1. Poofesure says

    fun for the whole family

  2. Hamza says

    Killer bean the video game

  3. Abstract says

    why does patrick sound like muscle man

  4. Nucleak says

    Where my Goblin fans at

  5. Christian Pederson says

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in years

  6. jordenstinks says

    Patrick sounds more like muscle man

  7. Logan Reed says

    0:54 he do be tokyo driftin doe

  8. THE_BLUE91 says

    gta but spongebob

  9. MinecraftDaddy_69 says

    Mr.Krabs is now a joestar

  10. goodbye xoxo says


  11. TERMINATED says

    more like the scariest

  12. Michael Theakos says

    I thought there was a weapon in this game! So mr. Krabs, ketamine and a boat isn't enough?

  13. Super Saiyan GC says

    Mr Krabs is a robot

  14. Tobi Hour says

    Ohoy me bob

  15. Slatsky August says

    Me boy spongebob, I overdosed on ketamine, and I’m going to die! Agagagagagaga!

  16. Sunshine State Coasters says

    Patrick sounds like the Macho Man Randy Savage on Crack…

  17. ZERO BRIGGS says

    "It is he who boat ran into me."
    -Poof, 2020

  18. buff_garfield says

    No joke i feel like this took a bit of time to make

  19. Rell. says

    Bro you slept them

  20. LEGO clone trooper says

    This battle for bikini bottom remake looks great

  21. Jušt Ñöbõdy says

    how this game is called?

  22. John kenley says

    Boats have halo 1 vehicle syndrome

  23. Shaggy says

    Is it just me or does Patrick sound like muscle man from regular show

  24. the undead dragon tamer says

    It a a werid version of gta

  25. Cherish Taylor says

    Patrick sounds like muscle man with less anger

  26. Gelato Man says

    Horse Tranquilizer

  27. Hunter Nichols says

    Poof actually won the coin toss. If you lose you die, win and the game closes

  28. Mom’s Forseti says

    Grand Theft Auto: Bikini Bottom

  29. GreenEyedOwl says

    Was anyone else expecting Hans after he crossed the dashed red line

  30. Imas 23 says

    Play school days on an android emulator. You will rage. Trust me… You will rage

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