Identity on Android: What’s new in sign-in


To tackle user and developer complexity that makes identity a challenge for developers, we’ve been working on One Tap and Block Store, part of our new Google Identity Services Library. One Tap is our new cross-platform sign-in mechanism for Web and Android, supporting and streamlining multiple types of credentials. Block Store is our new token-based sign-in mechanism that’s built on top of Backup and Restore. It allows you to keep your user signed in across Android devices.

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Vishnu Kalugotla

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  1. Oleg Beloy says

    I guess the account manager has the same feature of sharing credentials across devices as the block store but with not a really obvious api.

  2. Ali Kazi says

    Its nice that Google is doing this but it is clearly a response to Apple's sign-in update they released in 2019 where Apple creates a temporary account for the user with fake data so that user's privacy is more secure. If the user likes the app, they can then convert their fake account into a real account. We do need something on Android to speed up sign-in on new devices and also a secure way to store user's login details for biometric login.However, the main challenge with this new feature is going to be trust . I mean the reason users choose to create their own accounts instead of Sign-in with Google or Sign-in with Facebook is because we simply don't want an app to access our data from Google or Facebook. There is a massive trust issue here which cannot be simply resolved with a feature. Apple users have a lot of trust for the company. We all know how much Apple likes to talk about privacy.I personally would be skeptical about this new sign-in feature. 7:30 The Sign-in dialog looks too untrustworthy. Its not as simple as Auto-fill. There's too much text and links and warnings and Privacy Policy etc.

  3. Kamerton Audiophile player says

    The cross platform is great. How to sign from iOS? What if a user prefer using Apple account?

  4. Gendy 99 says

    If launching the app can virtue to people hard. The person who is unable to have the return of Google Access.

  5. Pascal Chidi says

    Awesome. This solves the UX problem prompted to login.

  6. Just a commenter says

    What if I want to sign into a different account. Like I have over 20 discord accounts and I log in and out every 2 seconds

  7. Kumar Vishal says

    Plz bring no tracking sign-in like appel-sign-in

  8. Anton Derevyanko says

    Great API. I will definitely use it. What about Firebase SignIn? It is deprecated now?

  9. L S says

    Cool, I use a third party password manager, so I guess this will work then. Interesting stuff. Now, I wonder if the Hedera Hashgraph will be used as a bridge for this feature?? 😉

  10. Bruno Degan says

    Wow, finally a solution for wiped data on android phone kkkkkkk, apps must have to implement block store as first update ?

  11. Dennis Gonzales says


  12. Pranit Kulkarni says

    Good to see merging those solutions! No sign-in required on new phone is great ..can't wait to try it

  13. Riyas Valiyadan says

    Your explanation is really good

  14. FREEK MCPE/GT says

    Simple mode for Elderly

  15. FREEK MCPE/GT says

    Manual Updates don't destroy phones

  16. Ahmed Chandab says

    Finally. Love this feature!

  17. Zev Farkas says

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but on the off-chance that a real human actually looks at these comments, here goes… (If there is a better place to discuss this issue that will actually get the attention of those with the power to change things, please point me at it.)Google/Android policy seems to be that one does not explicitly log out of apps, instead leaving it to the OS to decide when to kill the app as part of its lifecycle.A major problem I have with this is what happens if you leave your phone unlocked for a few minutes (we all make mistakes…). If someone picks it up before it times out, they have easy access to recently used apps, notably Gmail. Furthermore, because I (and many other people) have to log in to our phones often, there's a tendency to use a short, and thus, low-security, password or other sign-in method.And… I live in a neighborhood where it is quite common for strangers to borrow a phone for "just one call" (yes, places like that still exist in this world) and it is socially awkward to refuse. I can't always stand on top of them while they make their call, so I would prefer that they don't have access to anything sensitive. Therefore, I would like to be able to explicitly log out of apps such as Gmail, Facebook, and anything else where an intruder could make trouble for me.I don't see this particular issue being addressed by Android, but I think it should be.

  18. Taígo Pedrosa says

    So… Will this be available on jetpack?

  19. ali mojarrad says

    How's this any different than google sign in. You can use it to signup as well and it's super easy lol.Please stop adding confusing features or at least proof read the speech and explain the difference rather than just reading a few paragraphs on the video

  20. Даниел Кузманов says

    It remains to work as planned … ?.


    These guys ain't releasing the #Pixel4a till October 22nd! (UNFOLLOWS) #RELEASETHEPIXEL4A

  22. neil u says

    Great video and topic

  23. Avinash Kumar says

    That's great

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