HUGE Fortnite Mobile IOS UPDATE! Season 4 News!


Fortnite Mobile Update and News
Fortnite Mobile Season 4
How to Download Fortnite Mobile Season 4

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  1. scrubs 0.1 says

    hopefully it’s back by december. i really wanna play season 4 and get the battle pass

  2. Oni On ipad says

    Actually epic isn’t winning because Tim said he doesn’t want that on Twitter so most likely apples going to use that against them in court therefore that’s why I say epic is not winning in my opinion
    P.S : The reason why Tim doesn’t like this is because it doesn’t go for everyone just smaller developers and if you remember he said he was fighting for them so Apple did that Sooooooo epic is fucked

  3. Randy Graham says

    Epic is greedy period. Didn’t think anything about their players.

  4. antoni papagiannakis says

    Bruh epic is so annoying they caused all that mess
    And I really dont give a sh*t who wins I just want to play with my friends !!!! So unfair

  5. Dashing_captain says

    Stop the cap

  6. ZAKAIRMASTER123 _fortnite says

    Thank you I’ve changed my name to mobile boys best

  7. Jackie He says

    I think epic should extend season 4 for us mobile players

  8. PRO Techz NP says

    Love from nepal

  9. Silver On Mobile says

    Oh no it was midnight lol

  10. NJ_ 16 says

    Obviously stupid and not paying attention. Epic winning is not a good thing😂

  11. Shadow Muqsit says

    Love these type of news 🙂 keep up the hard mobile boys❤️

  12. Krispy says

    Epic is still bitching

  13. Ghastify says


  14. Demon Gaming says

    Very sad want to play fortnite mobile updating going to 1 percent then 0 😭

  15. RevertX says

    They are trying to show Epic’s true colors when epic games still sues after they give them 15% cuts epic will be exposed as trying to start drama and in it for themselves

  16. Sanjay Vinod says

    I recognized this background game yesterday you invited me to play in creative thanks for that and also thanks for the info 😀
    Edited: You killed me at 5:43

  17. Nolan Caldwell says

    Tbh I’m on apples side

  18. Ggs Guys says

    I wish Fortnite mobile comes back

  19. The Epic Gamer says

    I just saw goldens vid on it

  20. Fierce -_- says

    Bro what’s your tablet good graphics and 120 FPS 🤷🏼‍♂️

  21. Random Things says

    For everyone, I don't think we are going to be able to play season 4, if mobile comes back soon, it would be like in december, and season 4 ends in early december, so if the game comes back we are going to play season 5, we are going to miss season 4

  22. Slender13A5 says

    Im so hype to come back in comp 😀

  23. Zentiic says

    Mobile gang coming soon

  24. Serious Blaze says

    Epic is already complaining and saying that this isn’t a solution. They’re saying that they’re “fighting to remove the monopoly upon Apple’s devices” and that they want to be able to get apps on Apple devices through other platforms than the Appstore. They want their own Epic games store on iOS, and that’s ridiculous.

  25. MXNTZY FN says

    240th like

  26. miguel a lopez says

    Hey do have any tips for people who are playing on a phone?,( not a tablet a phone)

  27. Daniel Narido says

    Can u do strucidid or Roblox Fortnite video

  28. Shadow-Fusion says

    Thanks apple for doing this for us😍 we’ve been waiting for this moment

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