I Wish~Gacha Music video


This song does not belong to me! This video was made by HittaKids(Buddy)
This is not real!!!This is my brothers first music he made.

PS….Go follow us on twitch Its Hitta17 and Podcast The Fam District, and if you want to play or talk to us you can add us on fortnite @ hittakids17, MoonNU17, and Hitta17 thanks again!

  1. Therandomgamer 0119 says


  2. Sal Nawi says

    i dont know who they are but i liked this

  3. laiza pineda says

    I really love this gacha music video i can't stop thinking about my mom and my dad got into a fight

  4. ๑DÎÑŌ-FRÜÎT๑ ČHÅÑ says

    Poor child -heart melting-but I also love the end so cooooot it makes me feel more single and I have been single for my whole life and I’m 13 TwT

  5. Iris Lagutan says

    First of tell your brother this video is amazing and I hope he does more in the future!

  6. {•}Elisa Games{•} says

    Hello its me again! Rember me? Well i came here again if can they react my r abou ink! Rember that link i invite to you? That was the video! Pls can you do this? You are my favourite gacha tuber!

  7. xxxgraciedabestxxx Millwood says

    Hitta 17 hitta 17 hittq 17

  8. xxxgraciedabestxxx Millwood says

    Yes there back together

  9. xxxgraciedabestxxx Millwood says

    So gooood but so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Hitta17 says

    If you want to play with us on Fortnite add me hittakids17 on Fortnite thanks for the support see you guys soon

  11. Luna Comyet says

    This is so amazing! I love this song ÙvÚ

  12. Liubovi Kirolov says
  13. Maiah Lourdes P. Cadimas says

    That’s a nice vid about doing a mistake, then trying to fix them.
    You can’t go back and undo your mistakes, but you can learn from them, and do better in the future.
    (In my opinion, I loved the vid! Thank you for making us happy with your vids. Stay safe ^w^)

  14. Sassy Chicken says

    I love this

  15. Xx cute snow Xx says

    Poor guy and this video is so good OwO

  16. Asia Lo re gacha lifegacha club says


  17. •LazyFandoms• says

    Chara : oh- No- thats just sad-
    Chara : okay okay i wasnt going to-

  18. xXSunflowerGachaXx says

    No views:
    Me: That’s why you didn’t do drugs kids

  19. • coby_ Playz • says

    It’s sad at first but at the end TwT my heart melts away

  20. cherry chan says

    Hi Hitta17

  21. Itz_ Dreamyツ says

    I liked it even if it’s kind of sad :,/

  22. BEEhive 18 says


  23. Its Me シ says


    Love it but it sad 😢

  24. xXSunflowerGachaXx says


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