iOS 14.2.1 coming soon ? Here’s why


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Today Apple released iOS 14.3 developer beta 1 with new features for iPhone 12 camera like Pro Raw, in this video I break down everything we know so far about iOS 14.3

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  1. Hunter Miller says

    iPhone 11 does it sometimes. Can’t type certain letters with keyboard. Plus unresponsive.

  2. fostmanz says

    Any1 experienced with back camera problem after update 14.2 ios? Im using Ip 8

  3. Seany_Boy says

    Updated to 14.2 on my iPhone 8 on Wednesday 11th November.

    I’m having Battery percentage issues, shows a battery percentage that isnt what it shows. Also when charging and taken off charge the battery shows its still being charged.

    Slow laggy UI, lag on the power/sleep button. Phone wont lock instantly, very slow.

    Phone has started crashing randomly, especially when watching videos on apps. Last week I was watching The Masters on the Sky Sports App, and my phone crashed and rebooted itself. Then again various other times over the last week.

    Rebooting the phone seems to solve these issues temporarily but then after so long the issues return. I have factory reset my iPhone twice and spoke to Apple on chat but they are no help whatsoever. I started having all these issues since downloading 14.2.

  4. Karthik S.R says

    I have touch issue

  5. Barra Power says

    Iphone mini issue put a cover on and try

  6. Flipped_itover says

    I have an iPhone 12 pro max 14.2 (18B92) do you think a jailbreak will come out for it? I do also have a 11 promax that's on 13.5 jailbroken so wondering if maybe I should take back the 12 Pro Max to the Apple store? Then maybe re buy it in a few days and maybe it will have 14.1 ?

  7. 6Spxc3 says

    You know there is already iOS 14.3 public beta 2

  8. NanaThirty Coins says

    My issue I've encountered is I use to get that notification on the screen with dismiss action below. It doesn't work whenever I tap the dismiss unless I swipe home

  9. Cobra Axom says

    I have iphone 11 and After 14.2 update my phone lagging when I play pubg

  10. Alex Pear says

    My screen was unresponsive when I tried to swipe for the App Library

  11. Vance R. says

    I can confirm the swiping up issue on the 12pro just happened to me today

  12. Supun Ranaweera says

    Yep, I have an OLED Issue with the device flickering on pure blacks with at low to mid brightness on iPhone 12 pro max

  13. Ethan De Ocampo says

    I didn’t skip ad for 5 minutes

  14. ridículo says

    Clock widget broken. It works for some time after rebooting, then suddenly freezes and remains that way until rebooted again.

  15. Karan Gambhir says

    You’re not facing this issue because you’re swiping up from your finger.

    Try swiping up quickly with your thumb while you’re holding the phone. You’ll get to know what we’re saying.

  16. Lizzy Bessey says

    The Apple Watch software won’t update on 14.2

  17. testo says

    My camera app is crashing from time to time, most often on a IPhone 12 but i did manage to replicate this issue on my old Xs, taking multiple photos and switching to video breaks camera app. Apple should fix that

  18. UseR 06 says

    btw ios 14.2 battery sucks on iphone 7

  19. Mike Paulo says

    which update is gonna fix my music on my ipad

  20. Patrick Hernandez says

    Yep having swipe issues when on a phone call not able to swipe up to do anything pretty much stuck on the screen on iPhone 12 mini 128g Verizon

  21. MoNsTeR Gaming says

    i have the ghost touch issue . i have iphone 11

  22. Lance Kinny says

    Touchgate issue with iPhone 12 needs to be addressed by Apple.

  23. Sriram Kv says

    Hey Buddy, try to swipe up using ur thumb finger u will know the issue

  24. Sriram Kv says

    I have same issue on my 12 mini

  25. Meh Mmmmkay says

    I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and I’m have the screen issues when it freezes.

  26. TheTimeIsAtHand says

    Voice memos has a bug. When you lock your screen, the audio file keeps playing but when you go back to the app it says near the beginning of the file

  27. po03 psk says

    It is really frustrating and unacceptable that Apple still can't make their own clock widget work properly up till now. It sometimes frozen or display incorrect time and the clock face color does not change according to daytime and night time.

  28. Pramod Prabhakar says

    My battery sucks big time. I use a 11 pro. I charge twice a day. Really really bad.

  29. Apple Mad says

    iPhone 12 pro Swipe up doesn’t work sometimes and screen is non responsive sometimes,
    I thought it was just my phone

  30. Levi says

    the problem on 12mini occurs whenever u put a case on.

  31. Vladimir Vladimirov says

    My iPhone X won’t even update to 14.2 … gives me an ERROR saying download error

  32. Ibrahim Khaleel m.r says

    Network issue on iphone 7

  33. Anish Gobin says

    My is a xs … do you guys having a storage full issue??? Everytime I deleted something i make space in my phone than it get full by itself and it's keep growing everyday 🥺 ..

    And am having a screen touch issue it's not working well I must swipe 3 to 4 times…

  34. Rui Abreu says

    On my iPhone mini Lock Screen both happens when I press the flash or camera at bottom of screen

  35. Satyam Varjatia says

    Raise to wake not working properly in iphone 12 after 14.2 Update

  36. Brandon Laird says

    I have touch issues on my 11 Pro Max after updating to 14.2.

  37. Travel Lover says

    Also encountering error in iphone 12 mini like pressing ‘P’ in keyboard and back button on top left, it will take 4-5 times atleast, so many time to respond.
    Also, in XS Max one issue still not resolved from one year is Mobile Internet. Many times when i on mobile internet it doesn’t work but when i restart the device it starts working. This is not an issue with provider but an issue with phone. How to resolve this?? Kindly help

  38. Deepak Goyal says

    Yes having issue with iphone mini 12 . It works when we remove case

  39. Sumukh Rao says

    The issue on the 12 Mini occurs only when you have both a tempered glass screen protector and a case on the device and you try to use the phone one-handed and touch the screen with your thumb on the lockscreen. Once you get to the homescreen, the issue disappears. What media outlets are failing to report is that the issue is specifically caused when using a tempered glass and a case.

  40. DJ AVO says

    Let me know if anyone having issues with live photos set up as wallpaper that’s works even if disabled

  41. Tomáš Keller says

    iPhone XS, iOS 14.2 – My problem is battery life, it's terrible! In iOS 14.1 it was for the whole day of use, in 14.2 for about a quarter of the day.

  42. BIGGMEECH BTB says

    WiFi drops on iPhone XR dropping every second need to be fit and the air pods dropping also on the iPhone XR

  43. David Sunny says

    Bro, My XS screen just below the DOT PROJECTOR is flickering while unlocking the iPhone and while using Memoji ? Is it software issue ? I’m currently on iOS 14.2 .

  44. N8TVTXN says

    11 pro max, sometimes I click on a photo to zoom in and the X to close said window simply doesn’t work.

  45. Mohd Azizi Jusin says

    I always ask u,what widget u use at the home screen..please share..i am ur biggest fan 🙏🏻

  46. JTMG says

    There is a bug in the messages app when I open the app, my iPhone will go off as if it has received another text message. This bug also happens in iPadOS as well. There's also another bug in the messages app where if I open a conversation, there will be times where I will begin typing and the keyboard will be unresponsive, but then will catch up with what I was typing after a few seconds.

  47. FAIZItube says

    iphone 12 mini facing issue with the touch screen , without the case it works perfectly fine , but when the phone is inside the case it does not works properly on the lock screen

  48. Bob Roberts says

    My hepatic touch stopped working and Apple Music is having lots of problems. It’s not loading and a whole bunch of things

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