1. Chey Fire says

    zoomies….I love the zoomies when mine get them. LOL

  2. equinesport says

    wow your dog is adorable :o)

  3. ondreamonique says

    so cute! my iggy does this too, only he uses my couches as turn around points

  4. amber schiffer says

    best combo of cake and italian greyhounds. awesome vid!

  5. raysofgreys says

    Is he/she a puppy?

  6. k llama says

    WOW energetic little things arn't they

  7. Lily Nelson says

    My Papillon does this, it's so nice to know she isn't the only one. XP

  8. igluver15 says

    Fun Video…I'm picking up an IG puppy in a little over a week to go with my other two…a mother/daughter tandem…these beautiful creatures/four-legged children come in 3's for our household! We lost our old girl a little over a year ago & now it's time to bring some new life to the household!

  9. lux_mj says

    Cake + your italian greyhound = an awesome video.

  10. iheartpoco says

    So sweet! My dogs are old now, watching this makes me kind of choked up remembering how they used to be. Iggy's are the BEST! Thanks so much for posting 🙂

  11. Jessica Marie says

    Absolutely perfect music choice! Our IG does the exact same thing and it's just hysterical to watch

  12. Wandering_heart says

    freaking awesome! so cute!

  13. Errol Troy says

    Nicely done video. A+ Although, I'd put my Iggy Rambo up against little Maggie any time…lol

  14. Traveler2112 says

    Too cute!!

  15. laviaslavic1 says

    awww Maggie, ur adorable.

  16. jet black says

    Hahaha, so funny

  17. spyron06 says

    LOL I especially like the part where she disappears for a split second… only to reappear with a toy as big as she is.

  18. Sarah Chamulak says

    i think that shes trying to catch herself lol!!!!!!

  19. zelig223 says

    Video, music and of course the casting…
    alls perfects!

    Thanks, do it again

  20. ettvv says

    love it! 😀

  21. ahedovu says

    Great Video and sound track…perfect

  22. cockroacher says

    Such a beautiful girl you have <3
    I have two iggies my own and this is the most wonderful breed in the world.

  23. Saradizzle says


    cake and italian greyhounds!
    yea baby yeaaaa

  24. Momto5dogs says

    Great video! Maggie is a beauty. I have 3 Iggies. Just for others info…these are wonderful dogs but those long thin legs are delicate & break easily. It's an expenisve fix. Don't own these dogs unless you can afford broken legs. They think they're as agile as cats. Too much weight (oz matter) is hard on those delicate legs. You should be able to see a graze of ribs & their hip bones. Keep their activity safe & be very careful around bigger dogs & children as unintended accidents could occur.

  25. ungredda4 says

    man that bitch can run! so cute

  26. Maria Burton says

    cute vid! she's fast

  27. Traveler2112 says


  28. d0pesick says

    Maggie is reminiscent of my little IG Cricket racing around with her seal plushie. I love it!

  29. Jose Robert says

    i have one almost the same as that one, Honey, and another w fawn color, Lucy. thats the greatest breed i ever had!!!

  30. Catherine Molony says

    Hahaha, mine do the same thing!! That is funny.

  31. Khorne says

    great!! bought back so many memories of my own iggies as babies x

  32. shawnjohnsonfan4ever says

    my dog does the same thing she runs around like crazy! u have a cute dog!

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