1. Patrick Bateman says

    Their early work was a little too new eave for my taste, but when Sports came out in '83 I think they really came into their own

  2. Ian Snyder says

    I love this song and Chris kills as usual…"the kid" one of the great unsung guitar maestros!

  3. Semi-Sweet Edits says

    You know I had to do it to em

  4. cwyn says

    0:36 https://i.imgur.com/PTdLdN5.jpg

  5. Marshall Lancaster says

    Great track. This album and the one after it—sheer bliss

  6. Brett Koeshall says

    Huey Lewis and the News trying to make it big back in 1980.

  7. Matthew Larson says

    A little too New Wave for my taste. I prefer Sports where they seemed to come into their own, musically and commercially.

  8. Guitarzan says

    Without doubt, the best lead guitar work Chris Hayes has ever done here… to this day, I still try to work out how the hell he does that spider solo at 2:06-2:09. Just inhuman.

  9. Adolph Oliver Bush says

    Chris Hayes BURNS on this solo.

  10. The Hound Of Love says

    So tite.

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