iOS 9 (no jailbreak): customize iPhone & iPad with blank icons!


iEmpty : make blank icons on iOS without jailbreak


Customize your iPhone & iPad running Apple’s iOS 9 (and also previous versions) WITHOUT jailbreak using my iEmpty website!

iEmpty allows you to create blank icons on your iDevice’s homescreen in order to put the application icons where you want on the home screen (which is not possible natively).

Try it, you’ll love it !


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Intro & outro music credits : “Le peuple de l’herbe – P.H.Test Two -Délice”

  1. rwie says

    Anyone knows an alternative that lets you add more than 3 damn icons without having to spend money on it? I tried it and it didn’t even let me download the profile once, it gave me an error when I tried it at the settings and when I retried it at the site it said I already tried the profile method and had to pay for premium (even though it didn’t install anything at all).

  2. Jonah Disky says

  3. Eddrian Mayuga says

    “blonk icons”

  4. Scout Face says

  5. Toriel With a Gun says

  6. هاتاكي كاكاشي says

    اكو عرب

  7. grilledbeanz says

  8. Moozie Bubble says

  9. Dorys says

  10. Mélia MH says

    Merci !

  11. 1 sub without videos?! says

    Yahl hahl

  12. alekss says

    It didn’t work

  13. Lex The Mystic says

    I'm using this for a MetaNav App from persona 5, thank you!

  14. Pushan M. says

    it doesn’t bloody work

  15. Gabriel Shelton says

    Add to home screen did not show up for me

  16. BigDaddysStereo says


  17. Ahmad Sharabi says

    it doesnt work with ipad very well

  18. icantwords says

    Thank you for this! It’s stupid that we even have to do this. Apple should just give us the option to put the icons wherever we want. Especially now that the iPhone X is a much taller screen.

  19. CATHUS Franck says

    Toi t’es français aha

  20. Tamashea Jones says

    I thought it didn't work. It works if you follow the instructions on the website. Go into wiggle mode and take a screenshot of the last (blank) page. Then go back to the website and upload that pic and it'll work. 😁

  21. Gale Everdeen says


  22. Eshhx says

    Tu est français ou anglais car tu a l'aire français

  23. K says

    it don't work anymore

  24. Joanna Marquez says

    "And zhen"

  25. Bruce Pawl says

    How do u do it for iPad

  26. Run Li says

    6 plus users?

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