Cardona says

    Love the nude dress on you 😍

  13. Joanna Mejia says

    You guys are so cute

  14. Mayra Santillan says

    So beautiful😍

  15. Alexa Gomez says

    Love them all 😍

  16. Stephanie Guerva says

    I agree with 1 of the comments below.. it’s a CRUCIAL time for all pregnant women right now because your lives are at double risk. I’m praying and hoping you guys are good throughout this ugly time. And I hope Jayden is doing okay! Send him my love❤️ I know stores are always out of diapers, wipes, etc. if you ever need some or fall short let me know!!

  17. Juan Garcia says

    Looking fresh bro! 🧔🏻💯

  18. Maria Soto says

    Jayden is the cutest ☺️☺️☺️☺️ my favorite was outfit #2

  19. Patty Arguella says

    Beautiful couple hands down!❤️ take care of yourself girl! With all this virus going on I really hope you, your pregnancy, and family are safe!!!

  20. Jennabeth Robles says

    Omg baby Adriel is GROWING🤰🏻and glowing😍😍😍😍

  21. Ashley Cruz says


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