iOS 14.1 Jailbreak RELEASED! – How To Jailbreak iOS 14.1 Using Unc0ver [NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!]


iOS 14.1 Jailbreak RELEASED! – How To Jailbreak iOS 14.1 Using Unc0ver [NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!]

Hey, what’s up guys!! Today in this video guide I will be showing you an amazing trick How To Jailbreak iOS 14.1 Using Uncover. Guys as you all know as soon as the new version of iOS comes, different methods are tried to Jailbreak iOS 14.1. But most of the methods don’t work as per the expectations to jailbreak ios 14.1 and cause severe damage to iphone. But don’t worry guys today here you will learn a simple and powerful way How to Jailbreak iOS 14.1 No Computer. Also guys you don’t need any kind of technical background knowledge for jailbreak ios 14.1 in your iphone.

So first of all friends what you have to do is watch this video tutorial to Unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 14.1 in which i clearly explained well-defined procedure to how to jailbreak ios 14.1 without computer. We are are using cydia jailbreaking ios 14.1 in this method which is super easy. After jailbreak ios 14.1 you guys will be able to use your iphone to another level. You can install tweaked apps, customize internal settings just by jailbreak ios 14.1 uncover without computer. Guys i have tested this method to jailbreak ios 14.1 on different devices and its working fine.

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  1. Kevin Wright says

    If you need help let me know in the comments so I can help you!

  2. Yara Havana says

    The best tuto on how to jailbreak ios 14.1

  3. Novak Novakovic says

    I tested this on my phone and it works without any problems, thanks for the info!

  4. Peter Parker says

    Excellent video friend everything is well explained the truth helped me a lot, I followed all your steps and it worked for me, you are a genius thank you.

  5. Maria Mora says

    You are a genius, your video helped me, it was the simplest I got 💕

  6. barmy says

    Thanks for this excellent walkthrough. I got all the access and proved immensely helpful for me😎


    Amigo me encanta tu canal, maravillosa explicación, sigo todos tus videos 😎

  8. iLeaRDGZ says

    Thanks for explaining, you can download it quickly and without any problem thanks for always helping us

  9. Mike Usta Ray says

    I think it is an easy and reliable method. it was easy to do. thanks for jailbreak ios 14.1.

  10. lamfilipos says

    This video works magic for me guys. This is the most awaiting method to get Jailbreak iOS 14.1. Worked perfectly good job.

  11. tantan tan says

    Thanks for sharing the trick for jailbreaking iOS 14.1 for free. I'm gonna try it out later.

  12. Kerri Williams says

    It worked! OMG Thank you bro

  13. Nick Dabrowski says

    like if you are here to see if it works. Worked for me! yeye

  14. Brian Adams says

    i will show to my homies:P

  15. Monty Dickerson says

    Please, can someone help me, it worked on my brothers account but won't work on mine

  16. Matthe Gleason says


  17. Gilberto Gordon says

    ok, it worked but i don't feel good about this 🙁

  18. Edward Siegel says

    I had to do 4 apps but worked thanks dude!

  19. Lillian Harris says

    u downloaded the apps so fast!!! my internet took a while lol, but good looks styll

  20. Shawn Glover says


  21. Kenya Fadel says


  22. Luisa Dicki says

    i had 2 rewatch to fully understand but it worked in the end

  23. Maci Altenwerth says

    lol idk why people writing it doesnt work, worked for me. Thanks man subbed!

  24. Reba Ziemann says

    when you call it bs and it actually works lol

  25. Sienna Gibbs says

    it did fkn work !!

  26. Dave Frami says

    This worked for me among all the other that are fake.

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