iOS 14 OUT Tomorrow – Everything You Need To Know !


iOS 14 will release to public tomorrow, here is everything you should know.
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iOS 14 is coming out tomorrow alongside with iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7. iOS 14 will bring a ton of new features including the new home screen Widgets, app library and many more.

👉Things You Didn’t Know iOS 14 Can Do:

👉New Apps You Must Download:

👉NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know:

👉10 Apps You Never Heard Of:

👉Calibrated iPhone Battery:

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  1. iReviews says

    Sponsor: Reiboot can fix iOS14 system problems:

  2. Kylie J. says

    I am from Montenegro in Europe and i didnt get the ios 16 yet and its the 16 September

  3. Giorgio romano says

    Really love ur channel and have been a follower for over a year now with watching all videos. The sponsor for this video is hilarious because if only a fix was made simple and easy as the video states “a click fix” hahaha

  4. Dylan Hunton says

    will the tap feature work on the SE2?

  5. Boujee Kayy says

    Y’all talking about y’all got it already but mines doesn’t say update yet🤦🏾‍♀️wat time is it dropping ? I see a lot of people saying 1pm

  6. SimplyxPastelx says

    Ok since you said you tried on iOS 14 I’m gonna do it

  7. jbrlover1 says

    I have an iPhone XR so I probably am good to get it since it’s a newer phone can’t wait until I see the update I don’t see it yet but it’s the 16th released day

  8. Brian Dobbyns says

    Not available in Ireland yet 🤣

  9. Bulldog Badger says

    I’m pumped for ios 14

  10. Marika says

    the back tap works even with a case on?

  11. Mitch1551 says

    Please stop holding the phone In one hand and waving around the other hand. Just show us stuff. My word.

  12. Larry Victor says

    all i want is to get fixed stuttering scrolling on my XS

  13. Pranav Khadka says

    What about Apple watch on a watch os beta? Is it possible to update to official with the same method?

  14. shekhar U says

    will back tap work while back cover on?

  15. Amir hossain hayati says

    triple-tap: taping 12 times

  16. Freud says

    What time is it came

  17. Warren Estacio says

    even not developer it will update ios 14 because my version is 13.7 ios

  18. Desiree & Kya Life says

    why would somebody wanna downgrade ios 14 is the new update lol its just different

  19. Dhruvv K says

    can you give the wallpaper links?

  20. Kurt • Plays says

    No ios 14 yet here in Philippines

  21. Kurt • Plays says

    Here in Ph we still dont have ios 14

  22. Jason Turner says

    That’s a bummer no adjusting of widgets and app drawer.

  23. Adam Perko says

    Can you actually disable wifi and bluetooth from the control center now?

  24. amoako charles says

    Will the general update ;will it affect beats headphone to be updated .?

  25. Harsh Vara says

    Can’t wait for it man constantly checking for update

  26. themustardcat141 says

    Wait the back tap coming to iPhone 8 Plus?

  27. Melvin Maina says

    My iPhone started not reading my SIM card after updating to iOS 14 GM. This is very strange because my SIM was working perfectly fine on my device. Now, it’s not even reading my SIM card. I’ve already tried a few things to troubleshoot the issue like Turning on Airplane mode, Removing my SIM card from the tray and inserting it back, but nothing seemed to resolve the issue. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this issue?

  28. joshXX says

    What time will it come out? Midnight?

  29. Artiste Mike says

    Cool way to take screenshots after my phone fall out my hand

  30. Lilleby says

    Where can I find the Wallpaper you use at 1.10 min into the video?Thanks in advance

  31. 三头六臂 says

    Does back tap work with phone case?

  32. Sebastian Chappell says

    Back tap will be available for iPhone XR?

  33. Juan Vidal says


  34. rose wrld says

    i can't believe the update is coming out already 😱

  35. Keyah Schiffer says

    My only concern is the battery life. I’m satisfied with my battery life on my 11 pro max with the ios 13.7 update. Let me know if the battery life is better on ios 14 when you’ve already updated yours. Thanks!

  36. Xx_K-Cookiee_xX says

    yassss finallyyyyyyy I don’t have to have a beta with bugsss

  37. SiliconSicilian says

    Do we know if backtap will work with 3rd party cases?

  38. Amazing says

    what time is it releasing publically

  39. Elay Breeze says

    Watching this on my iPhone11 waiting to update but iOS 14 don’t look that good

  40. Marisol Cardona says

    Can you link wallpaper please

  41. ASH says

    All ya’ll talking about how it’s coming out soon while I’m sitting here with the official version of IOS 14 already 🤦🏽‍♂️

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