[iOS] Kritika: The White Knights – Dark Valkyrie Gameplay


Kritika: The White Knights

Brief gameplay using the Dark Valkyrie class. Available for iOS and Android.

Played on iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.1.2

Price: Free

App Store:

Google Play Store:

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  1. Maxingetorix Gaming Channel says

    Since Youtube is unable to block most spam comments and I don't have time to actually delete the spam everyday, I'm just gonna leave this here:
    DO NOT trust any links you see in the comments below. None of the so called hacks for getting coins, diamonds, gems, or whatever they wanna call it, works. They DO NOT work. You will only risk yourself in getting viruses on your computer or on your phone.

  2. victor tuazon says

    Tang na…d mo nman cia malalaro..pano walang name ung player..bigyan mu ng pangalan..sagot nila may gumagamit na daw ng pangalan na un..kahit pangalan pa ng hayop oh ng aso nmin..biro mo may gumagamit ndaw..

  3. TuRafalgar Law says

    is this game available worldwide? or few selected countries only?

  4. Chris Yordanov says

    hey guys whats the best PVE class ?

  5. Harrid Omaña says

    Is this game online or offline? Cuz i want to have an offline rpg game

  6. İsmail Çetindoğan says

    oyun için türkçe destek ve etkinlik sayfası kritika online facebookta …

  7. Silver SkieS says

    if i may to know , how to record internal audio from android like your video ?
    it's clear and without noise
    i love it
    if you tell me i would be so happy
    thank you

  8. Rama Aditya says

    May i know what devices you use to play

  9. martin Fabinagi says

    This character doesn't look so good and i'm currently maxing her. Should i switch ?

  10. Lesley Floyd says

    what did you use to record yourself

  11. Parker McKnight says

    Help on kritika my bag for my character is blank cant fix it anyone knows

  12. Simon Masek says

    I still dont understand why did they put an "autoplay" button. You dont even have to play the game..

  13. Muro479 says

    Guys Taichi Panda or Kritika: The White Knights?

  14. Arumbinang Geminata says

    Is a iphone 4s could play this game smoothly ??

  15. Akihero Fourth says

    after downloading and proceeded in loading the game this pop up always come out telling me my connection is unstable whereas its not, can u suggest how to troubleshoot it?

  16. LadyArowen Luna says

    How did u have so many karats? .. I keep wasting my karats and its 590 can u help me? I know its rly easy to have many karats but i keep wasting it ><

  17. Dry Santana says

    I ❤ kritika

  18. RoyalMechZ says

    She reminds me of akeno from high school dxd

  19. Jordan Valentine says

    This game is not letting me login on my Facebook,hive,or Google+ account. It says I can't create more IDs but I am only using one account. Why?

  20. Cedrick Chu says

    Do i need INTERNET to play this GAME ?

  21. YaamsCore. says

    how you record this? ^_^

  22. Lynette Jennings says

    so cool 😆

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