1. Pie Guy says

    He Didn't even notice Barnet are in Championship

  2. Jack Hand says

    Pep guardiola leaves city 2021, just signed a new contract 🤣

  3. Dylan Stafeil says

    14:31 Barnet in the Championship

  4. David Schlichting says

    Man Utd as defending champions of the Champions League losing the final at Old Trafford to Liverpool. Holy shit FM21, that's cruel.

  5. shtolendolla says

    moura managing city lmaoo

  6. Cowboybeepboop says

    I was just happy to see arsenal competing 🤣

  7. Khandaker MURSHED says

    11:05 the first 3 seasons are the same is my career mode in FIFA HOL'UP

  8. Mo Salads says

    Liverpool beat Manchester United in the UCL final at old trafford. Probably would be the best final ever

  9. Paul Hann says

    I’ve bin playing Fifa for years on my PlayStation but this year I’m thinking of getting a Xbox because football manager is exclusive to Xbox. sorry Sony 🤷‍♂️ are you going to keep doing these sort of videos?

  10. David. Crowther says

    Whey hey Wales winning the Euros. Also nice to see Cardiff winning the Championship a few times and bloody delightful to see Swansea in League Two

  11. LewisMck19 says

    More plz

  12. nemo 777 says

    it's like Germany and Bayern don't even exist anymore

  13. Callum says

    You missed Barnet being in the Championship ffs, they’re currently non-league irl

  14. Matt Burkart says


  15. cupeks · says

    10:16 Bayern scored 43 goals in the ucl last season 😬

    Even tho they didn't play away games in the quarterfinal and semi

  16. Jamie Clements says

    When u finish ur Leeds career mode put Sligo Rovers (worst team in FIFA) in League Two and every game u play must be on Ultimate with Competitor Mode and you should try and loan players in and try and get an option to buy clause in the deal some suggestions are Tommy Doyle, Armando Broja, Harvey Elliott

  17. TRUE BLUE KID says

    Any1 else want a Fm career mode?

  18. SDB says

    Tottenham is a bigger club than United and Liverpool in 2050… mad.

  19. Giannis Ioannidis says

    Cristiano living in his luxurious yacht in Monte Carlo and just showing up on afternoon to teach young kids a couple tricks but no more responsibilities makes sense

  20. Amin Kheneifar says

    Have u noticed that Lucas Moura is Man Cjiy's manager😊

  21. Joey Buckets says

    14:22 Barnet (Non-League irl) in the Championship

  22. Empirespart says

    There’s a team called Australia KF in Kosovo. Maybe you would like to spread the pride of Australia football into Europe. You would need a Kosovo database but that shouldn’t be too difficult to sort out. Just a suggestion

  23. Lewis init says

    Jesus Christ why do Bristol rovers always get shafted in every football game? 😂 bottom of league 2 ffs

  24. Cm Punk says

    Upload more videos on FM… We love FM more than FIFA and PES ❤️

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