1. SmashBits Animations says
  2. yoshikage kiras handspray says

    Honestly. Ik this isn't a smash bros video, but people that say little mac is bad in smash, just can't play the game.

  3. Ryan Milon says

    Okay, that was epic

  4. Confused American says

    Little Mac’s story is actually pretty inspiring. He’s a 17 year old kid from Bronx that has a dream to be the best. Doc Louis sees something in him and agreed to train him. He knows Mac doesn’t have enough power to go pro so he trains Mac to fight defensively and look for openings in his opponents fight pattern. Through blood, sweat, and sheer will Mac fights his way to the top against all odds.

  5. Dumb luck says

    I’ve got some friends who would like to know you

  6. Fox Fan 1939 TCF logo fan says

    All fighters:

    Glass joe
    Von Kaiser
    King Hippo
    Piston Hondo
    Bear hugger
    Don Flamenco
    Aran Ryan
    Bald Bull
    Mr Sandman
    Soda Popinski

  7. Michael Woolridge says

    This song sounds amazing especially the part were it is like punch by punch blow by blow I hope you all enjoy the show punch by punch blow by blow I hopefully you all get enjoy the show

  8. Platinum Mørker says

    I thought the coach was gonna sing when I first saw this

  9. Crock_0_ rock says

    Why isn’t this on iTunes

  10. Astralkun says

    Sounds like a intro for naruhodou ruichi no igiari

  11. Suecia ball / DogeMemeswowYEET says

    I sont now what to say

  12. DANIXPPC ! says

    What where is mike tyson???

  13. Samuel Herrera says

    what duo its better?
    mr. miyagi- Daniel larusso
    Doc luis- little mac
    in my opinion, both

  14. Sachin Venugopal says

    Wow I found its epic

  15. TheBlackRev3nger 09 says
  16. Eggo the pleb says

    I like to think lil mac was a Mexican imagrant with his family then moved to america

  17. Anton Lavreniuk says

    This is fucking beautiful

  18. Khadim Gueye says

    Von Kaiser is an Hitler caricature

  19. horse says

    The only 4'10 guy girls can respect

  20. Asian Jaylin says

    Looks like smashbits animated this

  21. Cool gamer JAW says

    I enjoy remembering this song

  22. Victor Sanchez says

    I have broken my neck 1:27

  23. Skyler Nigrelli says

    If it's MIke Tyson's Punch out…… WHERE'S MIKE TYSON?

  24. Nobody Here says

    So can we make the Mac at smash?

  25. Cool gamer JAW says

    After little Mac was done boxing he decided to join smash brothers that’s the whole story

  26. DiLeNox GD says

    My Favorite part: 2:05

  27. PACHE 862 says

    bear hugger es muy dificil ☺

  28. Doom Slayer says

    Why is it so funny when they beat each other up

  29. Topias Karjalainen says

    0:47 "Fight for what's right"? What is this? A superhero origin.

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