iOS 14.1 Preview


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iOS 14.1 could be bringing some awesome new features to the iPhone including, new emojis for 2020, additional widgets for the Home screen as well as improve Siri UI and much more, let me know if there’s any new features that you would like to see apple bring to iOS 14.1 ! I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.

New 2020 Apple Emojis:

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  1. Fahad M. says

    ability to update apps straight from the home screen by haptic touching the app icon

  2. Justin says

    One question… where’s the redesigned wallpaper UI?

  3. Khondakar Ashraful Islam says

    Call connect haptic.

  4. William Li says

    home screen widgets for ipad!

  5. Ali says

    Will stop calling us gaaazz?!

  6. Amy Mepham says

    I wish they would add location toggle to control centre so it can be turned on and off without having to go into settings

  7. Andrej Stemmle says

    What I really would like to come, that one can actually USE the app library.Means, not just look at it, but customize it the way you want. For example, to change the title, or put the apps you like in the different boxes.Greetings from Winterthur (Switzerland)

  8. EPTH Production says

    I'm still on 12.3.1 jailbroken still works great 🙂 can't wait for new tweaks

  9. Andrej Stemmle says

    Yes indeed, there is a feature, I‘d love to see in the near future in iOS 14. That is the tile mode in the app switcher. Especially if I’ve has a an iPhone Max Version with a big screen. The possibility to toggle between like it is now, and with 4 apps in the app switcher.Greetings from Winterthur (Switzerland)

  10. Mark Needleman says

    I downloaded the gmail app and either the ability to set a default mail app hasn’t been added yet or the gmail app doesn’t support it yet

  11. Mark Needleman says

    It looks like the ability to set a default browser has been added to iOS 14 but so far only chrome ans safari support it. You have to update to the new version of chrome to get it. It’s weird the way it was implemented. You do it in settings for the app in the settings section of iOS. You will see a new option in the chrome settings but once you set chrome as the default browser the option goes away and shows up in the settings for safari. If you set safari as the default browser the option in safari goes away and reappears in the settings for chrome. I assume it will work that way as other browsers add this option to set them as the default browser I would have implemented it differently by adding a section to the settings app called something likeDefault Apps where all the possibilities for both the mail and browser app would be listed and you could set the ones you wantedI don’t have another mail app so I don’t know if the option to set the default mail app has also been added or if any mail apps support it

  12. iPhoneTy says

    What?! 😮 I had no idea “getting stuck in a bootloop” was still a thing.

  13. WAZOO MAN says

    When the IOS 14 gold master comes out next week I will go completely wild with excitement. The greatest operating system ever invented will be a gold master. By the great one . Will be hard for me to keep it together! People will go nuts with excitement. All of us will be in a different world.

  14. Kristian Paaij says

    when comes ios 14 to the public

  15. EZRA MONSTER # says

    We need YouTube P/P come on @apple android has been having this forever

  16. HANG DARA says

    Needs helps updates developer iOS 14 public beta 8!

  17. Liksterr97 says

    Cmon and release F O N T S  oh my gawd

  18. Elesh Patel says

    Ohh so we will get it soon iOS 14

  19. Paschal Okonkwo says

    I want Siri to be offline for music control and reading messages

  20. 7outkast7 says

    What happened to Apple allowing 3rd party apps as default???

  21. abdelrahman el berri says

    I wish Picture in Picture come to YouTube

  22. Patrick Kelly says

    I’m looking forward to the ability to change the default apps in iOS 14.

  23. Dave Lee says

    Wallpaper plz

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