I Quit Sim Racing To Become A Street Racer


“Jimmy ain’t a real racer actually. He plays these weird sim racing games in a tiny shed instead of driving for real. Anyway, after his YouTube channel died he decided to climb up the ladder of the blacklist. Surprisingly his sim racing paid off and he his rising up the ranks fast. Show ’em who’s faster behind the wheel”

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  1. Giebs n Stuff says


  2. Fred Illig says

    Song at 5:53?

  3. DJSwag Panda says

    Jimmy this is for you (use this)

    Roses are red
    I have an r32
    And I tell you what
    It's faster than you

  4. MrWick says

    wtf is this

  5. James Newton says

    Very happy with seeing you in a game, even one littered with filth haha

  6. Icy Sweats says

    i cant tell if the video is edited or the game.

  7. Itz_gray_ 2020 says

    NFS carbon is so much with a racing wheel
    change my mind

  8. Dive Colosio says


  9. Farid Fauzan says

    1:38 how the MC mental music can be in this game and mod.

  10. Tombrosapien says

    Hey Guys, Johnny Slimcurve here

  11. WonderHug says

    Hey Jimbo. Going through a really rough time in my life rn, so waking up to you playing a cursed version of my favorite racing game from my teenage years really helped out. Keep on being amazing 🙂

  12. JNDmoto says

    Hi Jimmy, im just getting started im the youtube world. jndmoto

  13. Muhammad Fauzi Rahman says

    All these youtubers using this pepega mod made me really forget how the original NFSMW songs sounds like

  14. Zanji says

    theres so many insider memes of kurus stream, even the npc names are subscribers of twitch and theres much more ppl will probably miss haha

  15. Mino Assal says

    this here is

  16. Drummercommander says

    Why are all the women semi-nude in this mess xD

  17. Keiran Smith says

    I want to see the rest of this, its amazing 😂

  18. Ștefan Călătean says

    Your level is still at clickbaiting people on Youtube man, you'd be eaten alive on the streets, you galactic virgin.

  19. RusCarTV says

    2:54 The speed sign lol

  20. Kristaps Dinsbergs says

    Yoo man, you shoupd an " Next Level Racing : motion simulator platform V3 " to your build brother.

    I have to be honest, it gives you a lot of data in feeling the turns on another level man.

    Im on a mission to build a rig with it as well, tested out the traction plus with V3 in VR I'll be honest with you, i forgot that i was in the game dude😅 that was another level, never felt that adrenaline rush,qnd reality from a game in my life.

    Keep up the awesome Content buddy, you inspired me to get in to sim racing.

    Hat down for that M8.🍻

  21. John Hosking says

    "HOW DO i BEAT MYSELF?" Well Jimmer, you take an old sock and you….

  22. Proxymite says

    this Fucking great haven't laughed so much for a long time. Absolude gold

  23. Spencer Gormley says

    1:40 Song?

  24. DummeKuh12 says

    Where did you get your PC Version of NFS MW ? Is it the CD Version or a download?

  25. no one says

    just seeing shiny in chat got me

  26. Jason Louison says

    Where did he start the stream again? He left off when he discovered himself but I didn’t seem him racing himself.

  27. Redline Rich says

    This is just pure gold

  28. Envy says

    You need to redo your outro, R32 > GTR > WRX in vapourware style crusing would be pepega

  29. Scot the Car Nerd says

    All I can say is huge respect to the mod team for creating this, amount of time and effort gone into this mod along with voice acting roles from Kuru and Eden is amazing, nice job guys you really outdid yourselves

  30. doohan palmer says

    That shit was too funny had me on the floor man No punterino jimmer

  31. Lay Sy says


  32. Cody Sykes says

    I only play REAL sims like Mario Kart, Grid Autosport…


  33. KuruHS says

    So happy that you are enjoying the Pepega Mod Jimmy! Big Shoutout to the Pepega Mod Team!

  34. NOISEYDOGS3 says

    Jesus Christ haha

  35. Olexiy Melnychuk says

    Jimmy, you should check out challenge series! It's pure cancer, man.

  36. Steven Cornish says

    If ur baked, this is the video for u😂😂

  37. Wulliman says

    can someone tell me the song name at 10:50

  38. Stefano S says

    Best video ever

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