1. redsunn21 says

    I love autotune mics in so many ways lmao

  2. Mikhail Barachashvili says

    i love that<3 Very well done!:))

  3. Jorge F says


  4. wcolapso says


  5. claudio roman says

    escuchando aun en 2017 🙂

  6. Kumomi says

    Can anyone tell where I can find the lyrics of this amazing song???



  8. Kevin S says

    Each time I hear one of her songs, I like her music even more.
    This coming from an incurable curmudgeon…… ME!

  9. Elise Bowman says

    I listened to this a few years back. Listening to it now I feel the same. haha

  10. Dani Milk says

    Danz, I love you!

  11. Lucid Dreamer16 says

    @Luckzzz yes i agree with you 100% and did you know 92 percent of pop songs are about sex so isnt that great that children listen to it

  12. John Coxtolstoy says

    I'm gonna be a hip little shit and say I remember when this had a couple 100 views.

  13. Jorge Villarejo says

    I love her!!

  14. Jorge Villarejo says

    I love her!!

  15. JDJReaver says

    i see what you did there

  16. Chanez Benaliouad says


  17. david asleep says

    I like this song in "so many ways" hee hee

  18. David Roseti says

    dude!! justin bieber says "baby" a hundred of times!!! that's annoying!!!

  19. Jorge Cifuentes says

    She repeated it "in so many ways" lol

  20. Coldang says

    I still like this song..

  21. Madeline Salguero says

    Kind of annoying when she repeats 'In so many ways" a hundred times. Yes I see that it's the name of the song but still…she couldve sang other lyrics that swirled around this theme. Don't get me wrong though, I do adore this girl and her voice.

  22. Ricardo S says

    @ebichuhamster congratulations…i would find it hard to get it on, while this playing in the background. i'm more of a marvin gaye "user"

  23. Chris Egan says

    @klarmer They're not, weird.

  24. jose juan isaac taveras says

    9 months later. i still love this song.

  25. Yestli Herrera says

    I <3 this girl XD

  26. AngryKoala Insane says

    @klarmer I bet you alternative music gives the same money that mainstream shit.. But the intention is to keep us dumb.. They show us only shit on tv.. But 'Indie' is strong than ever..

  27. lena sousa says


  28. jose juan isaac taveras says

    dude. each song is better than the last….

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