How'ya Do It? Solo Travel on a Budget


While relaxing at Big Bar campground in Hell’s Canyon Idaho, thought I’d take a little time to explain how I personally travel on a limited budget. Not as much about dollars, more about sense. All sounds are natural, no overdubs. Just the real voice of the wilderness.

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Camcorder: Sony FRD-AX33:
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How I get around:
Trailer: 2004 Aliner with around 100,000 miles of hard use. Includes propane stove, hot shower, toilet, refrigerator, 200W solar, three 12V batteries (one AGM, one deep cycle, one lithium-ion)
Tow Vehicle: 2010 Jeep Liberty, 6 cyl 3.7L gas engine, 4WD, over 150,000 km

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  1. tvBillie Ford says

    Thanks for sharing, Slim!! 💙🙏🏾

  2. Glenn Poole, II says

    Useful philosophy, thanks Slim. I'm curious if year 4 ran in the "black" financially for you…since it's been almost a year since this video.

  3. Jay Bay says

    I now have a video I can refer to when I try to explain to those who follow my own travels. Other then being Vegan (not that there's anything wrong with that), your views and perspectives are spot on with mine. Thank you for your vlogs and continue with the great approach to being a "Traveler" and not a "Nomad" per se…. Jon

  4. Claude Julien says

    Thanks for sharing Slim. Watching your videos makes me really want to get out there and travel more again. I used to love travelling just for the joy of going to another place and seeing new scenery. It wasn't necessarily to "do something", but more of a carefree attitude to see what was around the next bend. That is the most stress free travelling ever – no agenda or timetable, just being prepared for what may come your way.

  5. David Jones says

    That was a great listening experience, many thanks.

  6. safa mehdi says

    Sir, all your videos are amazing and inspiring….

  7. Terry Knight says

    Great, calm, down to earth, and obviously honest, realistic video. Thanks, Slim. Hope you keep them coming! All the best for all your travels, look forward to watching more.

  8. Billy Crowell says

    As much as I enjoy your videos, I will no longer watch or subscribe. YouTube has inundated yours and others video with mind numbing ads that take all the enjoyment out of watching. So as long as they do this, I will no longer watch.

  9. Carlos Teixeira says

    If memory serves , I think Danny drove a Honda CRV Slim not a Rav 4. As you can see I watch your videos religiously 😂 great content as always 👍

  10. David Godley says

    Slim you are so wize….used to hitchhike when I was young.

  11. David Godley says

    I retired from trucking this past April of 2020. I then bought a 2016 Ford Transit van and moved into it. I'm not a so called nomad. I live frugally and plan my trips. Whenever possible I try to skirt my way around the cities. I don't like the big traffic. My van gets good gas mileage. It has a 25 gallon tank and I can travel above 200 miles on half a tank. And that's not interstate driving. I'm also a boondocker. I also have a good sleeping bag that's oversized and it's good to 15 degrees.

  12. Heelix Ranier says

    This is part of the reason I would like to get a trailer sometime soon. I mean it doesn't have to be an Aliner (although I would like something simple, with a toilet built-in and I know some of the Aliners have that as well as some of the very small 12-16ft travel trailers, which I'm considering also). But for me, the biggest thing is being able to go to a national park (as some will let you stay in the park) and stay there and be away from the cities and not have to drive in and out of the parks, because that takes time. But for me, I also think I'd travel more if I had a travel trailer or some sort of trailer, instead of relying on hotels, which on average I've found, cost me about $100 per night with tax, which if I travel for only 3 weeks out of the year, that's still about $2100 per year, which I could be putting towards a camper payment instead, and after 6-7 years I'd have something to show for that money, versus nothing by staying in a hotel, and if you take care of a camper, they can last you 10, 20 or 30 years+.

  13. Jessie Gill says

    Love your videos

  14. Nancy Quinlan says

    I love this!

  15. Harold Malaby says

    Thank you for your good communication, honesty, open thinking, options, ideas, suggestions and yes inspiration. Can't agree more with Not bringing the noise of the city with you. I like you love nature and as you have said listening is a key ingredient of understanding and enjoying nature.Thank you for the obvious care of your surroundings and leaving it better or as un touched as possible.We all have a tendency to feel we need more and yet truth be known stuff is what holds us back and part of the trap our society presents to be normal.As I'm saying this I can think of so much I need to get rid of but also know we are not promised tomorrow and I had better live each day to the fullest.Thanks again for sharing your journey and if by chance we cross paths it would be a pleasure.Be safe my friend and each day is a gift.

  16. Todd Bartel says

    Enjoy your videos. You get too see the parts of the states I don't with the semi when I am out west.

  17. Hans Östlund says

    Great as always sir…The best to you from sweden scandinaviaI guess a 150 years earlier you would be called a ” mountain man”

  18. ken nishikats says

    in my case, Lincoln Navigator towing Airstream 23' becomes 7 miles per gallon. gas goes away too fast and it's a pain to swipe my credit card around $70 everyday when I traveling.

  19. Chad Wright says

    Do you eat squash?

  20. Iris Cohen says

    You are Definitely an inspiration To get out and get into nature. Thank you for your ideas and sincerity. God bless and Happy Travels. I’d love to know your camping places.

  21. Hamad Abdeli says

    thank you

  22. marian frances says

    Totally agree re: noisy generators and warm bedding! Many humans are so far removed from nature, it is sad. Happy trails! 😉🇨🇦

  23. Carolina Guy says

    Hey Slim! Your camera work is beautiful,that Sony rocks!

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