Insane FOOD MARKET! (7 COUNTRIES: Moroccan, Vegan Italian, Peruvian, Thai and more!)


Which spot would you hit up first? Let us know below! #foodhall #nyc #foodtour


Essex Market

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Dominican Cravings (Dominican)
Zerza (Moroccan)
Mille Nonne (Vegan Italian)

Eat Gai (Thai Chicken Rice)
Heroes and Villains (Subs)
Don Ceviche (Peruvian)
Puebla (Mexican)

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Fung Bros

  1. k l says

    Peruvian food is crazy good 🔥🔥

  2. Mike B. says

    Maaaaaaan I love this guy Marco! He needs his own YouTube channel! ❤️

  3. Delicious //LIFE wisdom in fiction, things, ideas says

    great vid

  4. WoahDereMo says

    u guys r the most popular chinese food reviewers, i wish u guys would talk ab what’s happening to the Uyghur chinese muslims in china.. they’re being places in concentration camps

  5. Guillermo Columbus says

    Don Ceviche is AMAZING!! Must try!! 🇵🇪🇵🇪

  6. Amor Mío says

    Every time I watch these vids you guys make me want all of that food 😩🤣 love your vids

  7. Mina R says

    I think you guys were more animated and let your true feelings about the food show more in this video than most. Loved it.

  8. Priscilla K says

    Very hard to put Italian and vegan in the same sentence. Lol. Love the Thai food!!

  9. S Emerecia says

    David when he says my word hold weight👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Ash Z says

    Love that you guys bought back Marco! I’ve been watching your channel for years and he’s one of my fave guests.

  11. Kaister the Bored says

    Why does that guy have a towel on his shoulder?

  12. Django says

    This is nice and all but I miss the old Essex Market across the street…

  13. SCLAMJA says

    Marco is not single lemme put it out there ladies 😢

  14. Rappy Monster says

    Andrewwww looking handsome😍

  15. Eat Away says

    That's a lof of cuisines under one roof! Those dominican empenadas stood out for me..

  16. venom5809 says

    Dude all that food looked so good 😋

  17. Cole Carbonel says

    This new update food I love it

  18. CP0233 says

    I think you guys should go to Washington Heights and taste more Authentic Dominican food!!!

  19. kristineddie says

    I want to try all of them! My list of NYC restaurants is getting longer and longer! Thanks guys!

  20. Alicia Fernandez says

    So cool to see you guys show love to my Dominicans🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  21. frexicano says

    David @02: 50, "Peruvian chicken with verde green sauce". Essentailly "green green sauce." You just said green in Spanish & English. Known as "Ají (pronounced ahee) Verde". Lol I'm sure I'd bomb trying to learn chinese.

  22. azada68 says

    You guys are so close to me, yet so far…

  23. DC322 says

    I went to Puebla Mexico for Burritos and Nachos. Fantastic!

  24. Rudolf Vlogs says

    Showing love from hk

  25. ZAEA CON says

    Pregnant and drooling over here🤤🤤

  26. [GuGu81] 구구81 ASMR says

    Who's ever reading this right now I wish u nothing but happiness☺️🙏

  27. Carlos Espino says

    The Spanish Name for the Peruvian Roast Chicken = Pollo a la Brasa Peruano 🇵🇪

  28. Carlos Espino says

    Ceviche was born in Peru 🇵🇪 about 2,000 years ago with the Moche (Mochica) Culture

  29. EatingAdventures says

    Love these type of markets. So much good food.

  30. Carlos Espino says

    Greetings from Lima, Perú 🇵🇪

  31. Linda Chen says

    I wish you reduced the plastic waste and unescessary packaging in your videos

  32. Cherry Nguyen says

    You should try Bolivian food

  33. Yurybell Mckenna says

    Hot Tops 700 beers wow. Mexican food looks yummy.

  34. astrogirl 3500__k says

    I want to try the Morrocan food that looked good guys!

  35. Cheali Vanputten says

    That Dominican dude is bugging out Puerto Rican food taste much better trust me

  36. thatoneperuvian72611 says

    The dude's name was Alberto Fujimori lmao. Peruvian ceviche is the best ceviche out there tbh

  37. Le Me says

    10:28 that mexican accent lol

  38. Freddy H says

    Peruvian chau fa (fried rice) comes from the cantonese word Chau Fand which translate to Fried Rice.

  39. Kaydee Lowery says

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  40. FATIMAH AISHAH Konte says

    Next time in NYC I will definitely go

  41. KeepMeAnon1994 says

    So cute to see you guys eating Moroccan food! My people

  42. Teddy H says

    I love how you guys have kept up the quality of the channel. I'm not exactly a die-hard Fung Bros fan, because I don't really watch the newer videos as much, but I still enjoy them. It's kind of sad how the views on the channel are way disproportionate to the number of subscribers and I wish it was more balanced. Keep up the good work!

  43. Asd Polen says

    Why don't you try Swedish food?

  44. Giovanni Abdelsayed says

    When are we gonna do some Egyptian food!

  45. LVNY says

    I would hit Zerza first because I'm least familiar with Moroccan food. For empandas I recommend Empanada Cafe in Corona, Queens.

  46. daniel albo says

    Do an episode in either crown heights for Jewish food or do an episode for Moroccan food. Either is good

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