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See the rest of the UK when visiting London with these 4 modes of transport. I’m telling you how to visit other places in the UK via train, plane, car or bus (coach). For links mentioned in video, click SEE MORE.

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:Coach (bus) travel:
Megabus (worldwide brand):
National Express (Trusted UK company also with airport transfers):

:Train travel from London:
Check timetables, prices, and book tickets all on Trainline:
If traveling to multiple UK destinations, they a BritRail pass might be the best option:


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  1. Ha Neul says

    My plan is going to London first, then to the Cotswolds, then Bristol, Wales, and finally to return to London, I've not idea what the best options are, is it better to rent a car to go to those places outside London?help!

  2. Jayson Burke says

    She looks like Rey from starwars.

  3. Abraham Castanedo Music says

    Is there something like a card that allows you to travel by train out of London in a cheaper way? I know about the oyster card and the travel card. With the weekly travel card you spend certain amount of money with unlimited times going on the train or subway. Is there something similar but out of london?

  4. Gina Merchak says

    Love your videos! Extremely informative!
    Curious question, best way to get to Gatwick Airport from Central London?
    Is Gatwick Express good?

  5. Craig Chambers says

    We have purchased a BritRail 22 day unlimited travel pass for each of us for our travels outside of London when we come. If I drove we could stop and I could see things, but while driving I would have my focus on the road and miss the scenery and be drained from the drive. So, train it is for us. Appreciate these videos!

  6. Jennifer Ayala says

    Is there an option to purchase a train pass that allows for unlimited travel throughout the country for a certain price and timeframe? Or are all tickets separate?

  7. Poon Siri says

    Is there any passticket that can be used for train from Glasgow to London as well as for travelling around in London for a week (also including buses)
    Well, in conclusion I mean traveling around Uk anywhere.

  8. Eva Lam says

    In London, which area is lived with most rich people? What about Kensington? Thanks

  9. Karla Engo says

    Hi I need to buy some trains to go around the UK but in the National Rail said something about multiple tickets? Do this means I need to buy more than 1 ticket for that destination? O is that included! Please help!!

  10. Teresa Smith Keller says

    Planning to take the train from London to see southern Wales and then later on a bit of Scotland. Hoping I don't get motion sick like I sometimes do on the Amtrak trains in the US.

  11. mymydelilah says

    In two weeks I'll be visiting Devon England via Heathrow Airport..hope I won't get lost…. my first time to go to Torquay…

  12. Hernán L. Giacometti says

    Hi, very instructive video. But I am from Argentina and i heard that there is some pass to us called BritRail Pass, could you talk to me about it? Cause i want to travel arroud UK, from London to Inverness for instance! Thank you.

  13. Dreaming Swiss says

    Hi Jess! I would love to see a video about easy day trips outside of London. Including how you get to the main attractions from the train station since renting a car is not an option for some of us travelers 😀

  14. ReyMore says

    Great video , hey any tip for travelling from london to the country side like cotswolds ?Thanks a lot for your help

  15. Mustafa Kareem says

    make manchester tour guide pleasse

  16. Laura S Molecavage MA PLC Life Coach says

    What is the best way to get to stonehedge and bath? Can it be done in 1 day for both? Which one should I go to first? I was thinking of doing an overnight in bath. Thank you

  17. Lava Yuki says

    I live the north west and travelled a lot in the uk by train , which i find by far the best. Virgin was going to manchester from london, Transpennine express to edinburgh and glasgow. I prefer to drive to places like Bath and bristol. Ive also been to Liverpool, Birmingham, Cambridge and Blackpool as well

  18. dano94 says

    Hi, is there Uber in the UK?

  19. Terry Neale says

    I'm glad you did this video but could you mention that in the UK a driving licence for automatic cars doesn't permit you to drive a manual, but a driving licence for a manual does allow you to drive an automatic. I say this as I've seen a few video where people have come over from the US and it's the first time using a stick shift, but if your licence isn't valid then nor is the insurance.

  20. Ravita says

    I want to travel from London to Aberdeen. Can u tell me how long this will be via train and how many stops etc?

  21. Rose Aniston says

    I'm going in October 2018 and want to go to Liverpool, Hengestone and Lake District outside London.

  22. Sarah says

    With very few exceptions I would generally recommend getting the train to one of the major cities rather than flying. Most of the time the station will be in the city centre whereas the majority of the airports are out of town so you are generally adding on a minimum of an additional half an hour in a taxi just to get into the city itself and thats not including how long it takes to disembark, to do baggage reclaim, get through security etc in addition to getting to the airport in the first place, going through security at that etc. Where I would recommend flying rather than train is if you are going down to Cornwall or Devon as the train going in that direction is so slow it takes forever.

  23. CABOOSE BOB says

    We are going to do a budget trip all over the U.K. including London, bath, Liverpool, Glasgow, Yorkshire, and others. Do you recommend any specific rail pass?

  24. Rabia Ozturk says

    Thank you thank you thank you !!! I wish to visit Wiltshire Cornwall Manchester Liverpool Birmingham Nottingham Lake District Mansfield Cotswold 😂 Do you think a month is enough ???

  25. Omar Khairil says

    Im at edgeware road.

  26. KL Howard says

    Do you have any videos on visiting other countries that are part of the UK such as Wales? Thank you! Your videos are so informative and helpful.

  27. Wanda Pease says

    Coming to London for a week. I've been there several times for short visits so I'd like to see a couple of not too far away places, but I won't have a car. I'd like to see the Museum at Sutton Hoo at Woodbridge. I'd also like to go to Portsmouth to see the Mary Rose ship. The question is are these day trips? How difficult for a little old lady with some mobility issues? Are there tours that would take us there?

  28. Safia Syaqirin says

    I will be traveling Gatwick -> Leeds Morley -> Edinburgh -> London and back home.. Should I drive from Leeds to Edinburgh? Hmm

  29. Jenny M says

    Some 5 or so years ago I lived in the U.K. for a few months, and whilst there I took the coach from Birmingham to London, as well as from Birmingham to Cheltenham. Both trips were really good, smooth rides with lovely views over the English countryside. Really recommend it if you're not stressed for time and want to see a lot of the nature.

  30. Stephen W says

    Love your videos, they've been super useful.

  31. Dante Mckimmey says

    Ryanair or Easyjet

  32. Holly says

    Thank you! Your videos are SO informative and helpful!

    I have a question, we will be in London in about 2 weeks, we are leaving London to go to Barcelona and booked our tickets leaving out of STN, when booking we were able to buy national express coach tickets from Liverpool St. Station to STN, but there is no time on the tickets, it just states to arrive at the airport 3 hours early. Do we need to reserve a time for the coach or is there a standard departure schedule for these?

  33. Matty Neary says

    trains are sooooo expensive when u go "further affeild"

  34. essencekk says

    Hi. Do you have a video on blog on popular day trip from London?? I will be visiting in November (from US) with my mom and wanted to see if we could do a free day trips. Hopefully you see this message.

  35. Craig Tilley says

    So I'm planning to travel from Portsmouth to Glasgow next year and everyone is recommending I fly there, what say you? Would a train be better?

  36. teknekon says

    Thanks for your help! And kudos to Joel &Lia for the reference. Your comments are spot on. I lived in London for 7+ years and this information is really useful. I teach linguistics and voice coaching to students at university in the US that are transferring to the UK. Your channel is awesome and I shall recommend. Keep up the great work! Cheers! 👍💗😘🇬🇧

  37. Suga Stole My heart says

    I love your videos but I missed some of your videos because I was busy shopping

  38. Shani says

    I'll be moving to Coventry soon and I have booked a flight to London Gatwick airport. I'm currently researching on how to go from Gatwick airport to Coventry but I can't find any clear information. I am concerned about my luggage (first time student moving to the UK here). Can anyone suggest me which transportation is the best for a student carrying two heavy 30" luggages? I want to ride the train but I'm concerned whether they have space for my luggage. Does the coach have a direct route to Coventry and is it available from Gatwick?

    If someone could suggest me how to travel to Heathrow from Gatwick (with the huge luggage) it would be great as well. I might be able to join my friend who will arrive at Heathrow on the same day. Thanks in advance.

  39. From Clapham Junction says

    Excellent advice .

  40. Cinnamon girl says

    Wow!!! Thanks for sharing I'm so excited for my trip! Where are the best places to stay for young women in their mid 20s?

  41. Laura Williams says

    Hi, do you have a video or recommendations for day trips from London?

  42. Jamie Custance says

    Rome2rio is a good app, it gives you all the options for travelling from a to b with costs and links to the different companies

  43. Jason Le says

    Which train station leaves to Paris via the Tunnel?

  44. thetinysnail says

    6 days until my first ever trip to London! 😀

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