International Race – KotM Modified Diecast Car Racing Series


King of the Mountain – Modified Diecast Race Series
This video is intended for diecast collectors and racing fans 13+

2020 Tournament #2 – Qualifying Race 10
Shelby Daytona

Race Rules:
– 4 cars compete in 4 races
– points are scored based on finishing position. (1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point, DNF = 0 points)
– Car with the most points advances to the tournament

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  1. Luke Stocks says

    Aussie power

  2. Ninja 8 TBG Gaming says

    RIP Sign

  3. batch2448 says

    Up the Holdens. RIP

  4. James Greer says

    I love y'alls videos guys. The commentary is great.

  5. andrew limareff says

    Yes! Aussie represent! I was drafting a letter of challlenge for Valereos' skewed starting position in the first race, but no need.

  6. Nathaniel Boys says

    How do you make your tracks

  7. Karl Ceballos says

    Please do part 2 but another 4 countries?

  8. dudu liang says

    You could put a camera in the car, it would add weight too.

  9. Bobby T says

    What is the name of the music track used at the end of the video?

  10. Bill Bull says

    @2:51Lmao, damn

  11. IdkMyYTName says

    this is better than f1

  12. x18BritishBillx18 says

    If I learned anything during my childhood is that the Shelby Daytona is REALLY OP in diecast racing. Still have mine from 15 years ago.

  13. Crazy Cars Canada says

    I want a new track!

  14. Nathaniel Hunter says

    Don't read the comments first… Don't read the comments first! (face-palm)

  15. chris D'SOUZA. says

    Hopefully india is there

  16. Lil Ring says

    The announcers were so concerned about the sign 😂 he was never saying I hope the driver is ok

  17. TomFortnite Pro320 says

    Yo can I be in the next race pls

  18. Phaota says

    What is that roofless black stretched car in the parking lot of the first turn? It's really nice looking.

  19. Simson navaan says

    The leviathan missed it!!Awesome race #3dbotmakerFan from malaysia!

  20. Artist Manthan Yagnik says

    Loving the commentery

  21. 1989worms1 says

    The Holden breaking the traffic sign was the OMG moment of this race!

  22. LightningQ says

    the initial d gutter reference lol

  23. yes1260 says

    you should have added the wilhem scream the the red car crashed.

  24. snafmar says

    that shelby would have been the 3rd fastest in this track, unlucky..

  25. Badron88 says

    I wish I'd never sold my vx commodore. Not a shining example of reliability, but I had so much fun driving it.

  26. Xerroxi says

    Legendary intro o/ music commentary everything is beyond lit

  27. Revolweł says

    Are you sure the track is 100% fine? The lines and speed in general felt odd for me.

  28. Ben Pearce says

    That awkward moment when a Holden is faster than your 100k Lambo

  29. doohan palmer says


  30. Mezuro Plays says

    2:22 I really love 2Ds roast

  31. Paul Sparr says

    🎼🎶Once a jolly HOLDEN just won a mountain race…..🎶Just like the good ol' days, when BROCKY showed 'em how, down CONRAD STRAIGHT.(I'm sorry for the puns with "WALTZING MATILDA" and "Those HOLDEN days". My Kind of tribute to SLIM DUSTY and ADAM HARVEY 😁) Go AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🏁🏆😁Honestly… They're all fine models. Like the casting and the performance of each and everyone of these beauties. Well done, mates 😁👍🏼

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