iOS 14.2.1 OUT NOW! With important Fixes!


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Apple today released iOS 14.2.1 for iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 pro max to address a few issues such as MMS messages notifications failed to deliver, improvements to hearing aid audio quality lock screen touch responsiveness issues and this will go over some of the latest details and improvements in iOS 14.2.1

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  1. T-Orange says

    Widget on your display !?, name , please! Thạnk

  2. Ruff Tuff says

    What the hell apple

  3. Slumbering Colossus says

    Hi. Where can we find this multiple widget at the top of the screen in this video? Please advise. Thanks.

  4. NewtoniaN says

    I Have an issue with iOS 14.2 In My iPhone 6S ( TOUCH ID is not working when charging but when disconnected its normal ) I dont know whether its common or a bug

  5. IPhone Knowledge Pakistan says

    Sir send me your widget name please

  6. dhiren vaity says

    Whats the name of the widget you have on the home screen pls?

  7. PrettyGirl。是啊你 says

    I have iPhone 20 Pro MAXVrR
    iOS 34.2.1 Version

  8. Marcos Pagán says

    I did not have the issues that were mentioned on the change log but the issue I have with the clock widget freezing is still ongoing…

  9. GBOY185 says

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Problem📍

    I'm having an issue with video that's easy to recreate. I was also abo to recreate it on a friends iPhone 12 Pro.

    While in video mode, switch to ultra wide camera, switch to 4K/60, tap to focus and video will lag in real time. Anyone else able to recreate this issue? I tried it on 2 separate iPhone 11 Pro's and it didn't happen. It only seems to be happening on the 12 series from what I can tell.

  10. ANDY Kwok says

    i have iphone 12 pro max my instagram story is not working right switch to different accounts in the story

  11. Wander Land says

    Updated my 12 mini to iOS 14.2.1 and the lock screen issue has been resolved and is now working flawlessly. Thanks to apple software update. But my phone still has this “screen flickering issue” every time I open a video in photos app and it’s so annoying. I might just get a replacement phone if no official statement from Apple about this issue in the next few days. And if the replacement phone has the same screen issue, I will just totally abandon the idea of having a 12 mini this early. I’ll probably buy it again sometime next year.

  12. Playboii Leon says

    Anyone else experiencing the yellow tint on their iPhone 12 or it just me

  13. mohammed uae says

    I did not get the update?

  14. J. C says

    It was 171 mb on my iPhone 12 mini. 1 gig????

  15. iTech Talk says

    I finally got my 12 pro max in pacific blue! So happy with it.

  16. Sivile Klassen8 says

    So guys do you remember that I was using my iPhone 7 Plus and now I’m using my iPhone 6 Plus yes, I’m using my IOS 12.4.9 now right so I have this issue with my Phone.

  17. Nick Fox says

    What about iPhone11 -11pro max users

  18. FreshAudio2020 says

    I'm using the iOS 14.2 on my iPhone 11, so my Resound hearing aid has a lot of connection issues. I did put an iPhone 11 in my right pocket, its keeping disconnecting on my hearing aids while the music playing. Its needs to fix on my hearing aids to expand the Bluetooth range. I hope that it could be fixed? 🦻🙏👍 I really liked this video 🙂

  19. Princess Chick says

    That’s wild they only have a update for iPhone 12 they should include the 11 and other iPhones also . Js

  20. jorge fuentes says

    How do you get your widget?

  21. Lake Show16 says

    Im having a issue where some apps won’t show full screen when the display is set to Zoom.

  22. Its Ro'shea says

    I'm glad you keep making update videos bout iPhone and ios14 updates

  23. miguel albarran says

    Thanks 🙏🏼 bud!!

  24. wolvolad25 says

    Getting lots of connection issues dont seem fixed

  25. Scott P says

    12.4 jailbroken with uncover 3.7.0 and loving life

  26. Robert Backus says

    Every iPhone should get it not just the iPhone 12

  27. Nazim Ansari says

    This Update Only iPhone 12 Models

  28. Urvil Shah says

    Why this update is not showing up in iPhone 11 ??

  29. Joseph Imoowo says

    Still on IOS 14.2

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