1. Jalen Springfield says


  2. Jalen Springfield says

    No, it's not

  3. hashtagBaker says

    Whos watching on ur Jailbroken 6.1.1 untethered?

  4. Tracy Coleman says

    Unlock_Secrets You_Must Know> bit.lyRxrRzK|?a=cOmpe

  5. GamingGuy800 says


  6. Yeoified says

    lololol he's the reason your iphone is jailbroken right now

  7. Uzeyir Valizada says

    @clemsonkilz use absinthe 0.4. And subscribe to my channel )

  8. Jimmy Choo. says

    Get a brain fuckhead.

  9. Alican keser says

    u dumb fucking dumb ass stupid amateur hes showing u that he done it he made jailbreak

  10. Rohit m says

    how did you do that

  11. Shaka Owens says


  12. Shaka Owens says

    5.1 for iphone 4 when?

  13. Karthik key an says

    how do i know that it is iOS 5.0?

  14. RocktatN says

    5.1 .. when ??

  15. Jane Seller says

    Untethered 5.1 please?!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. pohmakas33 says

    umm… he is the creator, you fucking idiot

  17. 10101Jorden says

    wow ur a genius u turned it on and off who gives a sh*t how did u get the software is what i wanna know

  18. macilhan says

    @24199312 jokingly 😀 few minutes 😀

  19. Ricardo says

    Ipad 2 4.3.5! D:

  20. Michele Di Muro says

    You're just a god. Nothing to say. Please, release it!

  21. weelride says

    slt pod2g allor le jailbreak pour ipad2 sa sor

  22. Biff627 says

    What's the password for the greenpoison rc10 windows file?????

  23. skiracer4568 says

    @MrBasketballover Install corona from cydia. It untethers it! 🙂

  24. Alex Goncalves says

    He filmed with an iPhone xD

  25. Devan Phillips says

    pod2g just let out a tweet and our ago saying we can all update to 5.0.1 on our ipad2 and 4s. Follw his tweets guys!

  26. سلمان أحمد says


  27. Kyle J. Rhines says

    Fucking A, guy…Idk how you do it..Twas well worth the wait, esp. Since being semi-tethered was a gift compared to being str8 up tethered to one pc.HoWeVEr I've never been so anxious for a jailbreak release as I have for the ipad2…I can't downgrade cause I just bought it…N I've got some lo-fi records to make. Happy belated Christmas? if you pull this shit off soon, I again will for sure donate to the cause…Cheers, keep up the excellent work!!!



  29. Mehreen Nabil says

    I have full cracked Jailbreaking everything hahahaha I am winner I am from Japan is powerfully!

  30. bkkblake says

    If you'd like a tutorial: watch?v=69zwLghmunY

  31. guynumber20 says

    @musicvideo123456789 blog.iphone-dev.o r g/

  32. Leonard says

    DOes the cydia sources/servers work properly now?

  33. 999 FaHaD says

    nic good

  34. Lin Danny says

    @Ashenabil17 Well sir, I believe you're WAY behind the times

  35. Mehreen Nabil says

    It is fake and old only 4.2.1 creating jailbreak not 5.0.1 I found it you have very stupid for lots people fool from this

  36. David says

    You're a fucking legend!

  37. wewlz says

    YEAH FINALLY UNTETHERED!!! i'm on iPod touch 4g 5.0.1 !!! haha so happy!!

  38. ASAF612 says

    u need iphone 4s for that 🙁

  39. ludacrisk192 says

    IOS 5.0.1 "ludacrisk192"

  40. Barvaz says

    i'll send u 100$ you're awsome !! :), and why the new jailbreak is just for 5.0.1 ?

  41. Waleed says

    What about iPhone 4s And iPad 2

    i guess we have to wait 🙁

  42. Chadzilla IV says

    How do I download off your page on my pc or on my iPod 4G

  43. Salvador Anguiano says

    I have iphone 4 running on 5.0.1 and it has baseband 1.59. It is unlocked via ultrasn0w and jailbroken via redsn0w. I'm thinking about making a youtube video about this…

  44. Chris Cook says

    I just used /watch?v=0dFWpzPGp8k to jailbreak my ipod touch 4g on ios5. Its untethered aswell 😛

  45. chiporasta78 says

    @chiporasta78 fait*

  46. chiporasta78 says

    et comment il fait *?

  47. TheScarnight says

    it suck how it wasnt release now on christmas

  48. Yash Patel says

    I can 99.99999% guarantee that greenpois0n will release the jailbreak after the new ios version is released. Because they want to preserve the patch and if they release it before the new release than it wont take apple alot of time to fix it and implement it on the new version.

  49. Desiree Lynn says

    Can everyone seriously stop saying mean things to me im not the one who commented on this my BF did using my youtube….

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