iOS 5 Concept Widgets Done Right


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My take on a simple and easy way to implement Widgets into iOS, using the UI that users are already accustomed to. While the possibilities for widgets and their respective designs are endless, I came up with two widgets for Game Center (to display your most recently played games, their respective achievements, and high scores); and Facebook (to show a brief view of your profile and notifications without actually launching the application itself).

The concept, all animations, and graphic work done by myself, including the custom icons you see for some of the widgets. I believe I have most of Apple’s iOS animations mastered now, with maybe the exception of the “shaking widget/icon”.

Comments/Suggestions/Feedback/Rating Appreciated!

Got an idea but don’t know how to visualize it? Shoot me a message!

The Apple Logo, iPhone, iOS, and Mac OS X are the sole property of Apple, Inc. located in Cupertino, CA. This is an independently animated concept for software development.

  1. SpiritualPick says

    the widget be like: TRIGGERED (0:24)

  2. Niko Counce says

    They should make this style of widgets for Jailbreak users

  3. Negeen Bordbari says

    how do u get that!

  4. Sam Skrazi says

    Something people on android have had for a while >.>

  5. Sync bo says

    Just want to ask one think how do you guys make these concept videos , which softwares do you use to animate the screen ?? Please Reply

  6. Logan Irwin says

    You can't walk into Tim Cook's office if you work at apple. He probably doesn't even work on campus, and only senior executives are allowed in the part of the building where the stuff happens. Like Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Eddy Cue, Jon Ive, Bob Mansfield, Dan Riccio, and three more people. And some janitors.

  7. Pratheep Chandrasekhar says

    How to create videos like this one ? Dynamic interface animations .. flash ? anyother easier ways ?

  8. Miroslav Erdelyi says

    i like the previous concept more(the lion like one)

  9. MaxxiWinni says

    Where can i Download it? In cydia????!

  10. 8150shaf says

    Thats right, everyone says "Jailbroken this, jailbroken that" whenever I say anything about an iPhone. Don't get me wrong, iPhones are brilliant, but sometimes you have to accept when it is an obvious copy of it.

    Jailbreaking an iPhone is taking away the Apple identity from it, which in essence means it isn't an actual properly defined iPhone anymore.

  11. bobby4500 says

    widgets on a 3,5 inch display sounds great
    has apple become a copycat ?

  12. David Wilson says

    Im actually ok with the concept of widgets only in the notification center. Didn't like having widgets on my home screen that much when i had android.

  13. 8150shaf says

    This is blatant Android copying?

    Just like the notification bar in iOS 5

  14. thekingkong says


  15. Syazwan Zainal says

    If apple ignores this great ideas, ill put my hope on cydia.

  16. David Wilson says


  17. One25 says

    lol, how is this "done right?" The icons of apps are still clogging up around the widgets, it looks uglier than pages and pages of icons…

  18. FragBashers says

    i think this would be cool, even cooler if widgets could be 1×4 so they only take one row and could leave room for another widget of 1×4 so i could have like facebook and sms widgets right on top of eachother

  19. C5FlyingSquad says

    Since you work at Apple, please do this:
    show this video to him tell him that it is GOING TO BE DONE n iOS 6 at minimum, along with some other cool concepts. If he disagrees, keep tickling him until he does. Please thumbs up so this comment can be known

  20. Wi11i4m says

    @kdude112233 no,,,,,its far superior to have a CHOICE anyways. If you dont want that shit on your home screen then dont have it on there. For me, it is far more effective. If apple stopped being gay by limiting choices, hardware, and programs then they would rape android. Unfortunately, they dont so people have to choose between fast and open android or locked down apple.

  21. Jacob says

    If they ever put widgets in ios they'd go in Notification Center

  22. ZERO LIMITS says

    Combination of app lists nd widgets is a BAD idea….See how cluttered it'll get eventually !!!

  23. Dilster3k says

    You fandroids may think that this concept is taken from your duplicate operating system. But that's false, it's based of the Dashboard on OS X and that has been around 2005-ish.

  24. Albert Kasillas says

    @janmike34 Really? You are developing a cydia package with this system of Widgets? Is it really possible?

    (Sorry for my bad english xD)

  25. skeptic9876 says

    iphone user dream about widgets. Android user been using them for years xD

  26. Paddy Peyton says

    word of progress? 🙂 would love this!

  27. thebest111ize says

    Is this real or it's coming to apple

  28. Davidalxnd says

    is this on cydia or somewhere else were we could get it ?

  29. DOORN media says

    @Coolguy38000 oh thx
    i hop apple will do this , this looks so great

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