1. Тик Ток says

    Hello from 2020

  2. Sleepy Adam says

    The first Quake video I ever saw. Crazy.

  3. Helena Anson says

    Lol the "moron" at the end.

  4. Sunny Kim says

    Thats how you do it in 2019

  5. James Joe says

    When you look at this… You are looking at the best players in the world.

  6. Vladimir Agr says

    That's how you do it

  7. praeyden says

    How fucking stupid do you have to be to blow a lead like that, you can literally just run around the map and regain health and win. What a fucking idiot

  8. gue st says

    thanks.the simple-vision-config which makes everything bright looks similar to asde (airport-surface-detection-equipment):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJyUidU820A(JFK ASDE-X Time Lapse) from google (asde airport surface detection) result 4from 'asde' in1. 'The airport was not equipped with ASDE, a ground radar which allows the air traffic controllers to monitor aircraft movements on the ground.[8]' in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Airlines_Flight_006#Crash2. 'The [ASC] was not able to determine whether ASDE would have provided information to the air traffic controllers (ATC) about [the accident aircraft] taxiing onto the incorrect runway, because signal attenuation from heavy precipitation diminishes the effectiveness of the radar presentation. [The Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications approved a CAA plan for procurement of ASDE on Aug. 15, 2001; CAA first requested funding of ASDE in 1994, the report said.];' in https://flightsafety.org/ap/ap_jul02.pdf from google (sq006 taipei asde) result 3

  9. Sawed Off Laser says

    Look at this goddamn 4d chess level shit. Love it.

  10. ChaiKarak says

    now its a dead game 🙁

  11. Boost says

    I watched this just to see how good they can trace aim. I bet these guys would be gods a cs if they learned it

  12. natanyofsho says

    wow this looks like doom

  13. r0gg_ says

    It's matches like these that really make me want to get into Quake. Thankfully with the new one coming out I'll finally have a chance (didn't actually become familiar with the scene until recently and QL has been basically dead for years, so I kind of had poor timing there)

  14. RoyalBurgundy says

    "That's how you do it" (c) ZeRo4

  15. rog rogerson says

    1:00"Jahar follow up for me"

  16. Cray2TheZ says

    God I love Quake !

  17. davidsirmons says

    Holy shit, that's unparalleled.

  18. davidsirmons says

    "…..thank Jesus…."hahahahhah 😀 Thank you, Jesus, for dislodging this railgun outta my ass…!

  19. CNBG says

    game changing shots, fuck

  20. Rene Diaz says

    Zero has EARNED my respect!…continue fragging my freinds

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